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  1. PmDavis300

    wma near forest lake

    i live in forest lake, and i see there is some kind of wma on 97 on the east side of 35. can i shotgun hunt deer there this fall? anyone know what this wma is called so i can look it up on the dnr site? also, what is a good spot to rifle hunt close for forest lake?
  2. PmDavis300

    thinking of yote hunting...

    ok thanks. ill have to look into some calls
  3. can you find them during the day? what type of call do i need? ill probably go to carlos avery, i see alot of tracks there
  4. PmDavis300

    speedo drive problems

    thanks for the help. bearings are fine. luckily the key broke off on the drive adapter side. now im trying to find a used adapter because i dont want to pay $50 for a brand new one...
  5. PmDavis300

    speedo drive problems

    my speedo stopped working... investigated, speedo adapter drive appears to be seized. the little adapter pin broke as well. i heard something about a bad bearing on the drive shaft causing this? i dont think this is my problem, because like i said, the drive adapter is seized i think. opinions? 1990 jag afs
  6. i have an old 1990 jag and i need to buy a battery for it... i reallllly want to cheap out and by a $30 sealed lead acid battery. if i spend $60 or $70 i can get a nice maintenance free battery. anyone know the advantages and disadvantages of these batteries?
  7. PmDavis300

    fuel and or oil seaping out of exaust manifold

    1990 jag afs deluxe by the way
  8. so i have some oil or something coming out of the exaust manifold where it comes out of the engine... i assume the gasket is going bad. should i be having anything coming out of there though? what would cause this?
  9. PmDavis300

    snowmobile junkyard?

    i ended up ordering from thanks guys!
  10. PmDavis300

    Is my son able to ride his XC 120 on the lake?

    lol id like to see a full grown man on the back of a kitty cat
  11. PmDavis300

    Is my son able to ride his XC 120 on the lake?

    im thinking its one of those gray areas
  12. PmDavis300

    Is my son able to ride his XC 120 on the lake?

    the way i read it i think thats what they are saying. you need to be riding next to him.
  13. PmDavis300

    AMSOIL Sabre - I'm now a believer!!

    so you can just disregard the reccomended oil mix and use 100:1?
  14. PmDavis300

    snowmobile junkyard?

    dk, found it
  15. PmDavis300

    snowmobile junkyard?

    oh thats pretty good, i assume thats a HSOforum? ill google it.