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  1. Can anyone explain why I get ads here for dating sites with a picture of a big busted older woman or Russian and oriental girls looking for marriage when I don't even go on those sites?
  2. In a free market, ObamaCare would have collapsed two years ago. And all the promises made regarding it are and have been falling apart. But government does not let boondoggles collapse. ObamaCare will be funded, unfortunately, with more debt and printing to keep it and all it's problems on life support Think "too big to fail" and QE
  3. And then what? There's a saying that goes, "Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it." You have a country of 300 some million individuals and a good number of that all have different ideas how to so call fix this. That's why we are set up as a representative republic and not a democracy. You seem to be assuming most people will see things your way
  4. Ok, I think I need to clarify my statement. My belief is they would be better off in letting ObamaCare collapse on it's own than passing "Obamacare part 2." My first choice would be to just repeal it. Then I suppose a debate can happen
  5. The one positive is the press is going to be a watchdog on Donald Trump much more than they were on Barack Obama. The negative is we have to wonder if what they're saying is really true about him or just the rantings of a partisan press Time will answer all
  6. It doesn't matter what I want or what partisan politics are. Obamacare is failing because it's based on a faulty model. Government creates market distortions, so the answer becomes we need more government thereby causing even more market distortions. it seems that whenever government tries to "help"somebody or something, they end up creating new problems
  7. Anyone want to place bets on how long it takes for this thread to get locked
  8. Between the dishonesty of the press, and the history Trump has in making wild, unsubstantiated allegations, who knows what is true anymore
  9. Obamacare is collapsing on its own. Niether I, or "my side" has anything to do with that fact. Sometimes the "fix" ends up being worse than the problem. If we end up going into a fiscal or monetary crisis, that will end up screwing a lot more of the American people IMO, the public at large is going to have to go through real pain before any of this gets fixed
  10. Too cold up here yet for any bird nesting. Neat picture of the nest. We also feed them and there will always be one that chases others away
  11. I second the Trilene XL. The only situation I will use braid is dipsey trolling on Lake Superior. Otherwise, Trilene XL on everything else for inland lake fishing
  12. I had no idea who she was so I did the google and that was one of the pictures that popped up
  13. Either this Russian thing is going to be the election scandal of the century, or it'll turn out to be another birther type issue. Either way, someone is going to be let down
  14. The GOP feels a need for some reason to pick up the mess in healthcare that the Democrats created yet in the process, they seem bound and determine to own the mess themselves. despite the public crowing, the DNC would love for the GOP to get stuck in this tar pit, also Let ObamaCare collapse on it's own. Do nothing. Don't repeat the Democrat's mistakes But at least they don't have to pass it first in order for us to see what's in it. Pelosi should be tarred and feathered for that statement and what the results ended up to be along with a negligent press who were more concerned with a victory for Obama than the substance of the bill