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  1. Processor: You won't need more than an i5 for that. Essentially an i5 is an i7, just with the hyperthreading disabled. Since you won't need that many threads, the added capability of an i7 is pretty worthless to you. Memory: you probably won't need more than 8 GB of RAM, but if it isn't too much more for 16 GB go ahead and purchase it. Always better to go dual channel, and it really shouldn't cost you anything more to go with dual channel. Hard Drive: Go SSD, not a spinning hard drive. Everything will be much faster, and for what you will use it for this will probably be the most noticeable improvement over your current system. Get a 250 GB SSD, use the external for any large files you hardly ever will use. Monitor: If it isn't broken... This is also something that can be upgraded completely independently of the rest of the hardware, and you really don't save much getting a new monitor in a bundle over buying one separate. Productivity: That's up to you. I use Google Docs at home for most things, my work computer has full Office installed anyway if I needed Office. But really it comes down to preference and how often you use it.
  2. I know this season it had a lot to do with the running game, but the Vikings went down 10 spots in points per drive from 2015 to 2016.
  3. The Gophers aren't higher, they get the #1, #2, and #3 spots from the Big 10 because the other 3 teams at the top of conference are going to non-slotted bowl games (and thus they don't count).
  4. Well, OSU is going to the playoff, and Wisconsin and Michigan are getting at large bowls. That leaves Minnesota as the #4 remaining team.
  5. Not really a rebuild - new OCs seem to be able to take over and have almost immediate results.
  6. Gophers are bowl eligible now.
  7. Just 20 miles south of there I was getting water temps of 51 last Sunday. Lakes turned over but the muskies were on the prowl shallow anywhere weeds were still standing.
  8. Trout are stocked in spring: As far as fishing there I have no idea, too far out of my normal range. Looks like it would be quiet at least, electric motors only.
  9. Made it out again Saturday. The water had turned but the muskies didn't seem to mind. Found them in similar but different locations (baitfish seem to be patrolling the shallows searching for food). Stuck a small one myself and my brother got a nice 41.5" that was thickening up for fall. A lot of people dragging suckers, and buoys are starting to disappear from the lakes so be careful navigating.
  10. Finally made it out fishing again (been a long time). Went after muskies. Fish were predictably found in and near still green weeds. They would chase practically anything, just couldn't trigger them. Water is in the upper 50's, so turnover should be occurring soon. Might be time to drag around suckers to trigger those shy fish.
  11. My guess is all the rain kept a lot more sturgeon feeding upriver instead of in the lake basin.
  12. Went there Friday for sturgeon. One bite and no hookup. Another nearby boat got 2 little guys, but nothing worthwhile. One guy at the launch said they tagged a small muskie. Also the forecast for 5 MPH winds was way off, it stayed quite windy the entire day.
  13. photos

    Normally it only get's like that when there is no wind to mix it through the water column. Under the surface slime the water is of normal clarity.
  14. How have sturgeon been up there? Haven't been able to fish much (helping sister with hew wedding that was last weekend), but I do have Friday off and I'm thinking of heading up there to give it a go.