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  1. The US doesn't have state controlled media at all. Well, didn't have. Now we have Bannon and Breitbart in the White House, and of course at Trump's press conference there was only a single reserved seat: front and center for Breitbart. As far as psychological manipulation: you are subjected to it daily, but usually for commercial purposes. You can easily go the whole day without seeing anything politics related, but good look avoiding advertising for a day.
  2. The Russo-Trump crew has the CIA director on their side...
  3. How modern Russian propaganda works: Read "Nothing Is True And Everything Is Possible" which is a horrifying account of how the post-Soviet Russian state media works under Putin. Or read Inside Putin's Information War. The tl;dr of both sources is that modern propaganda works by getting you to believe nothing. It's like lowering the defenses of your immune system. If they can get you to believe that all the news is propaganda, then all of a sudden propaganda from foreign-controlled state media or sourceless loony toon rants from domestic kooks, are all on an equal playing field with real investigative journalism. If everything is fake, your news consumption is just a dietary choice. And it's different messages for different audiences - carefully tailored. To one audience they say all news is fake, to those who are on their way to conversion they say "Trust only these sources." To those who might be open to skepticism, they just say "Hey isn't it troubling that the media is a business?" Hannah Arendt, who studied all the different fascist movements (not just the Nazis) noted that: Does that remind you of any users? The philosopher Sartre said this about the futility of arguing with a certain group in his time. See if any of this sounds familiar to you: He was talking about arguing with anti-Semites and Vichyists in the 1940s. This style of arguing is familiar to anyone who has seen what has happened to internet over the past 2 years. Ever see someone post something that is quite completely false, with a second person posting a long reply with sources, only to have the original poster respond "his little tush still hurt so bad he not know what to do"? One side is talking about facts but the other is playing a game. Just look at what happened to "Fake News." This is a word that was born about 9 weeks ago. It lived for about 2 weeks as a genuine English word, meaning headlines fabricated to get clicks on Facebook, engineered by SEO wizards who weren't even American, just taking advantage of the election news wave: "You Won't Believe Obama's Plan To Declare Martial Law!" "Hillary Has Lung, Brain, Stomach, And one-just-like-silly-me Cancer - SIX WEEKS TO LIVE!" For a while, it seemed like the real world could agree that a word existed and had meaning, that it referred to a thing. Then the word was promptly murdered. Now, as we can clearly see, anyone who disagrees with a piece of news - even if it is NEWS, not an editorial - feels free to call it "Fake News." Trump calls CNN fake news. There is a two step process to this degeneration. First, one gets an audience to believe that all news is agenda-driven and editorial (this was already achieved long ago). Second, now one says that all news that is embarrassing to your side must be editorial and fabricated. So who is the culprit? Who murdered the definition of fake news? A group of people who don't care what words mean. The concept that some news is fake and some news is not was intolerable, as was any distinction between those who act in good faith and sometimes screw up, vs those who act in bad faith and never intended to do any good - a distinction between the traditional practice of off-the-record sourcing and the novel practice of saying every lie you can think of in the hope one sticks. The group of people I'm talking about cannot tolerate these distinctions. Their worldview is unitary. They make all words mean "bad" and they make all words mean "the enemy.". In the end they will only need one word.
  4. July 21st, 2016 Los Angeles Times: "In a shift, Republican platform doesn't call for arming Ukraine against Russia, spurring outrage" July 22nd, 2016 Wikileaks publishes first set of e-mails stolen from the Democratic National Committee
  5. And Bill Burr (R-NC) changed his position after receiving a classified briefing. He must have donned his tinfoil hat too.
  6. This will be a summarized version of the above, just easier to read. Paul Manafort, Trump's campaign manager, was one of the operatives working in Ukraine to install a pro-Russian government. Paul Manafort and Roger stone worked close together for years, and ran a "pro-torture" lobby in DC. They own a mutual lobbying firm - one of the most powerful in Washington. Manafort went missing for several weeks in 2010 (as well as 2014) - same year the documents allege that Trump began to be cultivated by Moscow. - Roger Stone openly joked he was kidnapped by the Russians. Trump began birthirism in 2011. Cory Lewandowski was fired from Trump's campaign and Paul Manafort put in. Immediately, Trump's stance on Russia changed - pledged to remove sanctions on Russia full-stop. Manafort was found to receive an off-the-books 12-million dollar payment in Ukraine. Manafort's ties were discovered and resigned, but CONTINUED TO LIVE IN TRUMP TOWER AND ADVISE DONALD TRUMP. Simultaneously - DNC is hacked by Russia. Mysteriously, Roger Stone tweets that he knows of Podesta leaks before ANY INFORMATION ABOUT THEM IS RELEASED Trump hires Steve Bannon - also known well by Roger Stone. General Flynn and Carter Page - two men with deep ties to Russia - also join the campaign. Russians accused of Podesta and DNC hacks formally in October - Trump denies. Trump wins - continues to be soft on Russia - Intel Community formally declares it was Russia. Russian spies and spy agencies inside US shut down, people kicked out. General Michael Flynn found to be illegally contacting the Russian ambassador before-and-during this time. He contacted the same day as sanctions from Obama for hacking. Trump appoints an extremely pro-Russian SoS Rex Tillerson. Trump is briefed on 35-page dossier. Trump mocks the intelligence agencies in the United States, and then proceeds to praise Wikileaks and Julian Assange Trump admits it was Russia, but promises better relations and that Putin will "not hack the US again with him there." Now Trump supporters, a simple question: How do you explain all of this? I have a simple one: Trump is compromised by Russia. If you have an alternative reason, please explain why Trump acts exactly like what you would expect someone compromised by Russia would. His efforts are laughable. That attorney at his press conference explaining his business? From Russia Law Firm of the Year 2016. You would think someone trying to distance themselves from Russian hacking would do the exact opposite of hiring people with Russian ties. Why not ties to Japan? Or China? Or Australia? Why not Denmark (they have that really hot politician that is right up Trump's alley)?
