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  1. MN Turkey 2018

    Borch there is never a bad Turkey season
  2. Turkey Seminar

    Mike Foster will be putting on a Turkey seminar at A1 archery March 20th starting at 6:30. Hope you can make it.
  3. Turkey Time

    Just pulling out all calls and hunting gear. Getting all organized since I head out March 30th for NE. Shooting the bow Saturday nights at A-1 get all dialed in. Can't wait this will be the first spring I did not head down to scout or look for sheds been fishing as long as I can. It's going to be a great spring might have some snow on the ground here but that makes it a lot easier to see them Don't let the weather hold you back I actually don't mind having snow when turkey hunting. Anyone else getting ready? I'm going to head out next week and start putting up some cameras and scouting my MN spots. Just nice to be out in the turkey woods .
  4. Wisconsin Permits

    Good luck on the bonus tags. I know I will be looking for one also for season E. Yep I think numbers will be down in most areas we have been seeing a decline in our area also in WI the last few years. I have sent in what our sightings and results were to a wildlife Biologist for WI and they are finding the same thing from farmers and hunters around. I have to dig up that e-mail and have it for this spring. Talked to 3 of our land owners Monday and they said this winter they have only seen a few birds so i'm sure they wintered someplace else but they usually see them and just not seeing much this winter.
  5. Wisconsin Permits

    Might have to call in Don. Was looking online and shows my permit but no link to attach.
  6. Wisconsin Permits

    Donbo They were done a few weeks ago. Sure it was just lost in the mail I know the surplus will be going on sale soon also.
  7. MN Turkey 2018

    Sweet I pulled Season A finally this spring been a couple .
  8. Decoys?

    Also do not be afraid to keep the decoys in the truck. I do have some decoys and have used in the past but 90% of my hunts the decoys do not get used. I think you still should have them and scout and through your hunt see what birds are responding to.
  9. Where to shoot in winter

    A-1 archery in Hudson.
  10. Turkey permits

    Today is the last day to get your permit in.
  11. Super Bowl lii

    Hope the goat puts up another win. They just win with guys that do not start on most teams or cut from those teams. Kind of crazy how they do and sure fun to watch.
  12. Turkey permits

    You have a week from today to get the MN permit in Jan.26th
  13. Either season works fine i have hunted both and success in both. Scouting is huge and knowing your property helps a ton more then what season. If you know what the birds are doing , going you are already have the advantage to start. Put in the time in our short hunting seasons don't let the weather hold you back.
  14. Turkey permits

    Strange I received our notification for WI yesterday but the page does not show any update. Either way WI permits are out. Already planning and getting blinds ready for this spring
  15. Vikings VS. Saints

    It was about time something like this happen to a MN team. I will take the luck and the win. This game was not the big game. I've seen us win and lose many divisional games. I have never seen us win an NFC Chip game 76" I was too young for that to count. This weekend i might get all giddy and happy if we win but I sure don't want the let downs anymore Go the SB win or lose I will be happy to see it at least once