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  1. Docks and lifts in by Opener?

    The only year I've seen ice on WI opener is 2013. March of 2013 was a full 6° F colder (mean temperature) for the month than March 2018 has been. So already we are off to a considerably better start. More importantly though, April of 2013 was an abysmal month. On a stretch from April 5th to April 27th, we received just 15 total hours of partial sunshine (partly cloudy), out of a possible 286 hours of sunshine, meaning the sun was out just 5% of the time (probably closer to 4% with passing clouds during those partly cloudy days). It was also tremendously below average temperature-wise (20 of the first 25 days were 10 degrees or more below average). Once the sun comes out in mid-April ice goes extremely fast. It would take another month like 2013 where the sun just doesn't come out at all for it to happen.
  2. Vikings VS. Saints

  3. Vikings VS. Saints

    Keenum played decent most of the game, but he made 2 huge mistakes - the INT, and taking a sack to put us out of FG range. I expect next week to be low scoring and Keenum can't make a mistake that results in lost points for us or easy points for the Eagles.
  4. Aaron Rodgers released?

    I could see the NFL issuing a fine to the Packers for this, not that the fines ever make a difference in how teams do things.
  5. In the summer I catch a fair number of pike. I wouldn't say there are a lot of them, but you should be able to find some (or more likely find some bass). The thing is they bunch up in the shallows in the summer, places you likely wouldn't fish through the ice.
  6. Teddy's Back!!

    He had 2 dropbacks, let's analyze them. First dropback. Floyd is his first read, running a deep post. There's a safety not even on the screen and the corner has a huge cushion, you can't throw that route. You have Thielen running the 0 yard out route, Teddy never even looks there so I'm guessing that was a decoy route to try draw defenders. Here he is transitioning to looking at Morgan, who might be able to get you 4 yards before you get him absolutely murdered by the defender over the top of Thielen. He then looks backside to Treadwell, who is running a slant route right into the safety staring right at Teddy. Throwing there would be 6 points Bengals. From there you know he dances a bit before throwing high to McKinnon as the checkdown. This is the second play. I have no idea how anyone can fault Teddy here. First of all we have a brilliant blocking scheme where Rashod Hill has to block two guys by himself (he took the inside man, leaving the outside man as a free runner). The defense is running a zone with all eyes on the QB. Throwing to Morgan will be picked off. Throwing to Treadwell there will be a collision right as the ball arrives. Thielen has Treadwell's defender sitting under the throw with a safety (offscreen) over the top. Murray is running a wheel route that will take him right to the other safety. He hits Floyd right in the hands for what should have been a 7 to 8 yard gain.
  7. Teddy's Back!!

    It also helps that Thielen and Diggs are #1 and #2 in the league in contested catches.
  8. Teddy's Back!!

    Generally speaking, such streaks in the NFL are an anomaly and players fall back into their typical play (see 2015 Cam Newton Vs 2016/2017). That's the first 33 games of Case's career (which is up to the bye week of this season), and the last 6 games (after the bye week this year). You wouldn't want to give Case a Matt Flynn type contract only to see him fall back to the top line kind of stats.
  9. Teddy's Back!!

    2 balls off receivers hands and 3 kneeldowns.
  10. Bear-ly Won!

    There's 1 post hidden by Rick but honestly I'm not sure why because there is nothing wrong with it.
  11. Urgent Need Request!

    You aren't going to find anyone better with the current disaster of a situation kicking is in the NFL. The first was just pushed, and I think a low snap threw him off on the 2nd. The last kick was well struck again.
  12. Pro Bowl Teddy!!!!!

    Teddy won't be traded this year, teams will need to see him play to get value for him. His contract will toll, so we have him next year for cheap. Given that the Vikings haven't had a QB start 2 full seasons in a row in over 20 years, the likelihood Teddy plays for us again (should he be cleared to play) is going to be pretty high.
  13. Made it out for muskies last weekend. Water temp was around 64 degrees. Still lots of green weeds to be found. Still marking a fair number of panfish just off the first breakline. The larger fish were tougher to find. Saturday was relatively calm and made fishing very difficult. Worked all depths with all presentations with nothing to show for it. Sunday had more wind, and that helped a great deal. Active fish could be found on the deep weed edge in windy areas. Had several follows, bait didn't seem to matter. Picked up a dink and a 35" on a jerkbait, and had a third fish shred the tail on a phantom soft-tail (missed the hooks altogether). Erratic weather this coming week may curb the activity some.
  14. Will the eclipse affect fishing?

    To answer your question, at peak eclipse I measured 3500 LUX outside, which is brighter than thick clouds. To fish, what happened today was a typical cloud moved in front of the sun.
  15. Got back on the water for consecutive days for the 1st time since the 4th of July. Water temps are hovering in the low 70's. Bright blue skies and dead calm winds has been the weather for the past few Saturdays. This has made for some tough fishing. Muskies seem to have all but abandoned shallow water during those conditions. A substantial number of panfish can be seen sitting near the base off dropoffs, practically glued to the bottom. I've tried a variety of techniques to see if muskies are located down there, but during the day nothing has been working. What has worked is to wait and see when those panfish start to rise in the water column late in the day (right around sunset). At that time, motor to a favorite spot adjacent to deep water. For a short time there will be some active muskies. Topwater baits over deep weed edges produced one mid 30s fish for me, and a number of other near misses. All activity though has been between sunset and a half hour after sunset. Pike however seem to be active all day. Look for them a little shallower, in the weeds just up from dropoffs. Bass fishermen also appeared to be having success punching the same weeds. Saw a crappie fishermen hammering them at low light over some cribs.