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  1. 8point

    Turkey contest prize slate call.

    I can't remember his name off the top of my head but I'l try to find out. It was a call maker from the south. That's all I know.
  2. 8point

    Team 3 - LEGION of BOOM

    We're still going strong in Wisconsin! I still have one more tag to fill!
  3. 8point

    Team 3 - LEGION of BOOM

    It's been one hell of a season for me in both Minnesota and Wisconsin. I was able to punch three tags on three great toms and help several others, including friends and veterans punch their tags as well. Lots of good encounters and incredible footage. Turkey hunting is so special to me not only because I get to call turkeys using calls that I make, but I get to experience nature up close and share these awesome encounters with others. Here's a few pictues of my season. I was able to harvest my season A Minnesota bird and Season C Wisconsin bird within the first hour of my hunt. I filled my Wisconsin season D tag on the second day of the season. Saw a lot of birds this spring, especially hens and jakes so I think we're going to have great hunting for the next several years! Nice job this spring everybody! Veteran hunt
  4. 8point

    Team 3 - LEGION of BOOM

    Sorry I haven't checked in for a few weeks. I got a couple toms down and will be submitting one tomorrow!
  5. 8point

    Team 3 - LEGION of BOOM

    I was scouting last weekend. Birds were still in pretty big bunches. Hoping to lay down the first tom of the year next weekend during the disabled veteran hunt in central Wisco
  6. 8point

    Team 3 - LEGION of BOOM

    I'm up for anything really
  7. 8point

    Team 3 - LEGION of BOOM

    I'm here! Guiding a disabled veteran April 11th-12th. Hunting Minnesota season A, Wisconsin seasons C,D, and E.
  8. Heres a couple more recent calls. Cherry and East Indian Rosewood Maple, walnut, and padauk Quarter sawn white oak
  9. 8point

    A few custom calls

    That was me! Thanks everyone for the comments!!
  10. 8point

    A few custom calls

    Heres a few recent calls that I've made Thanks for looking! Kevin Croteau
  11. Hey guys was just wondering if anybody had an idea how much this rifle is worth. Its a Savage 30 06 springfield. Its a model 110. They owner said it was about 15 years old. the scope and sling are not the greatest but the rifle is in pretty good condition. Thanks for any input. Kevin
  12. 8point

    Team # 5 Date Breakers

    Sorry to let you guys down but I didnt get one at all this year. It was hard hunting and all the gobblers were hened up in MN. In SD all our land was flooded by a river. I just hope all my bad luck wore off this year so in the future it will be good. I was snake bite this year. First year in 3 years I havent got one. Good luck. Kevin
  13. 8point

    Team # 5 Date Breakers

    Leaving right now. Hope I get one. Good luck boys! Kevin
  14. 8point

    Congrats 8point!!!!!!!

    Thanks guys for the nice words of encouragement. Kevin