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  1. Pork Belly Stinks

    It shouldn't smell any different than a package of pork chops or a roast. I wouldn't eat chops if they smelled like rotten eggs.
  2. Spring is near!

    Beautiful pictures Sturg. How close were you to the birds? Must have a real nice camera.
  3. This is Baffling

    Have seen that before and was a hole in a sewer line or a culvert and the dirt was disappearing into the pipe. Do you have a sewer line in that area? Or a septic tank?
  4. Saturday MorningFishing Shows

    I am so tired of the shows that think they are showing me how to do something. I turn to another show. In Fisherman used to be a wonderful show. It is tired now. I want to see someone having fun fishing with maybe a little about what they are doing. I also like seeing the resorts they are at. Show me the cabins, food, boats etc.
  5. 96 lund floor replacement

    Ya I have always wondered why they don't use some kind of plastic or fiberglass in boat floors. Would be a great marketing strategy for some manufacturer...
  6. B-day boy

    Ya where are you Rebs??? We are starting to get worried...... Or jealous just thinking of all the fun you are up to.
  7. This is a great thread. Makes me crave summer.... I am ready..
  8. New Boat Floor

    Great pics of your projects. I just bought that pontoon as the snow started to fly this winter. Excited to get it going. Hasn't been in the water for 12 years. If the carpet is shot i will do vinyl. We have two labs and I like your line about how dog hair just blows right off of it.
  9. Tullibee

    Man that sounds like fun...
  10. Tullibee

    So what is the Leech Lake Blood Bath Days???
  11. Hey eyeguy....BBQ sauce

    I see that Ventura foods also makes the Maries salad dressings which make a great blue cheese... I would like to try it.
  12. Hey eyeguy....BBQ sauce

    The next time I go through Deer River I will look for Orty's.
  13. Hey eyeguy....BBQ sauce

    Darn I would have ordered a gallon if it was free shipping with Amazon Prime. I can't justify 4 gallons plus $30 shipping....
  14. Last game of the year

    Ya I wondered what the tickets were going for. I have been to quite a few Vikes games but it has been years. My wife is a huge fan like me and hasn't been to a game. We keep thinking of biting the bullet and just going for it. Find a hotel, shuttle package deal or something easy like that. Just so nice to be at home watching in comfort and then hit the fish house for a couple of hours.
  15. Making sausage

    They look good Del. How did they taste??? Good idea.