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  1. Building a spear

    Anybody have any materials and tips on building a good pike spear? /directions?
  2. But they work..... boring.... Maybe...
  3. Anyone have pics of their set ups from hub shacks or flip over portables? i have a 6x8 wheelhouse with spear hole in the floor but thought about using a hub for a scouting shack or if i want to try a different location without pulling up stakes on my hardside. tips or suggestions welcomed. thanks!
  4. ND spearing

    SD is year round for all inland lakes for northern pike with some exceptions such as lakes with a sustainable population of muskie. There are a few others. Catfish is year round also. See regs for details
  5. Northern pike type decoys

    Bought a small bear creek natural northern decoy today. Gonna give it a try this weekend! Looking forward to seeing how it works out for us.
  6. Northern pike type decoys

    Thanks! I think i'm talked into purchasing one!
  7. How many use the decoys that resemble a northern pike? Whats the idea? Canabolistic or attraction of another pike? What are your thoughts on how they work.
  8. Where can i see good pics and instructions on using these? And where can i buy or who has the best selection.? Thanks!
  9. I have a 6 x 8 permanent with a 2' by 4' spear hole. The inside walls are brown paneling. I cover the windows with sheet metal. So the inside is a total blackout. I'll just keep plugging!
  10. What is used to hold your live decoys. Who sells these options?
  11. I have only used decoys and jigging spoons to bring in pike. Never used a live decoy. Here's my question... Yesterday i saw 7 pike but 5 of them would get to the edge of the hole and some would turn away and some spooked for no reason. Is this an instance where a live decoy would help? Any info would be much appreciated. Thank you.
  12. Is it safe to use an onboard charger plugged in all winter in sub zero temps?
  13. I live in SD. Most likely cant find live suckers. Ive been using a red and white decoy and red eye wiggler spoon with hooks removed. What would you reccommend for how often to jig the decoy and spoon. I have some golf balls half red rigged up also. I guess id like to know some suggestions on how often to jig????
  14. Pike lose their teeth?

    Yea, i guess i can't say that ive ever caught or seen a toothless pike! Probably more likely just the oxygen levels or something else that would cause them to slow down if anything...
  15. Pike spearing in South Dakota

    May i ask what lakes u tried? How many did u see? Havent been out yet. Probably going to get out this coming weekend