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  1. Spirit Lake Fishing Reports

    Esox, Send me a message on here. Need your number, mine has changed. Coming up Monday. Thinking about putting the shack out on Hayward's but havent been up since September. Not sure for sure where we will be at. Want to pick your brain before set up.
  2. You can drive wherever you like on Spirit. With that being said. I spent 3 full days in my shack last week. First time I have been skunked in as long as I can remember. Had the cameras down. Had hundreds of perch and several dozen walleyes come through. I could not get anything to bite on anything. Tried every rig I could. Not only did was the fishing bad. I went outside to drill tip up holes, 20 feet from my shack, around 6 pm. Set the auger down, went in to grab bait, came back and my auger was stolen. AGAIN. Second year in a row. I was inside for 5 minutes. Bad enough not catching fish, but to have a fellow ice fisherman steal my auger two years running is getting a bit old. I was in the middle of the lake, no shacks around me at dark. Tried to follow the tire tracks and find some of the thieves buddies. No luck. If you guys find a cheap Strikemaster for sale up there let me know. I would be very interested in looking at it. Ed
  3. Came up tonight. Sitting in the shack right now. The ice is good, the slush is gone. Have had quite a few come in, but nothing so far. I am off Buffalo still on Spirit if anyone is around tomorrow, look me up. Black Wrangler, white perm. Ed
  4. Weather permitting I will be sitting off Buffalo in a large white perm with blue letters on the sides. I am not liking the forecast.
  5. Talk about having no luck this year.

    I am leaving this afternoon. Will be back up on Friday. Had a decent weekend with walleyes. I only fished 12 FOW. Not much for perch. Perch are being caught out deep and I didn't feel like digging the shack out of the mess. Esox, stop out next weekend. I will still be on Buffalo, moving out to the break, you can't miss the shack.
  6. Oh yeah, thought we had plenty of beverages. We ran out and had to call for reinforcements. Let me know next time you come up, be good to share some with you.
  7. Talk about having no luck this year.

    Started off hot as hell on Spirit...ended the day with 5 eater eyes and a bunch of small perch. Took us a bit to get used to the FL-20 after using the FL-8 and a 55. FL 20 has not helped me catch a fish any better than either of those units. Can see the bottom on Spirit in 18 FOW right now, but I still wish I had my camera. Best tool I have ever had. Been a goofy year with the snow cover. The best advice I can give you is that the spots that worked in the summer are still working. The guys that run and gun are complaining. The perch bite on Spirit, (im my opinion) is not what is was last year and I don't mind. Saves money on wax worms. If you fish Spirit stay close to the access' unless you have a buddy to dig you out. Slush and snow covered. I don't mind the snow nearly as much as dropping a foot into a slush hole with only 12-14 inches of ice under me. I know it will hold me but I want to puke every time I hit one of those holes and they are everywhere.
  8. I am posting from inside the shack. Finally got it set today. I don't know what next weekend looks like for anyone else but I will be up with a bunch of buddies next weekend. Fishing today has been great. Catching walleyes at noon. There is clear access at Buffalo, Red Nose and Anglers. I would not recommend anglers if you have a house you are going to drive out, the ramp is narrow and steep. I had no trouble getting my house out on Buffalo. Ed
  9. Yeah, I am still around. Had all of my fishing gear stolen except for my ice house. Haven't had the time or energy to replace it. I will be up for the get together next weekend. I heard there were guys plowing out there but I can't confirm it. I will drag the sled up next weekend just in case I can't get the wheelhouse out. Looking forward to seeing you guys again.
  10. Talked to a buddy today. I would like to make it up to Spirit Lake next weekend and get the house out. Is that even possible with all the snow you guys got?
  11. Boji Bonanza 2010

    I appreciate it guys, I really do. I am very much looking forward to the ice fishing season and I am sure you guys will see me out here just as much as last year. The furthest I made it south was Des Moines. We ended up getting another place up here. I live in Des Moines but I come up here just as much as I did before. Really looking forward to seeing you guys and I love these forums. Great bunch of people. Ed
  12. Boji Bonanza 2010

    I think you guys are right, at least the second or third week of Jan. would allow us all to drive out. The way the weather has been this year, who the heck knows. Thanks boys I can't wait to see you guys again. I will be up fishing Spirit all this week. I had a great summer working for the DNR and I lived on Spirit for most of the summer. Crapped out in the last walleye tourney, my father and I could not seem to catch anything but crappies and slot limit eyes. Never have caught a crappie on Spirit until that tourney, I don't target them and I really don't care for them. Weather and the the kind souls that plow the ramps will be the only way we are getting on that lake. Angler's won't be plowed this year. I kept that plowed all winter last year and someone stole my auger off my trailer while I was in the bathroom lol. I got divorced this summer and my brother in laws took all my ice fishing gear. I have my perm and and a hand auger for this winter:) I look forward to seeing you guys. Ed
  13. Boji Bonanza 2010

    I thought I was moving, however I had a change of plans. Kept the shack and I will be up at the lakes most of the winter. This sounds like a great idea again and I really like the idea of fishing Spirit this year.
  14. the hole is about 3 foot by 1 foot. It is right in front of the stove. I usually fish a chub off a rattle reel out of it. I loved having the house on Okoboji. It was like looking in a big fish tank.
  15. the hole is about 3 foot by 1 foot. It is right in front of the stove. I usually fish a chub off a rattle reel out of it. I loved having the house on Okoboji. It was like looking in a big fish tank.