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  1. I’m surprised by the heavy weights here. 150-165 is more than enough. I’d go 165 grain in a make that is readily available to you. I first started shooting these crazy expensive rounds but had a tough time finding them. Now I have random bullets lying around.
  2. Filling in oil tank room basement

    That's good too hear. Thanks.
  3. Filling in oil tank room basement

    Nope. It's essentially another room in the basement but with earth above it. 3 blocked walls and cement slab on ceiling and floor (no house above it). Since nothing above this room (breaks off from the side of the house) it'll get some water on heavy rains. It was probably not sealed well so bugs find their way in. I'll contact a pro for sure as this seems to be not black and white. Thought I could just block the opening off, fill it in, and essentially that would be my exterior wall now with basically earth and some concrete in my yard... but under ground. Maybe I need to break up the concrete floor for proper draining before filling in????
  4. Filling in oil tank room basement

    oil tank and all residue or equipment has long since been removes. If I sealed it up, I'd still be worried of slight water getting in there during heavy storms and getting "moldy" and stinky. Figure if I filled blocked the small enter up and filled it in, it would just become an exterior wall....but I'm curious as to why water would cause issues if I filled it in with dirt...wouldn't that just drain like normal?
  5. Filling in oil tank room basement

    The "room" is not easily accessible and the opening is tiny. It's a cesspool for insects. I'd love to seal it up as it has no purpose and no amount of money would make it useful...that u need to trust me on.
  6. We have an older home that has a roughly 6x6x4 oil tank room in the basement (tank removed) that I'd like to fill in. Any suggestions? I could access it from the outside if I broke free the concrete slab above it. Heres my my plan. Block off the wall in the basement. Break open the concrete on the outside and fill in with dirt. Sound reasonable or am I missing something?
  7. Boat Inspections

    Nope! why would they arrest you? Unless the dealer covered your new boat in milfoil and zebra muscles, through in a over the limit walleye in your live well and a dead eagle in the storage compartment...maybe then they'd arrest you.
  8. finding bigfoot

    I can tell you with certainty that they exsist! I've seen them in real life between cook and tower. I'm even so sure that I can get you one that I offer 100% gaurantee...(please note that food and lodging are still subject to payment as only the guided hunt will be reimbursed). Lodging is only $500/person/night and food plan runs $100/day. Guided hunt is $10,000 with 100% gaurantee!
  9. Boat Batteries

    I leave mine in the basement and charge once/twice throughout the year. I have forgotten a few years and my batteries were still fully charged come the summer. I have onboard chargers as well but feel more comfortable leaving them in a warm basement vs cold garage with a charger on 24/7...also would hate for something to go wrong and cause some damage like a fire cause the boats unattended for weeks/months sometimes. Batteries are going on 6 years and still hold a GREAT charge!
  10. Mt Lion killed in Jackson county

    I think if you searched, you'll find that ANYONE can protect themselves from a life and death scenerio...including mt. lions. There are laws above the DNR's. Though shooting one in a colvert hardly justifies that.
  11. Timber wolves

    Saw alot of wolves in one day on my deer stand. Saw more deer this year then any other. Had deer come by my stand ever day. Shot a mature buck out of that stand as well. Then can take a toll on a deer heard but it's natural selection at it's best. They will bounce up and down in numbers as will the deer herd. They've co-exsist before and they'll do it again. It'll be a matter of time before the human involvment takes into consideration...we'll just have to wait it out. until then, there still are more then enough deer out there!
  12. Kinda disgusted

    I think you handled it very professionally. People I think are misled hear thinking it was a full deer just missing the antlers. I THINK the OP is stating that they just dicarded the remains of a deer there. No need to infor the CO and possible getting someone in trouble over something they maybe didn't understand themselves OR maybe a wild animal had carried the remains to that location. You very much did the right thing and maybe they will discard their remains better next time!
  13. Windshield Recommendations

    I love my Cobra but that's the only one i've ever owned. It doesn't vibrate and serves it function very well. My AVT (honda Foreman) can hit 55 mph so trailering it at those speeds should be fine. Otherwise a quick untightening with an allen wrench is all it takes to loosen the 4 bolts. They are somewhat custom the the machines I think so fitting is good.
  14. Mt Lion killed in Jackson county all boils down to deer! Just because THIS animal eats deer, we need to shot them? Just anohter greedy deer hunter how wants whats best for them! I know you didn't say those words exactly but thats what your implying.
  15. Monster Illinois Deer!!!

    I don't looks like it is just how the camera is placed, with the deer in the foreground inall....LOL just had to from the other thread! GREAT looking and what a story