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  1. Local Police Dept

    I just had a funny idea come to mind. Wouldn’t it be interesting if law enforcement officers could watch us at work all day? I wonder what your bosses and co-workers and also the media would think. 10 fifteen minute breaks to smoke. Not washing your hands after using the bathroom (doesn’t that burger taste funny) and the ever popular sales call on the first tee. I wonder how many of us can’t wait to break the record at whack-a-penguin during business hours. I suggest we all just take a little closer look at our own actions and stop micromanaging. We all hate that don’t we?
  2. Anyone have trouble with sportdog collars?

    I also have the sd2000. I have used it for 3 years now and have never had a problem. Worked on my buddy from 100 yards away. Was that funny.
  3. Chop Meth Palin...WTH! Never even looked at meth
  4. Introducing "Kia"

    I hope that shirt is to prep him for a neoprene hunting vest. All kidding aside, nice looking pup.
  5. If your boat sinks that foam might come in handy.
  6. WOW! They told me they never sold any otter duck boats. Good for you finding such a deal. Happy hunting.
  7. I have contacted several G.M.'s and none of them carry the stealth 2000. I would really be interested in buying one at that price. Could you let me know what G.M. you shopped at. Thanks.
  8. That seems like a really good price for the stealth. Do they have any more for that price? Thanks.
  9. Humminbird Side Imaging

    lol Originally Posted By: katoguySide scan is different than side imaging. Big boats and the armed services have been using a sort of side imaging technology in the more recent years, but it, too, is different and cost a heck of a lot more than HB side imaging. HB brought the price down to what some fisherman can afford. Side scan is just transducer(s) pointing sideways. Heck, BottomLine was using that 15 years ago. The imaging software is the key that ties it altogether into one picture.
  10. Shimano Lucanus jig

    That's what I thought. I watched a fishing show today that used them for largemouth with good results. It will be interesting to see if they come out with more options to resemble forage for fresh water fish.
  11. Shimano Lucanus jig

    What are your thoughts on this new jig? What a radical Design.
  12. Humminbird Side Imaging

    Side imaging(side scan sonar) is new technology for recreational fishing, true, but it has been around for a while now. I wonder how these compact units compare to the towed units. I can't imagine the resolution can even come close. Interesting though. Some day (our kids) will spend 6 hours watching T.V. in the boat until they find that pesky fish that broke there $50 crank bait off. If you get angry at people driving while talking on the phone, just wait until the time comes when 30 boats are out there with guys plastered to the 30" wide screen looking for that state record. Gross. I'll still be pitching under docks.
  13. Originally Posted By: katoguyDarter, this is what they posted on a different thread:"We do not sell Shimano 'Top-Shelf' items due to our low pricing getting us cut off from shimano." I should be receiving my Curada and Citica from them this week! I'm confused by that. If they are cut-off how do they sell any Shimano reels? It must be a profit margin thing. Oh well. The search continues.
  14. I was shocked to find that shimano chronarchs were not listed. I'm confused. Looks like other high end baitcasters were not listed by other manufacturers. Am I missing something or do they concentrate on low and mid range gear? Thanks for the help.