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  1. Spring Is Upon Us

    Saw the first flock of geese while in Superior on Saturday
  2. Spring suckers

    In a normal year, around here they're in the rivers around the fishing opener
  3. Feeding birds nuts

    Did you grind them up a little bit or put them out whole
  4. Feeding birds nuts

    I have two huge bags of shelled pecans and walnuts from Xmas that won't be used anytime soon and was wondering if I can feed these to birds and what species of birds would eat them
  5. The Fog

    Neat pictures And a good read
  6. Minnesota Shrimp

    Or get the runs from
  7. Jigs or Lindy rigs

    What weight of sinkers do you like with your Lindy rigs? I tended to stick with the 3/4 or less regardless of how deep I was fishing but I’ve seen some walking sinkers that were an ounce or more Never tried the bullet sinkers but that might be an idea this spring
  8. Jigs or Lindy rigs

    I know. We have a ways yet till open water fishing but which do you guys like better? I had an experience this fall were I fished a local lake and did well on Lindy and a blown up crawler but later fished the same spots with a jig and minnow and did better. If given a choice between those two methods, which do you prefer?
  9. Gym exercises you won't do

    I like pull ups, or chin ups, or whatever they are called better than the Lat pull downs.
  10. You will enjoy that one. I have the same brand and I mostly smoke lake trout and they turn out perfecto
  11. Putting out the birdfeeder again

    I’ve also seen mourning doves recently at my feeder. Don’t they fly south for the winter?
  12. Putting out the birdfeeder again

    Well, this cold weather has really been bring in the birds. Chickadees, jays, and grosbeaks are the main visitors. Has anybody ever have Ruffed Grouse come to feeders? I see them in the trees some mornings not far from the feeders but never actually at the feeders themselves
  13. Putting out the birdfeeder again

    Several years ago a black bear destroyed my birdfeeder and I haven’t fed birds since. I’m now starting to feed them again and appears black oil sunflower seeds still king. My wife picked up a block of suet and I’m thinking of putting that out as the Bears should be hibernating. How important is suet for birds and is there anything that will eat the suet but not eat the black oil sunflower seed?
  14. Were did the grouse go?

    Ha!! I just had the last of mine for dinner tonight
  15. Were did the grouse go?

    I saw quite a few this morning in trees eating buds. They must know cold weather is coming. I've already cleaned the shotgun and stored it so we're calling it a truce till next autumn