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  1. I am posting these for my son, so you will need to use the contact info listed at the bottom. Clam Yukon TC includes: 2 hooks Sportsman caddy Extra pole clips Extra slide release clips Rear cargo net Sled lights Travel cover 400 for kit 2 year old Strikemaster 8 inch magnum chipper. Used handful of times 137 solo motor. Includes: carry bag Strikemaster oil kits. 275.00 it may take him a little while to answer as he can not always respond quickly when he is at work. you can call or text 218.750.7826
  2. Rifle Scope

    am looking for a scope for my deer rifle,getting tire of the iron sites. am looking at either a Nikon, Bushnell, or Leupold, would like to stay around about $150. something within the area of 3x9x40 field of vision. Ideas??? thanks
  3. Swamp People

    been watching it for a couple of years now, not sure why. But my son was working for a company in Marshall, Michigan this past summer that was working on the embridge oil spill over there. they were using air boats to get around, most of which were hire from down south. His driver happen to be Elizabeth's brother. said he had some interesting stories to tell about her. bottom line was the producer have a tendency to add-live a little, imagine(sp) that.
  4. I will be in duluth tomorrow, give me a call 218.348.6547
  5. does it have the newer valve?
  6. was out today and went to lock into 4 wd, the light on the dash showed 4WD but I did not hear it engage, and only the back tires were spinning. the fuses looked good and I did not seen any broken or busted wires. any ideas would be helpfull. thanks
  7. what do you burn in your boat, wheelers, auger, and so forth. I have use the unleaded for years, with no problems, put stabil or seafoam in when puy away for the year.
  8. Good Fishing Books

    the linders/infisherman books are a good choice.
  9. Smoking suckers

    have not done any in a while, but we soaked them overnight in brine and them smoked. as I remember they were good. again they came out of a clear stream.
  10. lakemaster sd card

    some one else may know for sure, but I thought the cards were protected so that if you tried to down load or change them you would lose everything.
  11. I bought a SM lazer mag ultra the year they came out(9 inch 3 blade), the first year it would itself throught the ice. second year it was a little harder, thrid year would not cut even with new blades. Long story short, took it SM, no questions asked, they replaced the auger shaft and even the two extra set of blades I had.
  12. Tankless water heater

    have been thinking about replacing the old water heater with a tankless. I used them when I was overseas, never had a problem and they cranked out hot water all day.
  13. Laminate Floors and Pianos......

    the casters will help, we use them under my wife's baby grand.
  14. I am looking for one, if anyone has one they just want to get rid of.