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  1. walleye, Pfunk, monster, we need one more bird to qualify for bragging rights. You guys still after them?
  2. Bonus points! Well done Andy.
  3. Sorry. Cell service down there was horrible. Had to wait till I got back to a real computer.
  4. Good luck walleye, sorry about the miss, but we all know what a tough road archery hunting can be. My good friend Dave and I headed to Wisconsin Wednesday afternoon. We have two tags each. We hunted hard for most of 5 days while enduring some of the worst weather we have ever had to deal with. 40 degrees ain't bad, and a little rain ain't bad, but a hard rain at 40 degrees just plain sucks. Add in some wind and it was pretty miserable. Wednesday we got to our hunting spot mid afternoon and set up. We weren't intent on spending the evening with plans to scout a bit and get the permission we needed for another farm. We actually heard a couple gobbles and they seemed to be coming closer, then the rain started. Do we wait till it quits, or do we leave before it gets worse? Dave said lets get out while we can. Sure enough, as soon as we got out of the blind there was a big tom looking at us. Game over. Oh well. Next morning we were back at this same spot. Nothing going except a lone hen way out, not even a gobble...till 10:00. This bird would gobble and come closer, then gobble as he went farther away. Over and over again. Finally he showed himself at the end of the field 80 yds out. He'd gobble then head back into the woods to gobble some more. In and out like that for what seemed forever. Finally he came back out again and ever so slowly headed our way. Closer and closer, then - "there's another one!" Another big tom came to see what all the noise was about. The first one was inching closer and closer, right to the edge of my shooting range. He stopped and lifted his head and turned around. I couldn't wait to see if he'd come closer, a few steps would put him out of range. My trusty old 870 barked and he was down. Sweet! I looked at the clock, it was 11:30. We'd been working this bird for an hour and a half! I later paced it off at 45 yds. Haven't shot very many beyond that. The other bird didn't even flinch, he was coming to see why his bud wasn't getting up. Closer and closer till Dave couldn't wait anymore. He shot. The bird started running, then took flight. He shot again and that bird was in the woods, never to be seen again. Two missed opportunities on our first two sits. Though we hunted hard the next few days and saw some birds, we never had another chance. Tough, tough hunting. My bird tipped the scales at just under 24 1/2 lbs. Spurs both right at 1" and pretty sharp, beard just over 10". Probably a 3 year old. My bird came from the far corner, just to the right of the blind. Here's my buddy Dave all loaded up for the long walk back to the truck. Red sky in the morning, hunters take warning. Big heavy bird, second heaviest I've ever taken. Just starting to rain. Again. Take a close look at the headgear already on this nice buck.
  5. Wisconsin never disappoints. Nice 1st morning tom. Poor cell service here, more later...
  6. That's the same kind of luck I've been having all season moose. Frustrating. I believe my MN archery season is over. We leave Wednesday for WS. Pretty certain I'll be able to take one for the team. We have two tags each and have always done well on this trip.
  7. Crappie fishing yesterday was slow but steady. Caught WAY more on plastics than minnows. Most fish in the 5-7 foot range. Not spawning yet, even though the water temp in some of the bays was well above 60 degrees.
  8. He's right ya know
  9. Come on Moose, it's your job as the cool uncle to get this kid straightened out and back in the woods. Explain to him about the "team" concept and how badly we need him to score, you know, for the team.
  10. Great bird, congrats! Welcome to the forums.
  11. Sorry, no pics, but had one on my suet feeder this morning. Big beautiful male. Got the grape jelly out for him now. Funny story. A couple years ago a neighbor came up to us and asked "Have you seen those pretty orange birds in your feeder"? Ummm, yeah. We've seen them.
  12. Ummmmm, no.
  13. I gotta say, I have never seen more birds and struggled so badly getting anything decent to commit. I've hunted hard and seen a ton of birds. I've had hens and jakes (piles of jakes this year) in my decoys just a few times, but the toms are always either swinging wide around me, or most often just plain ignoring me. It's frustrating as hell. Just last night, I was set up right where I've seen them enter the woods to roost, and sure enough, 2 hens and 5 jakes came right in, less that ten yds, but the tom following? no closer than 35 yards. Too far for me. I've tried different set ups in different spots, different decoy spreads, no decoys, lots of decoys, loud aggressive calling, no calling, nothing has worked. I know archery is a tough road, but jeez. Can't wait to get to Wisconsin when I can start getting even with my shotgun. How are the rest of you guys fairing?