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  1. Tv moose

    I can't imagine having the disposable income to drop $22K on a moose hunt.
  2. Underwater lake trout strikes video

    I think it's called a water wolf.
  3. Tom petty

    That's the same thing the wife says.
  4. Tom petty

    What won't you dudes argue about?
  5. Goodbye AP!

    As far as I'm concerned it's betting on horses. Get me my money, and if one of my horses breaks its leg, I'll put it down.
  6. Goodbye AP!

    I'll never forget the time I was up 20 fantasy points coming into a Monday game with SF vs the Vikes. I have AP and the guy I'm playing has Carlos Hyde. It's in the bag. Until AP throws up 3 points and Carlos Hyde has 29.
  7. Tom petty

    Well I started out down a dirty road Started out all alone And the sun went down as I crossed the hill And the town lit up, the world got still It's sort of murky whether or not he's actually passed. I heard the words "clinging to life" on the news a second ago.
  8. Just Terrible

    Yep. I left my parents property and pegged the gas hard on the old Honda when I hit the pavement of the farm road like any dumbass 18 year old would do. Then the family dog ran under the barbed wire and into the road like a torpedo on an intercept course. Dog lived through it, but his shoulder was pretty messed up for the rest of his life. I didn't need a scolding about driving too fast down the farm road. It was awful.
  9. Just Terrible

    Maybe the sort of shaking up you get when your dog's face is blown off.
  10. "Rough" Grouse

    Ha! Unarmed.
  11. "Rough" Grouse

    I heard it was a hard spring, but man I was kicking up a bird every 50 feet driving around on dirt roads in Itasca County a few weeks ago.
  12. Vietnam War

    Well, I sure as shoot wasn't born. And wasn't there a lot of reporting total bologna? Inflating the numbers of enemy dead and talking about what a great success we were having over there. The pbs documentary is pretty interesting. But Ken burns can make anything interesting.
  13. I've never really understood what sort of forage that nightcrawler is supposed to emulate anyway. Maybe there is some sort of wor doing it's thing in the muck at the bottom of the lake, but it's not a nightcrawler
  14. Erratic Internet speed

    I had a similar problem for weeks and I fixed it by turning WMM (wifi multi media) off in my modem/router settings. Not sure what the deal was though. Another time we kept having this problem at home and it turned out everytime my wife switched on the WiFi on her phone it basically dropped the speed to zero for every device connected to the network. No idea what the deal was with that but it was fine after she reset her phone to factory default and deleted everything.
  15. Treadmill

    Maybe Rick will hand out some HSO hats we can lay down next to our roosters for size comparison if this topless picture thing doesn't solve the treadmill disagreement.