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  1. A few of the Marcum Pro-staffers will be up for the Marcum High Power Challenge event this weekend. We're looking to compare/contrast all the flashers out there, and will be bringing flashers from Humminbird and Vex as well to test. We promise it'll be a no-pressure deal, with no units being sold on the ice, or any sales pitches. Come out and decide for yourself what fishes better for you! The weather looks to be better up there than anywhere else in the state, and I just talked to Jonny, the fish are biting! Give us a shout if you have any questions! Joel
  2. This is a great sonar question! Imagine your Marcum's cone angle, shaped like a triangle all the way to bottom. Mentally draw a straight line from the center of the ducer, straight below you to the bottom. This is the center of the cone angle. Your sonar has the best ability to discern targets when they are at this location. The weaker return signals you see then, to the left of your bottom and leading edge, are signals from the external vector or edges of this cone angle. Targets here (if they exist) are further from the ducer horizontally than they are when directly below it, and your sonar has less ability to discern targets here. This is why they're represented by weaker signals in different colors. Joel
  3. Nice post! Great to see all the advantages of a Marcum laid out so well. Also great to see the upgrades for this year, as well as the inception of the Marcum Challenges. These will all be a great opportunity for anyone who likes to kick the tires, or compare all the units out there. Joel
  4. I just wanted to share the extremely positive experience I had with Soderbloom's Prop Repair Service . I was so shocked when I opened the box, I thought I'd share this photo of my ground, turned, and fixed prop. I'm disgusted with myself for not taking a "before" picture, but there were nickel-sized dings in 3 of the 4 blades. Rewind to this summer. I ran into a guy at a boat landing in northern Minnesota. We started talking, and I found out that this guy was a marine salesman for almost 20 years, and knew more about my boat and motor than I could ever hope to! At my request, he took a look around my rig and thought everything looked tip-top......except the prop. I'm used to running small motors in smaller water, and major dings are often inevitable. He explained to me that especially with the bigger motors like my Merc 150 EFI, a small ding on the prop, pitch/alignment issue, or un-evenness in the prop can cause an incredible amount of stress that'll throw your lower unit over time. Let's just say, he warned me, and I listened. Pricing a place to fix my messed up, top dollar stainless 4-blade prop was scary. On a recommendation from Steve Sutherland, aka "Northlander" on the site, I gave Jay a try. I couldn't be more satisfied. To beat the spring rush, I simply took off my prop a week or two ago when I winterized my boat. It was back in no-time, and it's like I purchased a new prop. For all of you putting off a prop-fix, just do it over the winter and avoid the hassle of being without it this summer. Or worse, avoid the hassle of a ground up lower unit when the fish are biting!!! You can track down Jay here - Soderbloom's Joel
  5. Looking to give these a serious try this year in clear water. Those flash/glide baits have worked well for me in the past esp. in clear water situations. Add the rattle and you've got about as all-purpose of a bait I can think of! Joel
  6. anyone smoke with oak?

    As a general note of caution, there's a wide variety oak species in MN alone which may provide varying results. In other words, I wouldn't expect it to taste the "same" as what you'd get from one bag to the next of the store-bought variety. Joel
  7. Welch Buck

    She got within 40 yards of a monster and took it with a muzzleloader no less. Guarantee you she was wearing a Scent Blocker suit. She obviously played the wind correctly and controlled her scent. Guess I don't see what's wrong with that. Joel
  8. Welch Buck

    Stick: Yah, I read the article......but local word is that they'd seen it at least a good handful of times and were actively hunting it. Could be rumor as I haven't heard it from one of them yet. My season's been going well. Taken a doe with a bow and two while party hunting during shotgun season. Had two different bucks in the 140" range that were "almosts." Not that you can tag an "almost" but it feels good to be in the ballpark. Passed on a few phenomenal 2.5 yr. olds. If they make it, will be a great season next year just hunting them. Might run out of good weather and time for this gun season. Muzzleloader is just around the corner, but so is the end of my available time. Congrats on your deer this year! Joel
  9. What Smoker??

    I went the cheapo route and am mostly satisfied. Found an old Brinkmann charcoal variety at a garage sale for $5. Spent $35 at Cabelas for an electric coil converter kit, and the thing does darn well. However, electric takes some experimentation and caution if the food will be too close to the element. Propane seems the way to go IMO with the flexibility you have in setting the temp. Joel
  10. Welch Buck

    Here's a few more.....
  11. Welch Buck

    Kelly, her husband, and especially her brothers have always been great hunters. Every year they put alot of work into deer hunting, especially on the food plot/planting end. My brothers and I each went to school with a member of the Otto family, so we know them quite well. With all the effort that they put into it, and the pedigree of the property they hunt, I'm not surprised by their success. This is a deer they've been watching for some time now, and it's a testament to what some hard work and passing on little bucks can do. Probably will go top ten biggest muzzleloader bucks ever taken by a woman in MN. Congrats! Joel
  12. Dead Tommy!?!

    Sounds fishy. Not implying you guys did anything, but they're way too tough a bird to just plop over dead. Suppose the old boy could've had a heart attack? Careful taking any game or pieces of game out of the woods without prior contact of a CO. In their eyes, you could've taken the bird illegally and just wanted the spurs/beard. I ran into this last year. I cruise the roads and hunt turkeys religiously each spring. Not only do I see tons of them dead on the road, I've seen them get hit. In one instance, I called a CO and he said I could breast it out and take the bird, he'd stop by later with a posession tag. Did the same thing last year, left a message, he didn't answer. Got back to me a day later and acted surprised I took the animal. His new stance is "circle of life", coyote food, kick it in the ditch; along with a stern warning. Guess it seemed suspicious that in two consecutive springs I'd see fresh turkey kills and want either parts and/or meat. Not for those who know how much time I spend out there . Careful! Joel
  13. I Scored This Morning!

    Good work DonBo! Nice bird.....never apologize for a fall bird! They can come easy, but most of the time I find it more difficult than spring hunting. Joel
  14. 'Nother Lucky Buck!

    There's only one reason I didn't drop the string on him, and that reason is much bigger. Joel
  15. 'Nother Lucky Buck!

    Last one was fun, now my turn. Passed on him about 3 weeks ago. Him and the last twisted up 5-6 pointer are joined at the hip. They came in together, and I've seen them together on numerous occassions. Both visited this scrape not 3 hours after a doe had also visited it. He's a decent 9, but just at or slightly inside the ears. Decent mass for a young buck like that. Hoping he doesn't tempt me during gun season! Guessing he scores just under the P&Y minimum. Joel