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  1. shame on me i havent even started yet. tomorrow im gona open one up!
  2. yes minky hes got it right. its great stuff alone or with grease, but dont get soggy
  3. grease. cause it preservers bait to be kept for a long time. it causes pasteries to carmelize and ferment. and its the best scent to attract bear when opening a site, pluse its great for adding scent to it. like green death. my current favorite actual bait to put in site, i mix my own, i take rolled oat, a scoop of carmel, peanut butter or burnt honey, a scoop of trail mix and mix it all together. if i add sugar and flour id have a monster cookie, the cant get enough of it.
  4. Bear Lottery

    heading to 13 this year with my partner he drew, i didnt, next year imnsure. got 40 acres of private cedar swamp to mess around in. use ive got my no quota honey hole. good luck guys!
  5. Im sorry Ive forgot all about this. ive taken it off the gride, decided to keep and add a companion. sorry..
  6. Deer Season Eve

    we had a great weekend, made the best of it.
  7. show us your deer camp

    the other side, I also tie a big orage coat up in the tree for safty, wanna get those orange hunting covers for the pop up as you can see I have insulatore and will be be eventualy wired for phone service too.
  8. show us your deer camp

    this is as close to deer i can get. my land is 10 mn from home, this is a work inprogress, by next year ill have a good structure up there its 6x10 so we can roll out bed rolls and bunck for the night if we choose, ther will he a food plot near by and a fire pit, im gona enclose the poles so i can par the wheelr underneath and outa site. in time.
  9. Warm temps for firearm deer opener

    shot em if ur worried. deal with the work at that time. bring some cooler and quarter it up and go get some ice. i deal with higher temps than this with bear. just dont let it hang by the hind legs where blood can pool and bacteria form in the chest cavity. weve delt with these temps before, that why im waiting for muzzy, my fave!!!
  10. boy this was an very good disscusion with actully no mudslinging,very nice to read..........until we ALL got accused of breaking the law.
  11. New "Good Morning" thread

    lmao!!!! peekaboo!!
  12. Tagged out!

    Awsome!! Congratulations to ryan!!!
  13. Wyoming Mule Deer 2016

    thats awsome!! good for you!!
  14. One more sleep...

    dejavu....ive dont this lol.
  15. One more sleep...

    did the bear with bow, now for a deer, gota play catch up around the house to appease the the wife, then im going for a deer. hope to be kut in the next week.