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  1. Spinners for stream trout

    I've done alright with natural colors, but that's what I have. I usually have a variety of spinners, couple silver or gold castmasters and just start tossing them until I find something that works. I've fished pools that a black mepps was the hot ticket and then two weeks later it was the silver cast master that worked. Not sure there's a best color as much as a best day for that color.
  2. Spinners for stream trout

    Not a spinner, but I always have a couple small acme castmasters in the stream trout box along with a bunch of random spinners.
  3. Rod guides

    I pretty much exclusively use titanium fuji guides with SiC rings. They are not cheap at all. You can easily double the cost you paid for eagle GT with those guides. I don't have a ton of rods and I want the ones I have to be performance machines. But if I were you, I would get a set a fuji steel guides with alconite inserts. You can buy them as a set for maybe $40. I've never replaced guides on a rod before. How do you plan to get the old ones off? Will you eat up the finish?
  4. Rod guides

    Never understood guides with no insert. I have a catfish rod with stainless guides and the tip has a rut from running heavy braid through it. Eventually, I'll cut through it. For your fenwick, I'd suggest a new rod. Replacing the guides seems like more trouble than it's worth unless you're really enamored with that rod.
  5. You ever been in that store? It's a disaster. Might find a good deal in there, but it's got a lot of junk and is disorganized AF.
  6. New kind of "bird" at my feeder

    Yeah, but somewhere in Iowa there is an imaginary line where the ratio of road kill flips from possums towards coons. Their fur is pretty thin. Had one under the deck a few winters ago that would literally shiver as he scavenged bird seed. Missing a handful of toes, some bits of ear, and the end of his tail was black from frostbite. About 20 years ago, I plowed my first armadillo in southern Missouri with the car. Now it's about 50/50 on roadkill whether its a possum or a dillo. They made their way up from Texas I guess.
  7. New kind of "bird" at my feeder

    those things are poorly equipped to deal with a MN winter.
  8. Id

  9. Ciscoes
  10. Ciscoes

    Asian grocery stores usually have big bags of them for a few bucks.
  11. Minnesota Shrimp

    I thought the blue box thread that was floating around was about this
  12. It's a Bot-troll attack take cover!

    I wasn't seeing the links, that's why it didn't make sense. Just a handful of random posts.
  13. It's a Bot-troll attack take cover!

    I don't understand the end game.
  14. I'm not an expert and generally do my turkey hunting in the Missouri Ozarks where there aren't all these season things to deal with. But here's my two cents. 1. If your birds are pressured they may have already have been shot at during A if you're hunting B. 2. Early / late spring can affect their behavior 3. Week A might be a torrential downpour and week B might be nice weather or vice versa. So, IMO it's a crapshoot. I'd always go with earliest available though.
  15. Trout Photo Gallery

    Fish or fellow ice fishers?