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  1. bobbymalone

    Woodstock nests

    Feeding a dog a meganser is borderline animal cruelty. 'Gansers are a special breed of awful. They aren't even ducks and loon is much better table fare. I used to just put divers in the community pool for jerky or shiat duck stew, now I don't even bother pulling trigger. I don't think woodcock is that bad though.
  2. bobbymalone

    Woodstock nests

    Like divers you say?
  3. bobbymalone

    Fishing Preperation

    I think lake Superior has a few centimeters worth of real honest to goodness tide.
  4. bobbymalone

    Spring Is Upon Us

    I've been hearing them for a week or so.
  5. bobbymalone

    Miscellaneous Trout Stream Report

    I wouldn't expect much out of Brown's creek. Vermillion is tough to fish. Really tough. But I helped volunteer with a DNR electrofishing survey there and there are some unbelievable trout in there. Also netted a monster northern that I'm not even sure how it even turned around in the section we found it in.
  6. bobbymalone

    Dnr landowner list / gaining access

    They are, but it's easily loopholed out. All Mr. Farmer needs to say is somebody else already asked and they gave them permission. I knocked on over a dozen doors about a month out from the start of the season with 0% success. That was a few years ago. Everybody had some sort of reason why it was not gonna work. I ended up hunting public land with no success and that was the last time I messed with Minnesota's turkey season.
  7. I've never understood why ducks are so OK with landing right next to my alumacraft and so weary of coming even close when I'm covered in camo and buried in the reeds.
  8. bobbymalone

    Have Ion-Want k Drill

    Used a buddy's K-drill this winter and didn't feel like it had nearly the torque of my SM mag 2000. But the chipper blade on that isn't exactly in a condition to shave my face with either.
  9. bobbymalone

    Spinners for stream trout

    I've done alright with natural colors, but that's what I have. I usually have a variety of spinners, couple silver or gold castmasters and just start tossing them until I find something that works. I've fished pools that a black mepps was the hot ticket and then two weeks later it was the silver cast master that worked. Not sure there's a best color as much as a best day for that color.
  10. bobbymalone

    Spinners for stream trout

    Not a spinner, but I always have a couple small acme castmasters in the stream trout box along with a bunch of random spinners.
  11. bobbymalone

    Rod guides

    I pretty much exclusively use titanium fuji guides with SiC rings. They are not cheap at all. You can easily double the cost you paid for eagle GT with those guides. I don't have a ton of rods and I want the ones I have to be performance machines. But if I were you, I would get a set a fuji steel guides with alconite inserts. You can buy them as a set for maybe $40. I've never replaced guides on a rod before. How do you plan to get the old ones off? Will you eat up the finish?
  12. bobbymalone

    Hotdogs for Pike

    Trying to thin them out is my guess. The limit is like 5.
  13. bobbymalone

    Hotdogs for Pike

    I feel like natural casing dogs would stay on the hook better.
  14. bobbymalone

    Rod guides

    Never understood guides with no insert. I have a catfish rod with stainless guides and the tip has a rut from running heavy braid through it. Eventually, I'll cut through it. For your fenwick, I'd suggest a new rod. Replacing the guides seems like more trouble than it's worth unless you're really enamored with that rod.