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  1. Here's some footage I shot last weekend of salmon and lake trout fishing out of Kenosha Wisconsin on Lake Michigan. YouTube: Good times, enjoy!
  2. ATV front Ice Auger Rack

    Those Digger's look nice! I have the Clam universal set that's nice and heavy duty, and affordable.
  3. Wheel house heater

    I run an Empire Hearthrite Ventless 20,000 btu (with a thermostat) in my 6.5 x 12 wheel house. I like the way it can heat the house up so fast, even when there's a cold wind coming up the holes. The thermostat option is important in my opinion, especially if you plan on sleeping in it. The thermostat control dials the flame down to lower btu when it's close to the desired temp, but can really crank up the flame to get it there fast from a below zero temp.
  4. Handheld GPS Recommendations

    By the way, I ended up getting a Garmin Oregon 450 with the fishing guide chip. Man is that thing awesome! It even tells you what days and times the fish bite best. ;-)
  5. ice cleats

    The IceSpike screw ins are great. You have to order them online. They're like hardened sheet metal screws. I even use them on running shoes for winter trail running.
  6. Handheld GPS Recommendations

    I do have an old Lowrance iFinder Expedition C that I've been using for years but it's starting to get really poor at finding sattelites. I also do have the Navionics app on my Android phone but it is tough on battery life. Maybe I should just try to locate an ice kit for the Lowrance Elite 5 and use it as the gps or mount it on my ATV. Are the ice kits for the Elite 5 sonars still available?
  7. Handheld GPS Recommendations

    I'm considering getting a new handheld GPS for ice fishing. Will any Lowrance handheld work with the same MicroSD Lakemaster chip I use in my Lowrance Elite 5 DSI in the summer? Also, any recommendations or opinions on what is best these days for ice fishing handheld GPS units?
  8. Heater for a 6x10?

    I have a 6.5 x 12 wheel house that I heat with a Empire (HearthRite) Ventless 20,000 BTU Blue Flame Wall Heater (~$270). I've never had an issue with CO when sleeping overnight in it (have two detectors installed), and it easily heats it up to over 100 degrees. Having a heater like this with a thermostat is worth it.
  9. Muskie Photo Gallery

    Thanks for the answer guys! The color sure is light on those toddlers.
  10. Muskie Photo Gallery

    Is this an immature muskie or just an small pike?
  11. Best Handheld GPS for ice fishing?

    Anyone used the Lakemaster chips with a Garmin Nuvi for driving around on the lake? Is the Garmin micro sd version pretty compatible with the Nuvis?
  12. Frog in Lake Trout belly February!

    Pike like to dig hibernating frogs out of the mud in the winter too. You find them in pike when cleaning once in a while.
  13. Vexilar Tri-Beam Question

    Great to know. That will be good if I upgrade at some point to be able to use the tri-beam with a new Vex.
  14. Vexilar Tri-Beam Question

    Thanks for the reply B-man!
  15. Vexilar Tri-Beam Question

    Does anyone know if you can put a Vexilar Tri-Beam Ice-Ducer on an FL-8SE? The tri-beam is part TB0033. My old transducer is shot and just wondering if it would be worth a few bucks more to have the tri-beam option if it works with this model. Thanks in advance!