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  1. Wisconsin Permits

    darn. 1st time in 20+ years I didn't draw for the Wisconsin fishing opener weekend. It appears there are way fewer tags available statewide this year than there has been in the past. Leftover tag numbers are certainly down. Guess I'll have to try to be 1st in line when those leftovers go on sale.
  2. Wisconsin Permits

    Haven't been able to find results on line.
  3. Wisconsin Permits

    Anyone know when the Wisconsin permits come out? Was kinda hoping for a notification by now.
  4. Shaffer Opposition

    The QAD Ultra and the Vapor Trail Pro V are probably the 2 best rests on the market right now IMHO. I put a Pro V on my new Elite only because they're made right here in Minnesota.
  5. Where to shoot in winter

    Yep, their range is 30 yds.
  6. Tagged out in nd

    Good job Ryan and dad! Great photo too!
  7. Finally

    Worth the wait. Nice deer. Good job!
  8. While bowhunting one weekend, there were some goose hunters across the road from me. Every time they fired, the neighbors woods exploded with gobbles. (love hearing gobbles in the fall) The next chance I got to hunt there, I brought my shotgun - just in case. First light, there goes the guns and there goes all that gobbling again. LOT'S of gobbles! I waited an hour, just hoping a deer might show, knowing they wouldn't fly down for a while, then ran to the truck for my shotgun. I set up between two groups of birds and waited. Didn't even have a call, so all I could do was scratch in the leaves and hope. Soon I hear leaves crunching. Closer and closer. First bird to step into an open lane had about an 8" beard and I wasn't going to wait for something bigger. At the shot the woods exploded with turkeys! They were running and flying and cackling everywhere. Had to be 40 toms in this group. What a great experience. Let's hear your success stories.
  9. Tagged out in nd

    Good job Scoot! Big bodied deer, no excuses needed. Hope you can get Ryan on one.
  10. New bow

    If you know your draw length and the poundage you want to shoot, there's a ton of really nice used bows out there in that price range. I got a one year old Elite E35 late last summer for $550 and absolutely love it. Also most archery shops will have some used bows that you could try out. Otherwise go to a few different shops, tell them your budget and see what they have on hand. Good luck in your search.
  11. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    I have a feeder similar to this and it works great to keep the squirrels out.
  12. Maplewood State Park

    I spent less than an hour on the dock at Beers Lake launch ramp (fishing pier was busy) 2nd cast, had a 4' musky follow my Silver Minnow right up to the dock. Never did hit, but that sure made my day.
  13. This trip has been on my bucket list for a long time, ever since I saw some your pics on here. Sorry, quality of some of these are not great, all shot on my phone. What a beautiful place. We hit the timing just right, and the weather was perfect.
  14. Duluth Air Show 2017

    One of these years...
  15. Is She Lost?

    We live in town in the Twin Cities metro area. We've had a female Red Breasted Grosbeak in our feeder for a couple weeks. Don't remember ever having them before. And just one? When does that ever happen with Grosbeaks?