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  1. Private Party sales tax

    Thanks for all the help guys. I really appreciate it. Gonna go hopefully get it all done tomorrow.
  2. Private Party sales tax

    Thanks for the help guys. The last question I have on this is when I go in to get it registered and transferred and all that, am I correct in that the only things I should need are the bill of sale that lists the price of the boat as well as the price of the trailer and then the boat title?
  3. Private Party sales tax

    Thanks. Thats what I thought but like I said, I didn't want to show up there with the wrong info. Thanks again
  4. Private Party sales tax

    Alright guys, I am terribly sorry if this has been discussed but I could not find anything. Here's the deal... I acquired a boat frommy grandmother when my grandfather died. Due to crabby aunts it was better to buy it then be given it. Its an Iowa boat coming into MN. I looked to see what sales tax on watercraft was and found that in MN, you only have to pay the sales tax on the trailer. This doesn't seem at all correct but I can't find an answer other than that. Does anyone have any insight for me on this? I'd like to have the right info and paperwork before I go in to get it licensed and transfer the title. Thanks guys
  5. What line do you use...

    Thats what I love about a lot of you guys. Someone asks what they perceive to be a dumb question (not saying it is because I wasn't sure what the knot was either) and right away, somebody helps out.
  6. Skitish trout

    Atleast you are getting out there fly fishing. Sunnies are a ton of fun on my 4wt. Good call on the slow water vs fast water. This was the first time I had been fly fishing outside of Alaska so being able to see the numbers of trout we were seeing in that slower water made it too inviting not to try. And like I said we were skunked. We were able to find one spot that a tree had been uprooted and created a hole about 10 foot deep. The trout were stacked in there but at the time, my close quarters casting left something to be desired so getting a fly to them was close to impossible. This time however I am a little better prepared. I don't know about you guys but just getting out is good enough for me.
  7. Skitish trout

    So last summer, my dad and I fished a stream in NE Iowa and had less than zero luck. The steam was beautiful. Saw tons of trout throughout the system. The issue was the water was gin clear. Any attempt to land a fly even remotely close spooked the fish and they were gone. We tried hiding in the tall grass and casting, standing back from the stream at various distances and just the fly and/or line hitting the water sent the trout running. Has anybody got any ideas how to fish a stream like this? I am only asking because we are heading back to that same area and with undoubtedly fish that stream again if we have some better tactics. Thanks in advance.
  8. A full weekend... but need help

    Well after much deliberation and chatting with my dad and brother in law, we decided to camp in a WMA in NE Iowa. We figured not having to pay for camping would more than cover the few more miles I would have to drive as well as the out of 3 day out of state license. I appreciate all of your guys input. Its greatly appreciated Brian
  9. A full weekend... but need help

    Thank stinks. I was hoping you could. I am thinking I will just take a chance and start at white water and see about one of the first come first serve spots. If they are all full, then off to Forestville. If they are gone as well... then I'll just find another privately owned spot or something.
  10. A full weekend... but need help

    Mike, I did look into beaver creek but they are also booked. But finding all these places booked makes me wonder, can you camp in a WMA? I know in Iowa you can camp in all of their WMAs unless that particular one is posted otherwise. Anybody know anything about that?
  11. A full weekend... but need help

    Thanks for the input guys. I am not dead set on whitewater it was just the first place I thought of when thinking about camping and fishing. I am still waiting on my dad to find out if he is coming up to MN or if I am going to have to go to IA. Keep the ideas coming though so I have more ammo to sway him
  12. A full weekend... but need help

    So May 4,5 and 6 my wife and daughter are going to be out of town. I can finally get out and do some fly fishing. My initial idea was to go to whitewater and take the tent and make an event of it. Looked into whitewater SP and they are all booked up. I am now trying to find some place else for my dad and I to camp and fish. I know there are tons and tons of places to go in that area but I guess where to stay is the issue. My dad is in Iowa so I am not totally opposed to getting an Iowa license and going down there but Id rather stay in Mn. If any of you guys have any ideas to help me out I'd love to hear them. Thanks guys. Brian
  13. Is it the stator?

    Here's the deal. Working on a buddies 05 Sportsman 500. When I got it, didn't run at all. Have it running now but there is still an electrical issue. Half the time everything works from the turn of the key. Then eventually the display will go out, AWD stops working, lights go out, winch won't work, motor runs very rough. Once the wheeler dies, it'll still turn back on but the display will not work. When the display is not on, if I turn on the lights it kills the engine. I originally thought there was a ground issue but I've torn apart the wiring looking for any abnormalities. Nothing found. Battery is good. No clue where else to look other than the stator. Anybody got any other advice or places to check? Thanks guys.
  14. Yet another Polaris issue...

    Nevermind guys, I think I figured it out. I got to monkeying around with the throttle cable and found that the electric throttle control was my issue. Problem fixed
  15. Yet another Polaris issue...

    Alright guys here's the deal. I am working on a buddy's 2005 Polaris Sportsman 500 ATP. Initially it wouldn't run but replaced the battery and drained all the old fuel out. Turns out leaving fuel in for 2 years of not using it really does not help. Anyways, I got it running and took it out ice fishing. Everything worked out well until it got dark. I started it up and turned on the low beams. It immediately died. I restarted it and gave it a little gas as I turned on the lights. This time it stayed running however about every two seconds or so, the lights would flicker. If I had it running with the low beams on and tried to switch to high beams it would again shut off. I traced out as much of the wiring as I could thinking there may be a bad connection but I wasn't able to find anything. Anyone have any clue what I might be dealing with? Oh, also the display sometimes comes on and sometimes it does not. Not sure if the two are connected or not. Thanks for the help guys. Brian