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  1. fish trap pro mods

    Yep, Same size sled as the scout but turned sideways for more room. It also has a door which is a plus for me. Great portable set-up. Also the seat is alot more comfortable on the pro.
  2. Local Police Dept

    I just had a funny idea come to mind. Wouldn’t it be interesting if law enforcement officers could watch us at work all day? I wonder what your bosses and co-workers and also the media would think. 10 fifteen minute breaks to smoke. Not washing your hands after using the bathroom (doesn’t that burger taste funny) and the ever popular sales call on the first tee. I wonder how many of us can’t wait to break the record at whack-a-penguin during business hours. I suggest we all just take a little closer look at our own actions and stop micromanaging. We all hate that don’t we?
  3. LX-5 w LX-3tc

    Thanks for your reply.
  4. LX-5 w LX-3tc

    So the extra power the Marcum units have increases your ability to cancel out interference? Wow i didn't know that. I didn't know the two were interrelated.
  5. what is the pros and cons of marcum and vex

    Pros of the Vex and Marcum- Both are good units
  6. LX-3?

    It's O.K.
  7. Otter special

    I wonder why Otter has gone to the blue fabric for their shaks?
  8. New gear ? What did YOU get ?

    Spent my time reading lake maps and presentation techniques. So I guess got some new knowledge on the lakes i'm going to fish.
  9. License for Wheel house?

    You and your fishing buddy only need one...spoon boy.
  10. Heaters...?

  11. heater

    11# hands down. Can't beat the BTU's of a sunflower and not to mention they are virtually maintenance free. They also stay lit in a strong wind.
  12. Looking for my first portable...any help

    It looks like Frabil as well as the X series by fish trap have awesome tubs. No longer does Otter have the market on durability. Unless I'm missing something, which could very well be.
  13. Best rod case?

    Great idea. I just googled arrow cases and the choices are endless. Might have to look into this option.
  14. Ice Fishing Guide 2009!!

    Yup...You and me both. It seems that the fish havn't changed their patterns because I bought a new flasher and $350 on clothing. Who do they think they are!