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  1. I recently acquired a Strikemaster lazer xl 3000 in a trade. It is my first power auger. I was pretty excited at first, but after taking it out 3 times...i am frustrated and a bit worried. The auger, according to the previous owner, was about 4 years old. When he started it for me, it ran and stayed running. When i brough it home, i dumped out the old fuel and gave it new fuel mixed with Echo at a 50:1 ratio. I took it out to a lake to give a try, but the blades were bad so i coudln't make a hole. It was running ok, had a few times it went out on me. Then i read on the SM online manual it required a 24:1 mix, so i thicken the oil and replaced the blades. Second time out, the auger could not stay on. And when it did, it cut rather slow... wasn't as fast as my friends 2hp jiffy. My buddy told me it was probably the fuel mix, so i dumped all that fuel again and replaced it with new fuel with SM smokeless at 40:1. Started up the engine at home and it seemed fine. Third time out was today, the auger was hard to start up and died many times. When i finally got it stable enough to cut, it felt like it was taking forever to cut. I thought these lazers were suppose to be fast? Also I had to apply a lot of force for it to cut...i thought these lazers "pulls" through the ice? So my questions are, anyone else who owns one of these thinks their auger is slow? And if anyone can offer me some advice, tricks, or insight on how to resolve these issues or what I'm doing wrong, that would be great! PS, I know about amsoil, but i can't find anyone in my area that sells them per small bottle. They all come in quarts. I'll get them next season...this season I just want to use the current mix i have...unless it's absolutely bad for my auger. Thanks!
  2. I just got myself a Strikemaster xl3000 auger and I'm pretty much a noob at this stuff. It said it requires a 24:1 mix. Should I be following that guideline? Also yesterday i bought some gas and an oil mix, but it mixes at 50:1. Can i add another bottle to get it near 24:1? The oil I'm using is echo.... Thanks
  3. HK Lights

    Let there be light in your Yukon Mike!
  4. Jared Allen?

    Allen adds a lot of character to our defense. He's just a monster. He takes a cheap shot, gets back up and chases after the guy. lol That is awesome my friends.
  5. PS3 vs. 360

    I just think the biggest mistake for Microsoft was to embrace if the box was Blu-rayed... there really hasn't been a "must play" game for ps3 unfortunly to push the console for gamers.
  6. PS3 vs. 360

    Exactly. It all goes to taylor the needs/wants of the consumer. If you're buying a system for younger kids, i wouldn't reconmend either system. The games aren't there for the little ones. Besides, teh WII is a great way to get the kids to exercise while playing games...can't do that with the other two. If you're a hardcore would have both systems lol. but if you had to choose one...usualy, most gamers would go box...right now. Who knows what will happen when writers figure out the pS3...or the ps3 will go in the way of dreamcast.... Hard to beat the PS3 for the "multi media center" purpose. Yeah...i worked in retail
  7. PS3 vs. 360

    To me, it really comes down to game selection. I don't like using my systems other than for gaming. I use to be a playstation fan. I loved their line of games. But with Halo 3 and gears of war being only on the box.... i just had to switch . Plus, I won my xbox through a raffle for 5$ . Whats even better, my favorite line of games.. Final Fantasy, is coming to the box. I heard that game developers are having a real hard utilizing all the abilities of the PS3....Really hard time writing games for ps3. So far, there hasn't been any "high" rated games soley for PS3. Tons for the box. But if you are choosing a multi media system....I would go ps3. Blu-ray is nice, and will be industry standard, and all the nifty other things previous posters posted
  8. Vikings vs. Bears

    I apologize for my "we can't pass" comment. btw...go Jared Allen!
  9. Gus Bus has at least 4 flat tires!

    Hey, there were people excitied that we might get farve back in august. I was one of them , mostly to taste the tears of GB fans...but still, look at the jets. GUssy is just not that good. Point is, don't matter what age, if you are a good QB, you will still be. I was really excited about Mcnab when i heard the rumor he might be here. O well. Looking at Garcia against the Vikes 2 sundays wondering why we didn't pursue him. Gaw the vikes are in such horrible position with QB.
  10. Gus Bus has at least 4 flat tires!

    no no, i'm not saying he's a great qb. Just saying about what the great Qb's had. Maybe he's a fluke...but just saying don't discount him because of the talents around him. Cassel looks a lot better than what we have.
  11. Gus Bus has at least 4 flat tires!

    Cassel...back to back 400 yard games...yeah i'd take him a heart beat. But every "great" Qb had talents around them. Well maybe not so much John Elway....but still...Cassel is impressive.
  12. Vikings vs. Bears

    We can't pass...
  13. Dear Santa:

    Wonder where the GB running back is ranked? O.o
  14. Dear Santa:

    pssh you are talking to VIking fans. We no longer dream, and we no longer hope. There is just purple.
  15. Black Berry Storm

    It's amazing how far we are behind Asia and Europe. Or maybe how far the big 3 is screwing cellphone users of the US. Man, there are so awesome, sleek, user friendly, stylish cellphones out there that you'll never see.