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  1. I am trying to size a new prop for my boat. Can anybody with some boat expertise help me out. My current prop is out for repairs and I could not find anything stamped on it before I sent it off. This prop ran at about 5500 RPM (I cant remember RPM exactly) at 34-35 MPH. I wouldn't mind squeezing a few more MPH out but this is not necessary. Any recommendations? How about brands of props?
  2. New Prop Help? 1994 EVENRUDE 90HP, 1660 LUND PRO-V

    I found out today that my prop should be in by thursday next week. I'll pay attention to all the tips everyone pointed out and also take note of the pitch. I was not sure of the gear ratio's or normal slip ratings so that is why I was at a loss for where to start. Thanks again.
  3. New Prop Help? 1994 EVENRUDE 90HP, 1660 LUND PRO-V

    I should have stated more clearly... Whats starting point of pitch should I be looking for? The beam width is something like 78 or 79" Again, It was not stamped on the old prop so I am shooting in the dark. I am getting close to a fishing trip and I may need to order one if I can't get my old one back in time. I would also like to have a spare even if the pitch isn't perfect so that I can limp home. As far as the old prop it was pretty nicked up and I had worked it over with a file many times. It had a tough life already when I finally took a chip out of it and sent it in.
  4. Mini 14 vs AR 15

    Look into Delton or J&T kits... Just add a lower reciever. Just about any brand of lower will do. A trained monkey can put one together. Most of the lower tier(does not mean they are bad) companies like DPMS, Delton, Stag, Bushmaster etc. use the same parts manufacturers. Top of line are companies are Colt, BCM, Larue, LMT, etc. and also cost alot more.
  5. Gun training question?

    My dog showed no timidness towards loud noise at a young age. His first introduction to guns was at about 8-10 weeks. I had my brother hold him... Someone he knew well. I took the 22 and walked about 50 yards away he didnt flinch. My brother let him go, he came running up to me and a fired a few more rounds. I then went straight to the 12 gauge. He never flinched and its been good ever since. You have to know your dog and work in slowly if need be. Your dog will tell you right away how slowly you have to introduce them.
  6. For your uses a M2 would be great but I would check out the Vinci. As a side note I am always leary of new anything. If you want the 3.5 capability get the SBE II. Both guns will probably struggle shooting 7/8 once loads. My SBE works OK with 1 ounce loads but has the occational issue. Thats ok since I shoot 1 1/8 any how. You should also look at Beretta's I personally didn't like the way Berettas fit me but from everything I've read people complain about them less.
  7. Small hunting dogs

    A co-worker of mine takes his Yorky out with him pheasant hunting. She wont retrieve a bird but will point, chase, and round up wounded birds until one of the big dogs get it.
  8. A .410 is a good deer gun

    I took my first deer ever with a 410. Did as good of job as any deer I have harvested with other firearms.
  9. Doggie Daycare?!?

    The dog could very well pick up some bad habits just like children at day care, mine picks up bad habits from my parents house.
  10. Which Is More Important?

    A sharp stick to the right eye will also solve this problem.
  11. Anyone have luck rattling and using calls?

    Just to let you know Cmere Deer, Salt Licks, etc. are considered bait in SD and is against the law. Yes they sell it in stores but it is not legal. A coworker of mine asked the question to the GFP and I read the email replys.
  12. Is it Fair to the Dog?

    You have to make a commitment to exercise the dog every day. It will be good for you and the dog. I dont know how small your lot is but mine is 120x75 and that is plenty of room for my lab to burn around and it could be quite a bit smaller and still be sufficient. If you can honestly say that you will get the dog out at least 3 times a week minimum, I think that is fair.
  13. Quiet Deer Rifle

    I would never buy a hunting rifle with a muzzle brake. Smaller calibers are typically a little less loud. My 223 is not quite as loud as my 270. I have never had a problem taking a single shot without hearing protection in my 270. And I always wear hearing protection while target shoting. Also shorter barrels will make a gun seam louder the longer the barrel the farther the sound will be away from you. I'd look into a rifle of 30-06, 308, 243, or 270 in a bolt action with maybe 24" inch barrel or so. A 308 is a nice accurate low recoiling round for deer.
  14. Broke a limb today

    This is a good reason to keep your old bow as a backup. I plan on buying a new bow next year and I am definatley keeping my old bow as a backup.
  15. help!!

