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  1. The last one is very nice
  2. Happy Birthday LisaTealz

    Sorry its so late Lisa, Happy Birthday
  3. Desprately need your help

    I have the camera plugged into the computer and am tying to recover using Stellar Photo Recovery. So far it has brought back every picture I dont want. Will this program work off the camera?
  4. Hi eveyone I have a huge problem. A large family wanted some pictures taken and they hired me to take them. Nomally I would be vey excited but after the last picture I have an error msg. ERR FC I thouht it was just a full card and when I got home to put them on the computer there were NO PICTURES FOUND! Off and on I checked them and the pictures were there. Am I screwed or can they some how be saved? PLEASE HELP ME Camera Canon Rebel and it has a Lexar 2GB Platinum II 80x memory card
  5. 55

    Nice, kinda looks like a Corona comercial.
  6. Flowers and Lightning

    Beautiful flowers. I always try to get shots of lightning but end up chickening out.
  7. What's new?!

    Lisa, I am sure you will be great.
  8. Happy Birthday Dee Dee

    Oh and DonBo, I forgot to add there was carrot cake
  9. Happy Birthday Dee Dee

    Thank you every body, yes I am the florida wannabe MN girl, and yes, the heat index the other day was 108 (no I didnt enjoy it but thanks for asking). I cannot wait to go back up there. I am dying here! Too hot. I'm going to be on vacation for most of December and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have a white Christmas. (can some one send me snow?) I have been poppin in from time to time to check on the Womens 2nd annual gtg, and I also have joined a gym and started training to be in the MiamiMan Triathalon (sprint) in November. I hope its not to hot. (I have this great hat I could wear while running/biking) I have been thinking about you guys alot. Some one had mentioned fishing in FL and I thought about getting info from all the charters and if anyone needed info I could send or email it to them. What do you think about it? Would it be helpful? Any how, the new job is taking up to much time, I dont get to get on here as much as I would like. That and my kids discovered 'toon town' now I have to wait in line for MY computer. =D
  10. Gray beard

    I really like the first one I'm drawn to his eyes
  11. One of my best!

    Both are nice and I am with everyone else here. #1
  12. Hepatica and bloodroot

    Beautiful as usual. love #2
  13. Happy Mothers Day

    Happy Mothers Day! Hope everyone had a good one.
  14. I missed you!

    no thank you we have plenty mosquitoes, knats, no seeums, palmetto bugs that love to flying into hair! Naw were good on the insects.