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  1. Here's some footage I shot last weekend of salmon and lake trout fishing out of Kenosha Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. YouTube: Good times, enjoy!
  2. Muskie Photo Gallery

    Thanks for the answer guys! The color sure is light on those toddlers.
  3. Muskie Photo Gallery

    Is this an immature muskie or just an small pike?
  4. Panfish Photo Gallery

    Low teens crappie
  5. Best all around rod

    My Limit Creek "Smoothie" is my favorite all around rod for walleyes too.
  6. Perch eaters?

    On east central lakes I keep em 8 inches or longer. Great video on cleaning perch! Can't wait to try that approach.
  7. Rainbow chub on a red hook with a couple split shot and a light bobber.
  8. Catching Walleyes at High Noon

    I agree. I saw a nice walleye come out of 5 feet of water mid-day July this year with heavy pleasure boat traffic on a sunny bright day.
  9. Gulp Alive

    I use the three inch minnows on a jig head with a steady and very slow retrieve for walleyes. If I jig or twitch it I seem to catch more crappies and bass. I've seen it trigger walleye bites when live leeches won't work.
  10. new sunny rod

    How about a fly rod for pitchin poppers?
  11. Northern Pike Photo Gallery

    Thanks! Silver and black husky jerk. That poor rapala is in bad shape from that girl.
  12. Bass Photos

    One of many pretty big smallies.
  13. Northern Pike Photo Gallery

    Here's a healthy northern lake ~12 pounder (I'm a pretty big guy and make fish look small) Excuse the confused look on my face, I think the sun was getting to me.
  14. bottom bouncers?

    Do bottom bouncers work better when fishing big rock/boulder type bottoms that will snag the lindy slip sinkers to no end? I'd like to find a better approach for these types of lakes. One missed bounce with a small slip sinker and you're snagged beyond retrieve.
  15. Walleye Photo Gallery

    Here's another pretty one. Not my biggest this year but interesting coloring. Is this a saugeye?