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  1. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    It was an adventure for sure! Those were just the big items on the list of things that went wrong. There were many a times I wished I was back in MN turkey hunting. It was all new to me and kept things interesting. IF I went back, I would be more prepared for the hogs and do more research on where to catch a shark from shore.
  2. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    I was unsuccessful and did not make it out anymore. We left the 23rd of may to head to Texas for a graduation and are still in the vehicle headed home now. I got to fish in the gulf while we were there and caught some saltwater catfish, black drum, a redfish, a croaker, and some whiting from the beach. Saw some hogs while we were cruising the trails where we stayed a few days. Hit a deer with the rental van on the way down and coming home to a tree of mine laying on my truck.
  3. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    Nothing better than a successful trip even if the hunting was rough. Not looking good for me today to be successful. Saw 4 a couple hundred yards out early this am and didn't hear a gobble intil 10. He has gobbled a 3 times since then, but seems content across the river where he is at and he doesn't seem to like what I am saying to him.
  4. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    Get em! Good luck!
  5. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    33 yards. I was thinking 20 when I shot and had a softball sized hole in the brush to shoot through. I just ended up rushing it and shot low. At least it was a clean miss!
  6. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    Nicely done teammates! now only if I wouldn't have sailed an arrow ever so graciously under this guy... Monday and Tuesday are my last options to try and get out and it's looking like one or the other. If I can make it happen. and yes, the closer bird is just my decoy.
  7. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    My biggest struggle lately is just getting out. Whether ill, dad duties, or vehicle problems. Last time I was out, a tom was sounding off nonstop in the tree then once he flew down it was dead silence until about 7:30 then he gobbles his head off for 45 minutes just out of sight. Come closer, move away, come closer, then move away. Guessing he had hen with him and she won by pulling him away.
  8. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    I wish! Had prior arrangements that kept me from the field. Thinking maybe a cruise looking for one to reap is in order after I am done.
  9. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    Good luck PFUNK! Looking like that will be my next day out too. forecast looks good as well!
  10. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    Bummer. Battling a cough/cold here and the snooze alarm won this morning. Hopefully I'll get out later this week.
  11. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    Congrats to you and your dad!
  12. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    They gobbled non stop from when I posted that until they flew down at 6. The tom on the right came around to us and the tom and jake from the left came around to us. Not a gobble since they landed and the toms stayed out of range. The jake made it to 20 yards then headed back with the toms.
  13. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    Uh oh... for the nephew. That hen has been around for a couple years, along with another one a mile or 2 away. This is the first time I saw her up close. In the blind now with my uncle and his 12 ga. There is a gobbler in the tree 50 yards behind us and a couple to our our left a bit from archer away. They have only sounded off once since 5:20.
  14. Gobbling Activity?

    Very unusually quite here in south central mn for me today. Heck, only saw 7 lone individual hens driving around after this mornings hunt. Was odd I didn't see any toms like I normally would.
  15. Team 3 "Strut Stoppers"

    Is this color phase pretty rare?