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  1. Electrical Question

    I am installing a French door in an existing finished wall. On either side of the dooor there are outlets. I need to relocate the wire up and over the door however I do not have access to one of the outlets as it goes around a corner. It is 14-3 with ground wire. What are my options in splicing? Can I have a junction box behind the sheetrock between the studs? Not sure of what else to do. Thanks for your input, Iceseeker
  2. Grossbeak

    I just had 3 sets show up today at the feeders. This is the first time in 12 that I have had any. I sure hope they stay around.
  3. Crest liner carpet

    I am looking for a piece of grey carpet to cover the top small deck and drop down where the navigation light is. This is for a FishHawk 1750. The dealers I have talked to will only sell by the roll. I am I'm the west metro any help is appreciated
  4. Guide repair/repace.

    Thanks Chet, Nice conversation and I am sure I will be happy with the results. Bob Did you see Harvey Lee's request for decals?
  5. I am looking for someone to repair or replace a broken ceramic guide on a summer rod rather than send it in. I am in Hutchinson and looking for someone close that I can bring it to. Any suggestions reply or PM me. Thank you, Iceseeker
  6. Lund dealer - R & R or Erickson?

    Harvey, Iwas at B&B the other day and noticed that it appears they have made changes in the service dept. I did not see Tom there or his certificates. Any info on this?
  7. Lets see your boat

    Looks identicle to my 1750 that I enjoy so much. Where did you have the electronics installed as I am considering adding the HBs as well.
  8. 22"x48" 3 holes for the faucet, cream colored marble look. Good condition. Pick upin Hutchinson.
  9. transom angle

    I am going to be installing a 597hd and it requires a new transducer. Can someone tell me the transom angle.
  10. MinnKota Charger evaluation

    I will be checking when I get it back this week after getting a new snap on cover.
  11. MinnKota Charger evaluation

    I have a 3 bank charger that I would like to get checked out. It has a tendency to boil out one of the batteries and now I have a red light when I plug it in. This was installed at the dealer when I purchased new a few years ago and nothing has changed other than a battery replacement. Where in the west metro would you recommend.
  12. Top Gun

  13. Top Gun

    It finally happened, my factory boat cover tore beyond repair and I will be geting a custom cover made. One of the materials I am looking at is called Top Gun, what do you know and do you have any input. The boat is a Crestliner FishHawk 1750 with snaps. Thanks, Iceseeker