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  1. Another speaker question

    If you're rolling with 4 and a half inch car speakers which seem pretty standard for wheelhouses, you're just not gonna get much for bass out of the things, especially if they are el cheapos. Which also seems pretty standard for wheelhouses. I don't own a wheelhouse, but for the portable, the boat, the garage, etc, I use a Bluetooth speaker. Lasts all day on a charge and puts out pretty rich sound for $100.
  2. Lakemaster

    $15 navionics app on your phone will solve your problems on waconia. Unless your phone is also 10 years old I do understand the benefits of a dedicated handheld though. Good luck with the H20C, wish I could help
  3. Lakemaster

    Can't help ya with your question, but maybe it's time to upgrade to a GPS receiver that's newer than 10 years.
  4. Thought this was an interesting graphic.
  5. That thing shoots pop cans. When I think of a N-MPLS gun, I think of the pistol version of BD's hi-point. Brand new 9mm for like $120.
  6. I'd like your opinion

    I'm a purist not a processor
  7. I'd like your opinion

    I've got a cheapo wusthof and like it. Looks like you've got one that clears $40.
  8. A scope of rainbows and a half dozen Shiners.
  9. Fold out bench

    The idea sounds solid, but the actual finished product not so much. I've never once found a dinette in a fish house that I felt was actually designed for people to sit at. Yours didn't look too bad. Some of them you really have to squeeze into and out of and when you're in there you can't turn 90 degrees. And I'm a pretty thin dude.
  10. Wheel House build

    Real women will schitt in a bucket.
  11. Discounted Leopard Hunt November 2017 Namibia

    I've been seeing a couple albino tree rats in my yard. Sectional couch in the basement, TV. Wife might cook breakfast, if not there's Cheerios, Wheaties, and an assortment of yogurt in the fridge. Drink all my wife's beer, I don't care. Might mess up your chances at breakfast though. Pellet gun provided. $6000. Did I mention there are at least 2 albinos? A real rare trophy.
  12. Dumping Cable for Streaming

    I think I pay about $50 from spectrum. I'm in AV so probably the same provider available in Farmington. I look at as internet service is 100% required at the house, and that's that. Cable TV, not so much. Not sure how you're bundled package works, but for a while I was paying $40 for internet and about $100 for directv in a bundled deal. And I was watching hours of entertaining, yet pure garbage, programming. cutting the cord was the best thing. I pay for netflix and I have amazon prime because I use amazon for basically everything except groceries, amazon video is just a bonus. The wife recently signed up for slingTV and it gives us stuff like ESPN and Fox Sports North. I think it's $20. She wanted it and we maintain (mostly) separate finances, so she pays for it. I would drop that in a heartbeat and shut the TV off, even though I enjoy watching a Wild game here and there.
  13. I used to buy it at Walmart. As a 14 year old. With no black powder rifle, just bad intentions. It will ship, but you'll probably pay a hazmat fee. I think it has to go FedEx, USPS won't take it.
  14. Might want to give us some more info on the model/year of that thing. Might also want to check with minnkota directly. Just because they discontinued the product doesn't mean they don't have a crate full of these things in a warehouse somewhere.
  15. Tv moose

    I can't imagine having the disposable income to drop $22K on a moose hunt.