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  1. Measure 5

    This is for sure going to be a hot topic for us North Dakota's on the surface sure it seems great. Oil money for outdoor programs that sounds wonderful. However 150 million a year is a bit extreme. First off there is already a program called the outdoor heritage fund that is made for this purpose. It doesn't have anywhere near as much money in it but there is a program to help outdoor conversation programs within the State. Every 6 month they take applications and a board of directors determine if it meets the intend of the program. My local wildlife club just recently received a grant through this program to rehabilitate a small earthen dam that has been damaged by years of high water. The program works. The other thing is 150 million is a ridiculous amount of money to use up every year. I also don't like the out of state ties to this measure as well. ND is a state that has reserves so special interest groups are flocking trying to get their agenda cover in ND and if it ends up in legal fight ND has the money to defend. Measure #1 is the same way. Both bills are not good as far as I am concerned and my vote will reflect that.
  2. Wyoming Elk Hunt

    Man you guys did it again. That is so awesome I think you must be part elk man. It is fun every fall to read your adventures. I hope you pull your tags next year again.
  3. Man I was pulling for you. I thought you were going to make it happen. Awesome memories. I know I didn't fill a tag in MT a few years ago and was upset at the time. But I won't trade the time or memories for nothing now. Other than the longing to get back out there.
  4. Lottery deer gun & ML

    Guys until the Feds step in the CRP program is going no where. Last winter in our wildlife club this was a big discussion. It's not always that Farmers are taking the land out of CRP. The guys I spoke with are not farmer but still had farmland from the families. They actually wanted to re-enroll their CRP but were told they could not do it cause there wasn't money to pay them anything anymore. The NRCS is short on funding in a bad way. Other guys were told that if they wanted to re-enroll they would have to break the grond and reseed the CRP which I understand as it would allow for perhaps thicker stands of CRP. However it is hard for someone to turn land and then pass up putting in a cash crop that will provide more income for them. CRP payments have gone unchanged for awhile I believe they for sure have not kept up with other crops. As far as the non resident license deal it kind of stinks. We used to have a crew of 11 guys get together and hunts. Several college friends right now those days are gone as not enough of us residents can draw tags to hunt together with. I didn't get a tag for two year and this year I did draw one but will end up hunting a different area because I don't have as many to hunt with. I personally having been a former MN resident am luck as I bought a lifetime license there prior to leaving MN. So even my years I don't drawn a ND tag I have the ability to at least get out. I wish ND would do something similar but with the lottery system that is in place and shortage of tags for residents I don't see it happening.
  5. How many points?

    I'd guess in the 150's. I shot a 171 gross a couple years back that had G'2 measuring 11" I had quite a bit of deduct so he netted 151. Nice wide but not super tall. Either way a very nice animal good luck crossing paths with him.
  6. Any Lac Seul Reports?

    Just got back from fishing in the Mahkwa area last Friday night. We were up there for the week and had a very good trip as usual. Weather cooperated with only a light rain on Monday although there was a good breeze. We got fishing by noon and found some hungry Vaughan Lake walleyes had supper caught by 2 and caught an released the rest of the afternoon a good number of fish orange and a minnow seemed best. Tues the wind died down but did not completely quit. We ran and fished on Bray Lake and had some success here 2-25" walleyes ended up being the biggest of the trip and some other mixed in little ones. Fishing wasn't bad but could have been better here. So we ran over to wolf narrows and found one point here that had a good holding of fish with some nice fish mixed in and spent the rest of the day fishing here. Chart. yellow and crawler were the ticket here. Wed we ran into Canoe Lake to a spot fished a few years back. There is a small rock pile that has a good weed bed to the side of it. Ended up dragging several nice slots and overs out of the weeds. Weather was awesome Wed. Ended up leaving Canoe and stopping by Eagle island where were caught fish again not a lot but we kept busy. Ended back up at Wolf narrows the hot little point from the day before was not more wind had change direction and seemed like the fish had moved one. Thursday we headed back into Vaughan and had a fish full day again lots of slots and over fish here but no hawgs did catch one 36" pike biggest of the trip but weren't targeting them either. Found another spot with good weed beds and worked the edge of that and sometime even into the weeds and that seemed to be where the aggressive fish were choosing to hide. Friday morning we did a repeat of the previous day and Vaughan and caught the rest of our limit of fish and headed for home. Colors of jigs we did best on would have been probably Chart. yellow, then orange, then white. Depending on the time of day certain baits were better than other but we used minnows, leeches, crawlers, and gulp and caught good number on all. We'd fish all three guys in the boat with something different at the start of the day and the switch as one appeared to be more dominate over the others. I love fishing gulp when they want it they will smack the heck out of that bait. All and all great trip made next year reservation already before we left.
  7. Game Camera

    I ended up trying Spypoints from Cabela's They had good reviews on them so we will see how they perform. I will have to get one of those test ones eventually. That is just awesome sounding deal.
  8. Game Camera

    Nope returned to cabelas and looking to get one that works. Primos are made by bushnell and due to the crappy customer service I received on brand new products that never work I will not spend a dime with either of those two ever again. Looking for something that can do everything. How does that text message one work?
  9. Game Camera

    SO I know this has been discussed a million times probably. But after buying two lemon Primos Game Truth 55 that didn't work out of the box I am in need of two new cameras. Should I just go with Cuddebacks and spend the money or is there something better for the money. Give me your input that's what I am looking for what has the best trigger speed etc.
  10. sunglasses

    Costas all the way. Way more durable than any pair of Oakelys I have I have ever owned. The polarized lense are better also
  11. SB 2231

    Long and short of this whole things is fees are going up for everyone. It is the cost for fun. Do ND view Non Residents as bad. Some do but I have had some heated run ins with fellow North Dakotas as well. I myself love the opportunties in both states to hunt and fish and do both. Devils Lake is a great fishery for sure but I hate fishing there. I've spent too much of my time working there to want to spend vaction there. I still frequent Lake Of The Woods often. Just paid 100 buck for a 3 years shelter tag for my fish house a week ago. If you want to play you got to pay.
  12. 308....why

    My dad shoots a .308 and has had great luck with it out to 200+ yards in Mn. I decided one an '06 for my first gun as more shell selections and varieties. When I moved to ND I bought a .270 and have shot several. The thing they have in common is they all kill deer well. My favorite is the .270 as it is just flatter shooting when I start reaching over 300 yards. I have shoot deer at 500 plus with the '06 but was holding plenty high. In my opinion though there is not that much difference between the three.
  13. New Kicker motor what kind of controls

    Right but this one would come with a throttle control. So I would be able to just tie the motors together and control everything still from the console. My personal thought is to do the tiller cause I would have faster response time while overating it. I am not at this point looking a trollmaster. I typically do fish in the back of the boat anyhow and use my copilot. So not a big change really for what I will do. That is the way I am leaning just curious what others were thinking.
  14. So I kind of already know what I think I want to do. But I want to hear what others think or are doing. I am looking to get a Yamaha T9.9. I have located both a tiller model and then one with remote controls. Same price but the tiller is a couple years newer. What do you guys see as the pros and cons of each system. I will be putting it on a 1775 Prov SE.
  15. HSO Deer Photo's

    Well a week ago I talked about a nice 5X5 on the trail cam. I said I hoped I had some pictures after the weekend well here he is. My personal best by alot. Sat in the rain Saturday and wait for him. For reference I am a pretty big guy I weigh 290#. He has a 18.5" inside spread on him and his G2s are 10". Looks like alot of people had good success this weekend. I was last on here Thursday. Congrats to all the hunters. My favorites are still the kids with there first deer.