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  1. Ontario Radar

    Thanks, I'll check it out.
  2. Ontario Radar

    What are the best weather/radar sights for Ontario other than the government site? Thanks
  3. Table Rock in Mid-June

    If you're talking Beaver, the FLW tournament is this weekend. You'd probably be better off at the Ranger plant. There are bass boats flying around everywhere.
  4. Table Rock in Mid-June

    Lake level is back up pretty good now. Beaver is about 4 ft low and I think Tablerock is maybe 3 or less.
  5. On Board Charger

    My red light went on the number one bank and would not go off. I checked the fuse by the battery and replaced it. It blew again right away. Minnkota said the bank was shot. You may be able to fix it yourself, but when I called Minnkota, they told me that they couldn't or wouldn't fix it. I used it with two banks for a bit and then another bank went out. I called Dual Pro and they told me that if a bank goes out on theirs, they can fix it (Pro or Sportsman).
  6. On Board Charger

    Dual Pro is a good brand and a "repairable" charger (The Sportsman and Pro). Minn Kota is non repairable and "throw away". I was unaware of this before my MK345 started losing banks after the three year waranty ran out.
  7. Table Rock in Mid-June

    Sorry I probably can't be much help yet. Just moved here late last fall - just in time to get my boat on the lift The Striper fishing is suppposed to be very good - not many fish, but very, very large. I would guess the learning curve to Beaver would be steeper than Tablerock. It has pretty good black bass, but not as good as Tablerock. Also has some smallies, some walleye,and Brown and Rainbow Trout below the dam.
  8. on-board charger?

    Thanks Delmuts, Dual Pro for me! +$300 for a throw away charger is nuts.
  9. Table Rock in Mid-June

    I live on Beaver Lake, which flows into Tablerock via the White River. We're about 12 feet low from normal pool. I would assume Tablerock is pretty low also.
  10. on-board charger?

    I wish I would have put a Dual Pro Charger in my Lund. My three year old Minnkota MK-345 lost a bank this Fall. As I understand it, you can have a Dual Pro repaired. A lost bank on a Minn Kota is not repairable.
  11. Would you keep a potential state record?

    I think it's wise to also consider the genetics of keeping a larger fish alive for breeding, even if it's only a year or two.
  12. Report from jackfish

    Nice fish Hoffer!
  13. Manitou

    Thanks Robin!
  14. Manitou

    Actually, I'm more worried about the side lakes and Watson Narrows.
  15. Manitou

    Thanks Matt