  7. Paul Manafort, who is heavily invested in Russia, becomes his campaign manager. 3 Days later Trump's stance on Ukraine changes. Meanwhile Manafort continues to meet with people in Russia. Leaks that Manafort was being paid millions by the Ukrainian puppet president come out, and he is fired. This can be seen in the dossier, as well as heavily reported throughout Trumps campaign. Manafort also continued to live in Trump tower after being fired. Carter Page was a nobody ex Russian banker and energy investor. He comes out of nowhere (like no one had ever heard of this guy) and becomes a Trump adviser. He too continues to meet with Russia while on Trump's team, and is in the dossier. Strangely, when Trump was later asked about Page, he said he didn't know him, even though he announced that Page would be his adviser. Interesting article on page here: Close Associate of Sechin confirms his secret meeting in moscow with Carter page- Page 30 This was the meeting they decided to Trade trump dropping sanctions for 19 percent in Rosfneft It also says on page 25 Alfa bank gives illicit cash to Putin. Slate published an article about Alfa bank pinging back and forth with Trump Tower. It was never really debunked, they just figured it could be explained as spam. Also from the article they talk about Richard Burt He is on the board of Letterone, with Aven and Friedman, who are in the dossier. The you have Michael Flynn.. the fired intelligence general who always seems to be meeting with Putin, and sat right next to him at a dinner. The last one I'll mention is Steve Bannon. He worked closley with Farage on Brexit, and Brexit was also effected by Russian propaganda Guess who Farage's political hero is? Putin. Guess who the first person Trump met with in Trump tower after he won.. Farage. Then we know Steve Bannon was Trumps campaign manager at one time and is now his number 2. And Russia heavily influenced out election. Bannon is now working with Le Pen in France. Guess where she is getting campaign funds from.. Russia. The next place he wan't to influence is Germany. This all fits with the Plan the kremlin came out with in 2013: Spread the alt-right in the west. Tillerson is another very concerning pick on the Trump team. If you remember when Trump was picking his SOS, it was a crazy dog and pony show of actually qualified people being floated. He considered Romney just as payback. This went on for weeks. Then Tillerson's name gets dropped and he is vetted very quickly. Tillerson has no experience other than international business deals, someone like Corker was an obvious pick, but you needed someone who would go along with the strange policies like lifting sanctions when they are still in Crimea. If you watched his hearing yesterday, he's incredibly uninformed, and very pro Russia. But I mean, he did get their friendship medal. He was picked because Exxon has has 63.7 million acres they can drill in Russia, which they currently cannot because of sanctions. Rachel Maddow did a great piece on it.. around 9:30 it gets really interesting. Secretary of Commerce Wilber Ross has investment and was on the board of the Bank of Cyrus: He is expected to leave the bank soon, but his investment is likely to be lucrative. The bank’s shareholders last week approved taking it public, offering shares to investors on the London Stock Exchange at a price that could mean strong returns for existing shareholders. Last spring, European Union leaders announced that Cyprus had exited the rescue program for ailing banks, using only three-quarters of the billions offered. The second largest shareholder in Bank of Cyprus is a Russian conglomerate called Renova Corp., which is headed by Viktor Vekselberg, a Russian billionaire and associate of Putin who served on the management board of Russian oil giant Rosneft, which was under U.S. financial sanctions in 2014 after Russia’s annexation of Crimea. So Ross is not only connected to Putin via bank ties, he is also is connected with someone on the management board of the bank who's stock was said to be used to bribe Trump. Trump business ties with Russia. This digs into how when Trump was bankrupt he worked with Russian mobsters to launder money. Trump Soho is probably his most concerning.
  8. What? It says essentially the same thing I posted. Read the paragraph between where you highlighted and and also the 2nd paragraph you highlighted.
  9. Would you look at that, only a 248 page report by the Federal Election Commission on potential illegal campaign contributions. Drain the swamp indeed.
  10. Next you guys are going to tell me the entire nation of Israel donned their tinfoil hats.
  11. Good thing Republicans passed that order for the budget office not to publish the cost of repealing the ACA, which is a projected $9.1 Trillion.
  12. I don't think a phony report has the Director of National Intelligence presenting it to both the sitting President and the President-Elect. And they discussed it several days before it became public. Also BBC wins best caption for Trump's press conference:
  13. This is the budget the Senate just approved. Grow the national debt to over $29 trillion by 2026.
  14. Probably none for Hillary Clinton. But considering that report was hand delivered by John McCain to FBI director Comey, I would say it does not bode well for Trump at all. Looks like President Pence is becoming a lot more likely.