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  1. Yeah they taste great, I start brushing the syrup on with about an hour left also. That is also when I add the pepper and garlic.
  2. Ever try brushing them with pure maple syrup? I do this with Salmon at the same time I put on the garlic and pepper.
  3. Already have just over 900 miles this year on my bike with my two month stay in AZ. Nothing better than riding in the mountains.
  4. Maybe you could ask Rick for some HSO decals to go on the front of those bad boys eh? All kidding aside, nice work.
  5. That looks exactly like the bird and nest I have on the patio. Thanks for posting it.
  6. They are cool, I'm still amazed at how tiny and compact they are.
  7. Thought I'd share this picture of a Hummingbird nest. I am currently in AZ for a couple months and watched a hummingbird build a nest on the patio of the house I'm renting. Probably not a big deal to you serious birders but it's a first for me. Hard to tell from the picture but the nest is incredibly small, I don't think you could even put a golf ball inside of it.
  8. Not sure if that loin is a "Hormel always Tender" brand (kinda looks like it is). If it is you may want to cut back on any salt you use in your brine. Check out the Sodium content on the Nutrition label.
  9. First off, thanks to all that replied When looking at my license I do have a section that states :665 - Antlerless/special hunt application. So I am sure that means I am automatically registered into the lottery. Thanks again.
  10. Thanks for the reply. I'll need to check it out.
  11. A quick question. I hunt in a zone that was Buck only last year and this year is designated as a lottery area. When I purchased my license this year I was told that I am automatically enrolled in the lottery. Does this sound right or do I need to do something to make sure I am included in the lottery? Thanks in advance.
  12. I paid around $100.00 for it, can't remember exactly but that's close. I estimate the cooking time at 10 min a pound an start poking it with a thermometer after about 9 min a pound. So for a ten pound bird I would start testing it at 90 mins. Also, I have not deep fried a bird since getting this, it's much easier, not as messy and a lot less expensive.
  13. I own one similar to this, it's called the Big Easy. It's a propane powered Infrared cooker. Mine is about 6 years old and does not have the smoker option. As far as Infrared heat cooking, I love it. Works great for Turkey and Chicken. Skin stays nice and crisp and the chickens come out looking like the Rotisserie chickens you see at some grocery stores. Here's a pic of the one I have.
  14. Are you looking for a custom paint job or just a good quality basic job? If you're looking for a full blown custom I would call the Donnie Smith shop and talk to them. For a good quality basic job I wouldn't hesitate to go to an all purpose shop like X-Treme (I'm not endorsing them I just know they paint most anything) . On second thought, I would call the Donnie Smith shop and tell them what you're looking for. I've met these guy's at their show and they seem pretty straight up.
  15. Michelin LTX. I have been putting them on my trucks for years. Great traction and ride quite.