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  1. Wi Bear Question

    Funny how this system works. I have a buddy get a tag in his first year applying.
  2. Turkey permits

    WI permits are due Dec.10th and MN Jan 26th. Have some time for MN but WI is right around the corner and I cannot wait to start the turkey season. Fishing should hold me over at least a little this winter
  3. Muzzle loader & the rut??????

    Was out last night pulling cards and checking on blind for this weekend. A lot of bucks hitting and making new scrapes and does still going through them. Hoping still a few out running now they have had two weeks of no one really pushing them.
  4. New bow

    All the main bows have lower end bows in the price range you are looking. I don't like the word lower end because these are all great bows and would be something you would like. Go and shoot a few of them Diamond bow(Bowtech) Mission (Mathews) ,Hoyt Powermax. I think you can get these bows packaged deals and in the price you are looking for.
  5. Wild Regular Season 2017-18

    We don't need first place we just need to make the playoffs and push to go further into the playoffs. Going to be fun year young guys needing to step up.
  6. New rig

    When they start moving the old for the bad you have to be ready you can get them at half the price. That is how I picked up my Element for $750 or I wouldn't do that right now. So I'm waiting for that right time to jump on the new defiant or should say a year old
  7. New rig

    Nice looking bow. I will be checking in on a new one this winter when they have to change out last years bow's.
  8. Bow License Question

    It's happen for a long time. Some years might be buck only a lot of times goes by the bad winters. You have to always check regulations each year or with the DNR. Better than relying on what rules are on here. Info I received was straight from the DNR. This year some changes from buck only to hunters choice and a few picked up a bonus tag. My zone changed from one deer to two , two years ago and should of stayed one deer. Good luck to everyone hunting this weekend.
  9. Bow License Question

    Still watch what zones you are in zone 119 is still buck only this year gun or bow.
  10. Limit question

    Keep filling up tags in the metro if you are still hunting there.
  11. Fall Success

    Awesome congrats
  12. Turkey talk and a little strutting

    Yep boys are always ready. You will see some strutting all year even gobbling in the morning still. I've called some in during October strutting and gobbling. Sure nice to hear when in stand.
  13. Ground blind suggestions

    Yep that's the deal I was referring to. They had that going since March off and on.Great deal also a lifetime warranty on the blind.
  14. Ground blind suggestions

    You can get them almost half the price right now on Rogers sporting goods. If not on sale any longer they go on sale about 3 or 4 times through the winter for half the cost.
  15. Price has jumped in the last few years but have been using this for about 15 or so. The number of pictures doubled at different spot tripled using this mixture. It's best to get the di from a co-op it's about $15 there. I changed the price below for what I spent this year. Use to be able to make for about $22 when I first started using this. WHITETAIL DEER HOMEMADE MINERAL MIX RECIPE Ingredients: Makes 200 lbs. for about $28.00 1 part Di-calcium phosphate, this is a dairy feed additive bought at feed stores. Comes in 50lb Bags at around $15.00 you need one bag. 2 parts Trace mineral salt, the red and loose kind without the medications. Comes in 50lb Bags at around $5.00 you need two bags. 1 part Stock salt,Mix N Fine. Comes in 50lb Bags at around $3.00 you need one bag.