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  1. Things caught ice fishing other than fish?

    I caught a rubber something or another in the mississippi last year. It was also inflated with water, but I didn't mistake it for something it wasn't.
  2. Going bathroom while fishing

    Although convienient, you really shouldn't be dropping a deuce down the hole. Use a plastic bag and a bucket, sheesh.
  3. Strikemaster e-mail address...

    do you mean aligned wrong?????
  4. Strikemaster e-mail address...

    Note from admin, please read forum policy before posting again. Thank you.

    Just wondering... how exactly did you lose it coming off the lake? That sucks dude. Good luck.
  6. Ice cleat recommendations?

    I was thinking the same thing Chode... The lake I was on last night looked like a skating rink. I got a couple free auger rides and a bruised hip.
  7. 5.5" or 7" cabelas camera?

    What is the price difference? I think that would probably matter more than anything.
  8. Pro Pack

    I tried this but my cats kept burying the Marcum in the litter until I bought a Vexilar. Sorry, couldn't resist... Carry on.
  9. Minnesota noodlers

  10. The Greatness of Derek Boogaard

    he hehe he just funnin' with ya, RL
  11. The Greatness of Derek Boogaard

    If Derek Boogaard read this forum he would kick redlake's @$$ and tell him to get a life.
  12. Navionics for iphone!!!!!

    I think the 3rd gen iphone has gps, but I am not sure. I can't justify spending more than $100 on something i will drop and break or soak and ruin.
  13. Navionics for iphone!!!!!

    Now you can drop your phone, your mp3 player, and your GPS down the hole all at the same time
  14. Navionics for iphone!!!!!

    i don't think so.
  15. little help

    i think the admins have to change it for you.