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  2. Weird, Dubya and I seem to agree on this.
  3. And no more credible than Trump
  4. Navy secretary withdrawing. Looks like Spicy is the real fake news.
  5. Looks like Donnie is going is reinstating his "travel" ban despite the fact that the DHS report says it would be ineffective: Also yes he is a snowflake:
  6. We would need a change to ranked choice voting to increase the viability of 3rd party candidates. The current pick one system encourages choosing only the 2 parties.
  7. Still looks like the White House is trying to squash the reports.
  8. According to December Spicer this is now a dictatorship. February Spicer seems to disagree. Also the White House threw them out in spite of confirming the truth of the reports.
  9. Looks like the White House tried to squash the reports. Also Paul Manafort faced Russian blackmail.
  10. You realize the only ones taking Calexit with any seriousness are conservatives. Which means conservatives are the ones falling for the Russian propaganda. Liberals say it sarcastically because conservatives think the country would be better off without the "coastal liberal elites" (even though California pays in $405 billion in federal taxes and receives only $344 billion in federal spending, meaning the rest of the country would be $61 billion poorer without California).
  11. It's not that he can't read, it's that he doesn't comprehend what he reads at an adult level. That's why it is functional illiteracy. Approximately 14% of all adults are functionally illiterate.
  12. Not sure it will embed at the right time, skip to 12 minutes otherwise. Neil De Grasse Tyson says it well.
  13. Nah, he just got it from Fox News. Where else would he be able to get accurate information about what is happening in the world?
  14. To summarize for those too lazy to read the article: A Putin-backed Ukranian lawmaker, a convicted mobster that's friends with Donald Trump, and his Russian-linked personal lawyer (who's being investigated for, guess what, his links to Russia) came to Michael Flynn (fired for lying about his contacts with Russia) with a plan that would essentially gift (the illegally annexed sovereign Ukrainian territory of) Crimea to Russia, and lift all related sanctions.