    Patterning A big boy at this time of year is probably one of the hardest things to do. You have that part cut out for you. This is typical big buck behavior and odds are he will not come out of the woods earlier if he is smart. If you are going to go in after him I'd take all of my cloths wash them and air dry them. I'd then stuff them in a tote with vegetation from that area. Scent control is everything. If you can get high in a tree scent doesnt matter as much but not leaving a scent trail is key. When I say high I mean 25-35 feet high. Only hunt it when the wind is right. I regularily hunt near or slightly into bedding areas in the morning. You maybe able to catch him on the way back from a night of eating. Personally I'd go in.
  16. Duck Season

    Yeah I cant wait. Unfortunately my cousin is getting married in the cities so I may be going to the wedding wearing a shadow grass suit.
  17. HELP! I need opening morning stories.

    Opening morning I was neck deep in late product for work, I volunteered to put in a little extra effort to get caught up. First opening morning I missed since I started hunting. I was rewarded for my work by cleanly harvesting a yearling doe in the evening. I learned alot at work and couldn't have asked for a better hunt that evening. With the meat hunting out of the way now I can concentrate on antlers and can be picky on the next doe I take.
  18. Your QDM Experience

    I dont like the idea of making laws to force people what to do. If land owners get together and work together QDM can become a reality. Look up Hillview Management. My father owns a little 40 acre chunk in that area and it is amazing what people can do when they get together. In another near by area my brother and I are a couple of the youngest hunters in our group to start passing small bucks and harvesting does for meat. It has spread to my cousins and uncles and our hunting keeps getting better. The neighbors are starting to get on board. I get no enjoyment on shooting small bucks and get more excitement shooting smart old does then taking a young buck.
  19. Doggin

    I really want to go out and give it a shot sometime. Looks like it was a blast. (puns intended)
  20. Bad start to early goose season.

    Thats what you get for torturing poor kittys
  21. lab not eating??

    My dog wasn't eating much. He then got diareaha. I fasted him for 1 day and gave him peptobismal. I then fed him a bland rice and chicken mixture and started mixing his food in the next day to no avail. He ended up having a heavy bacteria infection. He is now on amoxicylin and metronidazole. Hopefully that'll fix him up.
  22. Early goose and a new pup

    I had my dog out last year goose hunting for the first time he was about 1.5 yrs old. He wouldn't retrieve overland the first time. Finally we took some geese over water and he picked them up and carried them overland like he had done it a million times after a successful water retrieve. Although I believe that it is a sportsman's duty to make clean ethical and humane kills. I let my dog play with a wounded goose for a little while. I felt bad about doing it but I think it got him excited about it and he learned to retrieve a little faster then if I got them all on my own. It takes time. Be patient. I was a little too hard on my dog the first time out. But gave him extra praise once he got it down.
  23. Who walks out their yardage from a stand?

    I have found that fast bows pretty much eliminate the need to account for distance. I practice out to 50 yards and go farther for fun, but I keep my shots under 30 and only adjust half a distance between my pins normally. I can judge pretty well from the tree and practice alot from the roof of a house at different distances and hieghts on the roof. I try to pace them off when setting a stand a if I have a large shooting lane and feel confident I can make the shot at a longer then typical distance.
  24. My first shotgun

    I would take a used wingmaster over a new express. You can get 3.5 inch in the express and I would guess it will be a harder to find one in a wingmaster.
  25. Dog telling me something

    My dog caught a baby rabbit a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately for the bunny, my dog wasn't as gentle. He's been pretty ticked off at me all summer. I have been taking the shotgun out and leaving him home as I shoot sporting clays every monday. I'm sure he thinks I'm cheating on him. Little does he know I have been practicing.