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  1. Motor had carbon build up

    Is that a four stroke or two-stroke
  2. Motor had carbon build up

    It's a two. It's a 150 hs E tec.
  3. Motor had carbon build up

    I got my boat back today and it runs great now but the mechanic said I had too many idling hours on it and it had a lot of carbon build up. I have trolled a lot with this motor . It has ran great but I did have this recent issue with it where I had to bring it in and it runs good now. Mechanic recommended run it more often at higher rpm's. For those that troll with their main engine, how often do you run in a higher rpm's? I use carbon guard and thought that that would prevent the carbon buildup. If I trolled for three or four hours at a higher RPM would that be too much ?
  4. Slide divers

    I picked up a couple. Any tips? Pros and cons? Advantages and disadvantages over dipseys
  5. 2017 Grouse Survey Is Out

    Should be some outstanding bird hunting this fall. I've seen a few hens with young this summer
  6. Trees having Sex!

    I have had off and on nasal plugging since end of March. the nasal sprays work but the problem then becomes my passages are nice and open and those irritants in the air make me sneeze more
  7. Taunting Grouse

    They are drumming like crazy now. In fact, I even hear them at night. My wife said when she was a teenager growing up in rural Wisconsin, she always thought that drumming sound was the nearby powerstation.
  8. Trolling motor size

    I have an 80lb thrust bow mount on my big 19 footer and it trolls just fine. Full Blast, little wind I can get 3.5 GPS for several hours I was going to go with the 101 lb thrust but I lacked a space for the third battery. So my decision was made to go to the 80, 2 battery system, anyways. Works just fine
  9. Hummingbird Nest W/eggs

    Too cold up here yet for any bird nesting. Neat picture of the nest. We also feed them and there will always be one that chases others away
  10. Favorite mono

    I second the Trilene XL. The only situation I will use braid is dipsey trolling on Lake Superior. Otherwise, Trilene XL on everything else for inland lake fishing
  11. New Pup

    I couldn't figure out what your avatar was but now I see
  12. Trolling for Walleyes (Equipment and Technique)

    Good post and tips
  13. Trolling for Walleyes (Equipment and Technique)

    Crawler harness with bottom bouncers are one of the best ways to troll a bunch of walleyes, IMO. I wouldn't worry about getting too fancy with trolling rods as any trolling rods will work. Here's my set up for trolling walleyes, for example, on the ST Louis River near Duluth. I don't use boards much anymore and planer boards are not necessary . I normally troll with 4 trolling rods on my boat. The front rods are 8 footers. The rods closer to the transom are 6 1/2 footers. I use 10 lb test for trolling walleyes. You can use spinning rods also and I have in the past with success. Speed for harnesses, I like anywhere between 1.2 to 1.8 gps. Others will chime in but this is how I normally roll when trolling for walleye
  14. Preparing rabbit and hare

    Is that from Northern Minnesota? When I was a kid, I would look out my bedroom window every morning in the winter and see a similar scene
  15. Taunting Grouse

    Soon, the males will be staking out drumming territory and that's when they get aggressive. When I was in college, I was driving to class down our road at the time and there was a grouse that went into full display the closer i drove to it. I stopped and it ran under my truck. It then jumped on my hood, saw it's reflection in the glass, and proceeded to go on the attack on it's reflection in the glass. This was during the spring when they were drumming. There should be good numbers this fall provided the spring holds out. Looks like warmer temps are coming