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  1. Nice work Borch for you and your dad. Congrats . I have been seeing a lot of strutters of the weekend . Those 20 gauges are awesome sure put a hurting on .
  2. Here is the guy that makes state plaques. have one made for which ever state you took your bird in. He is at the Deer classic every year.
  3. Added these for the fry pan to go with some turkey also.
  4. Well my last season of hunting turkeys was good but very wet. Bird numbers are down big time but also did not help we had to dodge a few tornadoes. This made hunting a little tougher but can't control old mother nature. I would rather have a foot of snow over the rain but we dealt with . First day of the season we were able to get one bird down after making a move around the property. Birds were staying out in the field with the rain so we came up on the edge of the woods they were by. We only had one shot to take wanted to try for a double but didn't work out. First day and morning everything was going good but we could not get any more male birds in sight. Put miles on and hunted 3 different properties nothing going. We get to Friday nothing happens again that morning . That afternoon I was able to get 3 birds fired up and two would come close but never commit to killing range. So I played around with these two birds starting at 2:30 and I was finally able to get them to break at 6:30 and come in. After a lot of cat and mouse going on. I would setup they would gobble their heads off and seem like they were coming in then get further away and shut up . So I would walk about 100 yds away start calling again and they would fire up so this went on for hours. My last move I went as close as I could get without bumping them or hoping I didn't hit the call one time and they were within 50 yds. I sat down fast got ready and they were within 25 yds. I was greedy trying to get both lined up for one shot since I had two tags but just wouldn't happen. One dropped out of sight and now the bird left is 32 yds. Waited till he cleared couple small trees and dropped him right there not a wing flop. The other bird was gone with no shot to have. This 20 gauge is sure fine and knocks the heck out the birds. .
  5. Correct bow only or like MM said have a permit to use the crossbow. Can't wait to be back in the woods this weekend. Good luck to everyone still hunting.
  6. They will lose 90 to 100 games again this year. They do not have the pitching to even get to 500. Santana will be our lone all-star and be traded before end of year. Hope something changes but they did not add anything for starters or offensive so until they do we will get the same junk. Really sucks cause i love watching and listening to the games all summer long.
  7. Awesome Don great work and congrats to your dad.
  8. Sounds like a great setup
  9. Seen a Jake smokey phase in NE a couple years ago No shot I have seen a few in SD there is an area we hunt and there is always one or two in the flock each year.
  10. Thanks I sure felt the same way but made myself get the 20 gauge out in march to make sure I had all set. Even more so this Saturday it was down pouring when I left and I had the 12 in the truck but the rain stopped so I just went and setup on the one bird I heard. My 20 with the new Winchester XR 3inch 5's pattern good out to 40 but I would hope not to test that . My 3.5 number 4's pattern the best out of my 12 gauge but I really feel good now after taking this bird to use the 20gauge more often.
  11. Thanks Anyfish and Don LOL No way I'm getting even for those critters from NE . But I really did like breaking out the old 20gauge man it sure shoots nice still and so light to carry around.
  12. Mn was silent for the nights I was able to hunt after work no gobbles at all and only seen one gobbler in those three days. I did have some hens come in strutting around the two hens I had out. Was cool to watch the hens circle and strut around them. Most the gobblers I’m seeing when driving around are henned up big time. Very quite first week of the season. I was able to take bird Saturday morning right out of roost. He was the only bird that could find in the first couple days on our property. I’m sure there are a couple more but he gobbled twice on roost that was it. I did a Fly down cackle and a little sweet sounds from the box call the hens he was with came running in with mr.gobbler. First critter I’ve harvested with this 20guage in 20 plus years. Sure feels good to carry around going this week to put a sling on the gun for WI seasons now. NE and MN are all done just two hunts left. I did a
  13. Well the spring started out well some of the guys only picked up one tag and a couple bought two tags. We tagged out in NE this trip with 7 birds it was a blast like always. Birds are really spreading out now and you are hearing them in the morning every direction. This trip all birds were taken out of the blind and used decoys. Most years going this early we do not use decoys and have great luck. This year birds were responding well to calls and decoys. We got lucky and pulled a double one evening, counted to 3 and arrows flew both dropped right there . Only down the count to 3 with a shotgun before so this was cool to pull off with the bow.
  14. Just like all the other teams do. He gets the same shot over and over against every team. Not sure how you let a guy with 18 power play goals float like that. Doesn't hurt Bakstrom is setting it all up. You leave him and just cover Ovi and he will light you up.
  15. Good luck Cheetah break that bad boy in this spring Just bought my main tag for WI yesterday and my surplus . Just got back from a quick scouting trip and shed hunting to NE this last weekend. Birds already breaking up down there was way ahead from years past. Seen gobblers out and about by them selves no other birds around was strange but very good for us coming up on our hunt.