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  1. Any reason you are set on Minnetonka? I think the river might be a better bet. I have heard about big carp around lord fletchers.
  2. This is from the DNR's page, emphasis mine: On Wednesday, March 8, at 12 p.m. any remaining surplus licenses and the C-F unlimited permits will go on sale for anyone who does not already have a license, even if they did not apply for the 2017 spring turkey lottery. Sorta sounds like he's OK as a long as he hasn't already bought that license. I can't wait until they do away with this nonsense lottery and 5 day season. I haven't even bothered with it for a couple years now. In more positive news, hopefully I blast a tom down in the mizzura ozarks in a couple weeks.
  3. Dude that's pretty awesome data and pics/video. Way cooler stuff than when I was a middle school kid.
  4. had to track down thread that's been stagnant for over a month to rage out since he wet the bed in the other one and mods had to change the sheets.
  5. Branson is sort of in a transition, since they weren't going to survive catering to a population that's mostly dead now. I've heard it's getting more interesting for people under the age of 75. I grew up about 45 minutes from there. We used to cruise through there on Friday nights and chat up bored out of their mind girls on vacation with grandma and grandpa. The surrounding area is beautiful, once you get off the highway and away from the billion billboards.
  6. I'm surprised I couldn't find an aftermarket shim kit for an 870 in 5 seconds of googling.
  7. Something's supposed to be hard on bird eggs. Better skunks than feral housecats.
  8. I thought the usual M.O. for our Canadian canned meat friends was to include a link... Like how Maple Leaf Brand Skunk-B-Gone work wonders for their skunk problems.
  9. It looks like the newer red vexilar cases are better, but my FL-18 is mounted on a pro pack in the old blue soft case like I have in the picture and it sucks. The little plastic window with the zipper just isn't big enough. I usually unzip the case and fold it under the head unit so it's not in the way and I can easily access the controls. It is nice to keep the ducer and wires under control when it's time to go home though. The carry handle on my case is about 5 threads away from breaking and I think my FL18 will be mounted on a Genz pack next year, which at least has a spot to hold the ducer. The Genz pack DOES NOT fit in a 5 gal bucket. My pro pack does. I've heard the Genz pack fits in one of those square kitty litter buckets though. I've also heard that the Genz pack likes to slide around on the ice, which isnt a problem for the soft case. I've seen some easy fixes for the sliding issue on the internets though. The mag screen thing is great, protects it and keeps snow out. Sometimes glare is an issue, but it's easy to just pop it off. Unfortunately, after years of it rubbing against the plastic window on my case it's pretty scratched up. I switched to a 'bird a few years ago and the case is much better. I keep the FL18 around as a backup and for friends/the wife. It's bulletproof and served me well for many years, plus a handful more for the dude I bought it from. Zero maintenance required, knock on wood. Enjoy your FL8. It's game changer.
  10. Can the chiropractor fix my colon cancer?
  11. It's possible you could be catching saugeye and not know it. Sometimes the differences are subtle. Pop up the dorsal fin and look for spots. Maybe a bit of a splotchy pattern on the body. And the white tip on the tail might be less pronounced.
  12. It's probably not super thick with weeds anywhere. not sure why they would be scared of dead weeds. Probably all sorts of food chain happening in the weed decay. I've slayed the gills in places that were thick enough with residual weeds that the flasher was basically worthless. I dunno. But it's probably worth a shot.
  13. When you say pannys I think gills, do you mean gills or crappies or both? Only 21 feet? Seems like you've tried a lot of deepish water... Time to go shallow. I wouldn't be discouraged by the lack of a shantytown.
  14. You're good. I believe IA residents traveling north aren't so lucky though.