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  1. I thought so
  2. I appreciate your devotion to trolling us at the expense of your embarrassment. At least we've moved on from the truck stop thing, that snowballed into more LOLs than I predicted with your damage control posting. Looks like this one's doing the same.
  3. something seems fishy with how giant that dude is, but hasn't that fake news been floating around for years now? I swear I heard that story a year ago.
  4. aren't you taking it off topic by complaining about it going off topic?
  5. The forum is dead and this thread is at the point it's about everything and nothing.
  6. I ran into a a few more spots that are just thick with them over the past few weeks that might have had a couple flying around in years past. I don't know. Maybe I'm imagining that they are thicker than I've seen in a long time.
  7. Adapt or die. Not to hijack but I was thinking last night about how I don't see fireflies like I used to. When I was a kid in the 80s seemed like it was easy to catch a bunch and put them in a jar or go town with a wiffle ball bat. Now it's just a handful here and there. Saw a ton of them coming out of a small patch of recently mowed down tall weeds and grass at the boat launch last night and realized I havent seem them thick like that for a long long time. I bet the jackrabbits suffer from habitat loss and monoculture ag.
  8. I'd put my money on a carb, but mine did that when one of my coils died. Couldn't really notice it was running on 2 out of 3 cylinders at idle but it bogged down as soon as I gave it some gas. Might be worth checking for spark on all cylinders before you start tearing apart carbs. That's easy. Might also be worth checking to see if you can isolate the issue to specific cylinder before you start tearing apart carbs that don't need tearing apart.
  9. Good point about the center support. I wandered out to my ground blind on one of the last days of archery season to find the roof caved in and two poles busted.
  10. Any other products you are fine with the manufacturer lying to consumers? Whether you like the emissions regs or not, not sure why you are so supportive of liars and cheats. Besides, those VW diesels are librul yuppie cruisers.
  11. i thought the newer ones were getting fixed and sent back to the dealer. What a bonehead move by VW to cheat the emissions tests. The notion they claim that there were a handful of engineers that went rogue is total hogwash.
  12. Green fungus doesn't mean anything. I'm just going to assume that there are different strains involved, as that's how this sort of biocontrol thing described works.
  13. Why not use a good fungus to outcompete a bad fungus? The soil is filled with fungus already, it's supposed to be part of the equation.
  14. Several down town stations are down for 11 days. The Northstar line from Elk River to Target Field is still operational as far as I could tell. They have it listed on the schedule. If you're concerned about walking, I'd leave early and park in Ramp B which is right next to the field. Expect to cough up $20 and get stuck in traffic when you leave. But that's going to be par for the course for anywhere that's a short walk.
  15. Availability aside, it's basically impossible to beat ammo prices online. Just like everything else. Ammoseek dot com is your friend.