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  1. Thanks to the Brainerd Muskies Inc Chapter for another great banquet last night. Also thanks to all the sponsers for all of the great prizes!
  2. Humingbird vs lowrance.

    You want to consider customer service and product reliability when your comparing the two companies. Humminbirds customer service is first rate. They are quick to respond and stand behind their products. I've even seen the Humminbird technical staff monitoring many of the fishing blogs and answering many product questions directly on-line. Lowrance on the other hand has horrible customer service and their reliability is suspect at best. Just do a search on "Lowrance" on this site to see some of the horror stories people are dealing with concerning Lowrances customer service and product support. Many of the latest Lowrance (non-HD) units have problems reading shallow water and weeds. Lowrance just recently posted a BETA software release to fix this problem. Whether it works or not has yet to be determined. Lowrance pretty much ignored and/or denied even having these problems until they were ready to release the new HD versions. In the mean time, a lot of Lowrance customers that spent a lot of money have had to deal with a lot of frustrations and sonar setting tweaks just to (maybe)make the units work in shallow water. Just to be fair, Lowrance does sell a lot more units than Humminbird does so you have to factor that into the failure rates but it shouldn't factor into the units reliability or other problems. I also find it kind of interesting that Lowrance is now copying Humminbird when it comes to unit features and capabilities. Humminbird has had dual beam sonar frequency for quit a while and Lowrance's new HD units now have it as well. Same for hot keys, higher screen resolutions, better GPS antenna reception, etc, etc. That tells me that Humminbird is ahead of Lowrance when it comes to product inovations. The new Lowrance HD appears to be nothing more that an enhanced digital oversampling of the same old analog sonar signal. While this will give you a very vivid display, the information displayed is a digital representation of what the sonar unit is interpreting. This interpretation might or might not be a true representation of what is actually going on below the water surface. It will be a very nice looking display of inccurate information. Side Imaging is a completely different technology that shows a far more accurate representation of the bottom structure. Before I get beat up to badly on this post let me add that I currently have Lowrance units (113cHD and 520C). When it's time to replace them (soon I think) I will most likely switch over to Humminbird.
  3. Has anyone tried using the Lowrance Engine (outboard) interface to display engine data??? I have a 2007 Yamaha 4 Stroke and a LCX-113CHD. The Lowrance HSOforum lists an interface cable for the Yamaha motors but a site search yielded very little additional information how the interface works, how it's connected, what information is displayed, or what if any added equipment is needed. The photo gallery under the networking thred shows a whole bunch of data being displayed (tach, temp, fuel, etc.) Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Regards...............JB
  4. Saw the same problem on a 334c using a 2006 Lakemaster chip. Put in a new 2008 version Lakemaster chip and all the problems went away. Take your unit into one of the Eagle/Lowrance retailers (Gander Mtn) and they will probably help you out and check it with the new chip on their display wall.
  5. Jiffy auger problems.

    I had the same problem so I spoke to the folks at Feldmann Engineering (they make the Jiffy Augers) As stated in another reply, the engines are set-up at the factory in warm weather/temperatures. This makes them run way to lean in cold temps. Feldmann recommends that you "turn the right cap (red caps on the carb) counter clockwise 1/8 - 1/4 of a turn. This will allow more gas into the engine." I took the red cap off and adjusted the mixture screw. My auger works much better now and I no longer curse Jiffy while trying to start or keep my auger running.
  6. New to Ice Fishing

    Hi All, I'm new to Minnesota and ice fishing. I'm hoping for some helpful tips/hints. I'll start with the basics. I live near Nisswa MN and want to hear opinions on what lakes are the best for ice fishing in the area. I need a list of "can't do without equipment". Where do you recommend I go to purchase equipment. Thanks. I'm looking forward to starting my ice fishing career................JB