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  1. Good point about the center support. I wandered out to my ground blind on one of the last days of archery season to find the roof caved in and two poles busted.
  2. Any other products you are fine with the manufacturer lying to consumers? Whether you like the emissions regs or not, not sure why you are so supportive of liars and cheats. Besides, those VW diesels are librul yuppie cruisers.
  3. i thought the newer ones were getting fixed and sent back to the dealer. What a bonehead move by VW to cheat the emissions tests. The notion they claim that there were a handful of engineers that went rogue is total hogwash.
  4. Green fungus doesn't mean anything. I'm just going to assume that there are different strains involved, as that's how this sort of biocontrol thing described works.
  5. Why not use a good fungus to outcompete a bad fungus? The soil is filled with fungus already, it's supposed to be part of the equation.
  6. Several down town stations are down for 11 days. The Northstar line from Elk River to Target Field is still operational as far as I could tell. They have it listed on the schedule. If you're concerned about walking, I'd leave early and park in Ramp B which is right next to the field. Expect to cough up $20 and get stuck in traffic when you leave. But that's going to be par for the course for anywhere that's a short walk.
  7. Availability aside, it's basically impossible to beat ammo prices online. Just like everything else. Ammoseek dot com is your friend.
  8. I haven't bought anything besides shotgun shells in a brick and mortar store for years.
  9. I got a good deal on a ton of fiocchi 380 JHPs and I've got no complaints. That's higher quality defensive ammo rather than target stuff though
  10. Seems a bit aggressive to go on doxy just cuz a tick was attached.
  11. The game itself is fun to watch in the pure form, but the showboating is pretty bad. What gets me is the flopping. They do that carp in soccer too. It's become so much a part of the game I think they start coaching it at the junior high level.
  12. Nice pics. I saw the Thunderbirds as a youngster and it blew my mind.
  13. Pretty sure episodes are available immediately after they air for 30 days using the AMC app on my phone and a DirecTV log in. I just Chromecast them to my TV. But I don't have the ability to catch the last episode before the new one airs when I have access to nothing other than streaming.
  14. Memorial day? It was a re-run. Next new episode is Monday. Of you do miss one, you can stream it through AMC if you log in with your TV provider credentials Or with your parents DirecTV account