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  1. Grouse drumming in the fall?

    I thought the same thing but not sure if I'm correct or not
  2. I know they drum quite a bit in the spring but I've been hearing drumming this fall. I'm not hearing as many as I do in the spring. But I'm sure hearing a good number of them drum Are they searching for a mate in the fall?
  3. Underwater lake trout strikes video

  4. Just Food and Drink

    Love Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches
  5. Tom petty

    It's now official
  6. "Rough" Grouse

    It was a cool, wet spring but the Grouse are on the early upswing end of a 10 year cycle
  7. Just Food and Drink

    I agree My wife will drink the Shandy's. I'm more of a Stout/ IPA kind of guy
  8. I have trolled minnows behind spinners in the fall and that seems to work pretty well. I always wondered why you don't read much or see much of people using crawler harnesses in the fall
  9. in the fall for walleye. Seems everyone switches to cranks or jigs and minnows in fall. Is there a biological reason why people don't think walleye so will hit a crawler harness in the fall? Even all articles regarding fall walleye fishing talk more about using cranks or big minnows and dismiss crawler harness use that time of year
  10. Opening Day

    Went for a nice walk in the woods Sunday. Got one out of two hours of walking. Flushed a few but too many leaves yet. There's birds out their but I think the cool, wet spring affected brood survival.
  11. Treadmill

    This thread has been more interesting and action packed than anything posted in Sillytown since I signed up here
  12. 2017 Grouse Survey Is Out

    I hit one the other day with my car. And my dog has been bumping quite a few up when we go for our walks. I think us grouse guys are in for a good year. And cool weather next week
  13. Motor had carbon build up

    Is that a four stroke or two-stroke
  14. Motor had carbon build up

    It's a two. It's a 150 hs E tec.
  15. Motor had carbon build up

    I got my boat back today and it runs great now but the mechanic said I had too many idling hours on it and it had a lot of carbon build up. I have trolled a lot with this motor . It has ran great but I did have this recent issue with it where I had to bring it in and it runs good now. Mechanic recommended run it more often at higher rpm's. For those that troll with their main engine, how often do you run in a higher rpm's? I use carbon guard and thought that that would prevent the carbon buildup. If I trolled for three or four hours at a higher RPM would that be too much ?