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  1. Going to South Dakota this weekend. What depth should you look for perch in, or just look for the transiston? I plan on drilling a lot of holes not afraid to work for them. Will the perch bite during the day or is it more of a prime time bite? If someone wants to pm me that would be great. Thamk you.
  2. Spears

    I have spears that look like the dillo. I'm pretty sure I'll be spearing slot of 10' depth. I'll try the dillo spears and see what happens. Can a person add weight to a spear.
  3. Spears

    What is the weight of a normal spear ? Or what is the weight of a heavy spear?
  4. Spears

    What makes s spear good? What makes the schooly spear so wanted?
  5. What kind of structure do you guys look for to spear on. I have found one lake I want to spear the sand grass ends at 9-11' I try to find that and set up there which is a little deep. Inside that weed line is a gravel sand mix and it gets shallower 6' will northerns go on the sand or do they stay more toward that weed line at 9-11'. I've really been trying to find tall weeds but that's not happening. Just wondering what you guys think. Thank you
  6. Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

    They are feeding also.
  7. Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

    Got this 36". This morning. I thought and wish it was bigger. Or it would still be swimming. Came in smoked the decoy. I speared it not good I ran out of rope buddy stuck it knocked my spear out. He only had one tine in it. Got off in the hole. I stuck it again pretty good he put his back in for good measure. Wow. I'm hooked it was fun. My goal is to get more 24-28" let the nice ones swim.
  8. Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

    I have another spot. That's shallower have not tried I think will be good. There is a bunch of houses around the area. I looked on a map found this spot on a 6000 acre lake and no one for a few hundred yards. That's the fishing I like.
  9. Darkhouse Spearing Photos Gallery

    Started spearing 5 days ago. Finally got on a spot with some northern. Missed the first one got him the second time. Ended up with 3 24-28". I was in 12' any tips for spearing that deep. It was fun.
  10. Ecoboost re gear.

    Here is what I have been keeping track of for mileage a lot of this is cruising at 60 for a half hour or more. When I listen to you guys talk I get really disappointed.
  11. Froth pak. From menards.

    I would like to do my crawl space right now the local menards has them on sale for quite a bit off.
  12. Ecoboost re gear.

    Maybe there is nothing to worry about. But when I get out set the cruise at under 65 mph and reset the instant mileage, I thought I would still get better than 15 after 2 or 3 hours of driving. I don't really buy into the winter fuel gives less mpg either. I think the drop in mileage is due to warm up or extended idle running into a store. Also my truck lets me pick the amount of time my truck can warm up and that is set at five minutes. I am very jealous of some of the numbers you guys are claiming. I could almost care less on the mileage I get on short runs but 20 would be nice just cruising.
  13. Froth pak. From menards.

    Has anyone ever used one of these sets. Are they any good? Was it easy to use ? Thanks.
  14. Ecoboost re gear.

    If the truck got what it said it is supposed to I would be alright with that but it's far less. I don't drive a focus because it's hard to put fit big parts in there. Bought the truck to have for a few years but when my 1 tons with the 6.7 get better mileage. Not very happy.