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  1. Devils Lake Ice Reports

    Not sure, you could call one of the dozens of bait shops/resorts in the area, I'm sure they could give you ice conditions.
  2. If 3 or 4 feet of ice is reducing the amount of habitable area for fish to the point that it is fatal, I doubt that lake has much chance of sustaining fish populations anyways.
  3. Everything I've ever read says ice thickness has little impact on winterkill. It makes sense, winterkill is primarily caused by low oxygen levels due to a lack of sunlight getting to the aquatic plants, inhibiting photosynthesis. Sunlight can penetrate ice pretty well - a foot or two of snow not so much.
  4. Good shoes

    the Jungle mocs?
  5. Good shoes

    Looking for a new pair of around-town shoes. Walking the dog in winter, mowing the grass, going to the grocery store. Anybody have any that they really like?
  6. Tree Roots - Copper Sulfate

    Had it happen about 2.5 years ago as well (lived in the house for a little over 5). Both times on a weekend, with people visiting - go figure...Extra inconvenience and a more expensive service call! Guess I'll just have to start having them drill it out every 18 months or something...
  7. I had to have roto rooter out recently to drill out tree roots. A friend told me that copper sulfate can be used regularly to keep tree roots from growing in the pipes. Any of you have suggestions or experiences? Seems like a much cheaper alternative than a $150 service call.
  8. Lakemaster h20 chip???

    You'd have to look at the secondary market. They made chips for the H2O (I have one). Not sure if they made that specific chip.
  9. Bismarck area

    Will find birds on either side of the river. Don't be afraid to knock on doors this time of year as many are pretty willing after deer season, especially if there's only a couple of you. First words out of a farmer's mouth a couple days ago when I asked: "how many guys are with you?" Was just me and the pup, got on and we got done so fast the dog had a look of like "why are we leaving already?" when we got back to the truck. Public land is usually tough this time of year to boot.
  10. pheasants

    I live in Bismarck and pheasant hunt quite a bit and I'd say bird numbers are about the same as they've been the last couple years. Where there's habitat, you'll have birds. Definitely less CRP nowadays though. Cattail sloughs in/near cornfields are what I like to look for this time of year. I hunt almost all public or unposted land and most of that is pretty well hunted out by this time of year but sometimes you find a honeyhole. We only have an inch or two of snow so the birds aren't quite as grouped up as some years but you will still see big groups in certain spots. Permission is definitely much more attainable this time of the year.
  11. That's kinda what I figured but when I assume things with motors I'm usually wrong. Especially just to idle, seems like it'd be fine.
  12. My yamaha outboard has the freshwater flush hook up where you can just thread a garden hose to it. Can I run the motor with that hooked up (which would eliminate the need for earmuffs or filling a tub) in the driveway? Seems like you should but I guess I'd like some assurance before I do. Thanks
  13. Twins drive for 90 losses...

    I don't really believe getting rid of Gardy will change much, but I do think it's just time for a change. Granted Tony LaRussa wouldn't have won 80 games with this crew but sometimes new ideas, new ways of doing things are just needed. His way of doing things seems to have run its course and really isn't inspiring anyone anymore. There's no doubt we are in desperate need of a new pitching coach. One thing that strikes me is how many guys get better when they leave the Twins and how few get better when they come to the Twins. Phil Hughes is maybe the only guy in the last 10 years who I could argue has had an "up year" when joining the Twins mid-career.
  14. Were the Twins worse in the late 90's or now?

    Pretty close. Both are/were pretty pathetic. Lost 97 games in 1999 with guys like Hunter, Mientkiewicz, Koskie, Guzman, Jacque Jones, Radke, Milton, Joe Mays. Went on to be very good with that nucleus 2-3 years later. Not sure I see that with the group that's milling around Target Field now, but you never know. A lot depends on Sano and Buxton obviously but with Vargas, Santana, Arcia the potential is there if they progress like that group from the late 90's did. Or they could just be another Michael Restovich (promising prospect who never did anything). Hunter hit .245 with 9 HR and Mient hit .229 in 1999, for example. Still hurts to see David Ortiz on those rosters and how we let him go for nothing. Not real sure where the pitching will come from though, I don't see a ton of promise there.