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  1. Deer Jerky?

    My Wife makes Deer Jerky & lets it dry in the window in the Sun. Then puts it in a low temp oven and it's ready to eat!!
  2. Deep cycle battery

    I got both of my Interstate Deep Cycle Batteries at Gander Mtn. in Lakeville. DP is ok, but stick with regular Deep Cycle. Good luck!
  3. Meat Sales

    Target has Spare Ribs for $1.99 a Lb. this week. Stock up!!
  4. Panfish Photo Gallery

    St. Croix River 14.5" Slab
  5. How cold is too cold (for you?)

    Several years ago I set-up on LOW with the reading at -39. It was kind of a cool feeling.
  6. Best Lake/River Depth Contour App for iPhone 5??

    Talking to me? You downloaded it to an Android or iPhone? I do not have Android, I have an iPhone 5. What's wrong with Winnie? I went over to Winnie and zoomed in. It's 1' contours, which is the same as the Lakemaster chip I have in my boat. I've fished Winnie a lot for 48 years. This one is fantastic so far looking around at home, we'll see if it's accurate on the water.
  7. Best Lake/River Depth Contour App for iPhone 5??

    I just downloaded it. OMG - LOVE IT!!!!!
  8. Best Lake/River Depth Contour App for iPhone 5??

    What's the name of the App?? What are the foot resolutions of the contour lines??
  9. Got an iPhone 5 & would like to get a detailed App for Winter depth contours while driving on the Ice. I searched for "Lakemaster" but does not exist. Navionics has a USA Marine & Lakes, but want a Mn. specific & hopefully 1' or 2' resolutions. Really want it for the St. Croix River, but other lakes as well. Does anyone have one? Like it? Any recommendations?? Thanks. FFaL
  10. Bass Photos

    White Bass, does that count?? St. Croix River, Jig & Minnow Head. 17 1/2" long, 1" short of Mn State Record. THE STORY: This one got off as the jig (a Silver Rapala w/ a Minnow Head) hit the bottom of the ice & it was laying there stunned because I brought it up fast, so I had to reach WAY down with my arm, give it a "Death Grip" & pulled it up into the Fish House! Arm & Fleese was soaked! HA!! Here's a pic of the biggin'. May not look big as I had to pull way back to get the whole fish in the pic...
  11. Whats your favorite line for the ice?

    Some Sufix Ice Braid, but ices up in a reel below freezing. Some Trilene "Cold Weather". Low memory & controlled stretch. I use this for all snells.
  12. Perch Eggs

    My Wife eats fish eggs all the time, along with eyeballs and all of the other meat in the fish heads. In fact, she's the best fish cleaner I have ever seen in 40+ years. I have never cleaned a fish since I met her. ...and this is from a guy who has cleaned fish all my life!
  13. Fried Mooneye (Yes, it's Good)

    Yea, there's bones. But not as much as the Smoked Whitefish I just had...
  14. In Market for New Handheld GPS & Chip for Fishing.

    Thank you....... I went to Gander this morning. What a... er, nevermind. I'll pass. Screen too small as well. I bought an Ice Armor Suit on sale for 20% off, used the gift card & paid for the rest instead.
  15. Fried Mooneye (Yes, it's Good)

    Right - that's what I told her.