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  1. Nunes Backs Down From Assertion Trump Was Monitored Keep reading your fake news Uncle Bill. Also Nunes canned the next committee hearing on Russia. He is basically a Trump crony at this point, trying his best to obstruct the committees investigation. There's Trump's transition team. Now go back and watch the Comey hearing. I think you will hear a certain 2 GOP representatives who are only worried about who is leaking intelligence rather than what the intelligence says (or literally the exact same thing Trump says).
  2. They could for example sell the information to your insurance company that would promptly adjust your rates if you showed a tendency toward unhealthy behaviors. It doesn't take much imagination. There is actually a plan to fight this one. The goal is to crowd source some funding, then purchase the data for congressmen and publish them all to the public.
  3. Trump got the information from Nunes. Nunes heads the House intel committee, but Nunes also was a member of Trump's transition team. Nunes then fed information to Trump (information that apparently nobody else on the intelligence committee has) about incidental observation of Trump and his transition team (a team that includes Nunes himself).
  4. Uncle Bill doesn't seem to understand that incidental means the CIA was investigating the Russians, and then the Trump team conveniently introduced themselves to the investigation - as in they called to phone that was wiretapped, as opposed to calling from a phone that was wiretapped. That doesn't sound like fake news or no evidence to me.
  5. Well hope the Trump supporters are having fun, seems those days are numbered. Turns out you can't just yell fake news at real news and make it go away. The Feds are closing in, and at best it seems Trump thinks throwing Manafort to the wolves might get them off his tail. Anywho, lots of news today. The FBI has information that indicates associates of President Donald Trump communicated with suspected Russian operatives to possibly coordinate the release of information damaging to Hillary Clinton's campaign McCain: Congress doesn't have 'credibility' to handle Russia probes Because this happened - House Intelligence chair discloses classified intel in clumsy effort to validate Trump Also this earlier in the day - Former campaign manager Paul Manafort secretly worked for a Russian billionaire with a plan to "greatly benefit the Putin Government." And in completely unrelated news - remember those Carrier jobs you bragged about Trump saving? Yeah, those jobs are gone. Carrier pocketed the tax breaks then screwed the workers anyway. Great negotiation there.
  6. If I wanted to keep conservatives out I'd just put down a Hillary Clinton doormat, because conservatives can't seem to get over her. In other news: So why did Trump pick him? Maybe the only Я he could find. Also Trump Tower was wiretapped apparently, just well before Trump even began campaigning, and also not related to Trump at all, just the Russians in there:
  7. Make Rivers Burn Again And to a lesser extent the regulations on coal water he removed earlier are designed to prevent this: The EPA is what gives you a chance of fighting the rapid eutrophication of lakes in the area. Most exceed the level of phosphorus they should have. Put away those walleye rods and invest in bass gear, because the environmental changes of late have made most lakes far more supportive of largemouth bass and far less supportive of walleye. Here is an article the White House linked to explaining their budget. They did so not realizing it is pure satire:
  8. While Maddow really didn't uncover anything, she did get Trump to release tax information almost immediately (in roughly 30 minutes), showing that Trump's excuse for not releasing his taxes is completely bogus if he can turn them around that quickly and easily.
  9. There is a 2% chance of a man that age to die of a heart attack in a given year. The Steele Dossier was released 3 months ago, so we assume the mortality rate for a 3 month period to be 0.5%. Since the Dossier was leaked, 4 of the 6 notable names in the report have died unexpectedly due to a heart attack. The probability that 4 or more out of 6 people would die of a heart attack in that time frame is 0.000000930015625%, or 1 in 107 million. They would call that statistically significant.
  10. Another Trump Russia link dying unexpectedly.
  11. Most presidents have people ready and waiting to fill the other positions when they asked the old appointees to resign. Trump has canned a lot of people with no replacements.
  12. The plot thickens in the sense that Russia had wikileaks try to lower confidence in the US intelligence community, likely just before the intelligence community begins to share the results of it's investigation. It really didn't work because most people read that as "spy agency has spying tools". I have a feeling you are trying to argue conspiracy to frame Russia, but Roger Stone's big mouth will make that a tough argument to back up.
  13. You posted that the FBI obtained a warrant based on probable cause. You missed the part where the FBI was declined twice before for FISA warrants because they included Trump himself. The one granted in October had a narrowed scope that did not personally include Trump. It did however include multiple people living in Trump Tower.