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  1. Numbers????

    There are tons of geese with little ones in tow at the water treatment plant I live by. A couple pairs of geese have at least 10 goslings chasing them around. And one of the parents has bands on both legs...might have to figure out where he's going this fall!
  2. Shells or full body's

    I'm a big fan of full bodies over shells. Shells have a time and place like they mentioned above, but full bodies are more realistic and can help finish wary birds. During that early season you dont need a ton of decoys (unless you want). I usually only put out a dozen or two full bodies in that early season in small family type groups, and it works well! If you want some decoys cheap, check that popular for sale site that starts with "Craig"
  3. Hunting the last season

    So because of my busy schedule this spring, I wont be able to hunt until the last season they offer, May 22-28. I've never hunted that late in the year, so should I change my hunting tactics at all? Will they change their patterns or will they respond to calling differently? Im assuming they'll be done breeding by then, but other than that I'm not sure. I got some new property to hunt this year so I'm pretty pumped! Good luck to everyone hunting now!
  4. NCAA Puck + Brackets

    Holy cow! I won! Definitely didnt expect that to happen. But if you missed the last 10 minutes of the game tonight, you really missed out! One of the weirdest endings I've ever seen to a championship game
  5. Draw weight???

    I'd dial it down a little if I were you. Once hunting season rolls around and it gets cold, you wont be able to pull as much weight as easily. When you sit in a tree all morning your muscles will be cold and tense, so pulling 70 lbs will be more of a struggle when a deer is standing there. I have my bow at 62 lbs and I can shoot tight patterns at 50 yards
  6. New Walleye Rod

    For a jigging rod, I like a medium action that is 6' or a 6'3". For pulling lindy rigs, I'd go with a medium action again, but like 7' or 7'6" if possible. If your looking for one rod for both uses I'd go with a 6'6" medium, it's a great rod for all purposes that you may do. You have to go out and hold every rod you might want in your hand and just go by feel...if possible, put your reel on it to make sure it's balanced and feels right in your hand. For a crankbait rod, you're gonna want a baitcasting style rod. Spinning rods aren't designed for pulling cranks and the rod will break on you sooner or later.
  7. Devils Lake weekend report

    MG78, I'll be heading up to Devils this coming wednesday till saturday. Hopefully we can find a few fish! I'll let you know how we do!
  8. Spring Flooding Outlook

    I think you might have just jinxed it!
  9. Favorite Fish House Food

    Do you have a stove/oven in it? Or a grill you bring with?
  10. Humminbird Helix

    I'm looking for a graph to put in the front of my boat with GPS in it, and the new helix from humminbird looks pretty cool without breaking the bank. I know most of you havent had a chance to use them or anything, but has anyone heard anything about them? Good or bad? Thanks!
  11. Building a hunting shack

    It's not seperate families owning this, it's myself, my dad and my 2 brothers. We all paid 1/4 of the price and all own the exact same amount, so no one has more pull in an argument than anyone else. We are in the process of setting up a contract type document that puts it all in writing, so just in case there is a problem we will be okay. We really don't plan on doing anything major to the land beyond building this shack and maybe a food plot or two. It was good land when we bought it, so why screw it up.
  12. "Working" Dogs

    I think our dogs would get along just fine!
  13. Building a hunting shack

    Well we purchased hunting land last fall and recently put in a driveway and spot for our new hunting shack, but we still haven't figured out what we are gonna do for one. Last year we stayed in a fish house, and that was cramped (and smelly). So how big do we need it to be? Right now it's just 4 of us, but in about 10-15 years I expect my kids (and my brothers kids) to be with us. We are thinking 20x30, nothing fancy, just a kitchen, a seating area and some beds in the corner. In the future we'd build a bunkhouse or something to accommodate more people. Also, where do you go to find something kinda pre-fabricated and ready to be put together? We dont want to pay an arm and a leg for it, and we'd set do as much work as possible to save some money. Any tips or anything that you guys have experienced with your shacks would be awesome too! Thanks!
  14. Guided duck hunt

    If the land isnt posted up there, you can hunt it without permission of the landowner. Unfortunately, more and more land is getting posted, but I've found that if you just ask for permission (especially if you have a kid with) the farmer will usually give it to you. You wont typically get a redhead if your hunting a field, but field hunting for mallards is the best type of hunting in my opinion. Last year we shot a ton of redheads up there, so he should have no problem one for himself!
  15. Suffix 832 lead core line

    Everyone I know uses the 18 lbs stuff. Thats whats pretty standard from what I've seen.