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  1. Tucker Passed Away

    So sorry. It's hard to let em go I know.
  2. your right...think i'm going with a asus laptop
  3. Need to put my desktop pc to the grave and decided to get a laptop or the chromebook. Mostly surfin the web and e-mails.Is it a pain to figure out how to put pics somewhere and what if you want to download music for say i pod?
  4. Brand new computer is slooooow

    found out you do need some of em
  5. Brand new computer is slooooow

    also...anybody...when you bring up the msconfig...what about the tab under "services"? can most of those be un checked??
  6. Brand new computer is slooooow

    Does the asus come with a cd/dvd player?
  7. System Restore

    Thanks Dave. Didn't even know about google drive. It's awfully slow though.
  8. System Restore

    Yeah...I meant to say I did a re format...i'll call the local geek and see what he says. Thanks. I was so frustrated one day when everything froze up that I said ta heck with it and returned to factory settings. Never gave a thought about the hundreds if not more pictures we had stored. Just lost my little buddy (jack russell)and would like to get those pics back.
  9. Is it possible to recover your pictures you had on desktop if you do a system restore and don't save em first?
  10. Widows 7 Or 8 ?

    Thanks for the tips
  11. Getting ready to buy a new pc desktop or laptop and was wondering if I should have it with 7 or go with 8. I'm using Vista now. I'm hearing 8 is not very user friendly. But 7 installed costs $100 more. Any opinions? Don't do much gaming. Mostly surfing and e-mail etc.
  12. Downloading adblock makes sure you never see ads again on any page. Thanks for this works quite well
  13. I wouldn't be without one.
  14. You Tube

    Got it thanks.