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  1. Got skunked. Gave up after the second day and went grouse hunting instead. Had better luck doing that
  2. Remington 870 Wingmaster in 20 gauge A .45 caliber handgun or a .357
  3. Muzzy Season

    You sound like me. My son got one during the gun season so I'm good on venison. I got powder and balls and shot the muzzleloader and went out and didn't see anything so I got bored and went grouse hunting instead and got two. I forgot how tedious deer hunting can be
  4. Muzzy Season

    I'm going for the first time in ages. If I don't see anything, during the weekend, I'll probably give up
  5. Snowmobile rentals

    I will look into that. Thank you
  6. Whole Smoked Chicken

    The first attempt I made at smoking poultry was a grouse. A very tasty piece of shoe leather. Poultry can dry out very easily so glad to hear that your’s turned out moist I smoked a turkey half and it turned out very good. I just do what Leech does whenever I smoke poultry. The only thing I brine is Lake trout
  7. Whole Smoked Chicken

    Mine is similar but I love the Mesquite
  8. Snowmobile rentals

    I see several places online that rent snowmobiles either for a day or a weekend. If anyone has done that in the recent past what was your experience and what does it involve? I would like to rent from a place that would have access to good trails with a restaurant or two along the way. I'm not just looking in Mn but Wi also
  9. Share good music

  10. Were did the grouse go?

    I used to see grouse every time I went out. The last few times since the snow I haven't seen anything. I was starting to believe they flew south for the winter