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  1. Gopher Nation

    That was a complete embarrassment! There’s no way they can justify starting Croft next week! He is terrible!
  2. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    Does suet ever go bad? I’ve had it out for a couple weeks now, and the birds are ever so slowly pecking away at it. Just wondering if being exposed to the elements can make it go bad over time.
  3. Twins 2017

    Nice to see Molitor win manager of the year. As well as Buxton and Dozier winning the gold gloves.
  4. Gopher Nation

    Where did that offense come from?
  5. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    Thanks for the links.
  6. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    Tonight when I let my dog out before bed, 3 deer ran across the yard. Earlier in the morning, 2 of my feeders were empty (both of which were well within reach of a deer). I suspect they may have been the culprit. I was going to start feeding deer soon, but might have to start a little sooner. Getting really exciting in my yard!
  7. Gopher Nation

    Am I the only person getting sick of this option QB garbage?!?!?! Can the gophers please get a pocket passer for once in 20 years?!?!?! Granted, Michigan has a great defense, but Croft was terrible (again)! I didn't think we would win, but I at least thought we could make a game of it.
  8. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    I have the chicken fencing folded over the suet and held together with zip ties. I think I’m going to nail them to the elm tree on the side of my house though. The nuthatches and woodpeckers are always in that tree, so I think the suet would work best there. I couldn’t find any nutty butter at fleet farm, is that something that sells out quick, or do they just not sell it? It was funny watching the squirrels hop into the feeder and find that their precious sunflowers weren’t in here anymore. Although, a red squirrel made quite a mess digging around in there, just to make sure I wasn’t hiding anything. Had a group of fox sparrows move in yesterday. Was fun watching them feed. It was like they would jump up and drop kick the ground, in an effort to dig around for food.
  9. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    My mom gave me one of her flower pot poles so I can hang some of my feeders on. Instant success! Chickadees came out in full force within minutes. I bought some nyjer seed to put in my “squirrel feeder”, and the chickadees and a yet to be identified sparrow love it! Saw a blue jay pecking at the suet. This has been the most exciting afternoon I’ve had so far! At one point I had countless chickadees and juncos, blue jays, cardinals, mourning dove, and 2 unknown sparrows all at the same time! And no squirrels!
  10. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Cousins will probably be traded by the deadline. He has never shown in his career that he can be a winner. New Orleans is no better with him, than they were without him. Look for their coach to be fired by seasons end also. I thought that was a big win for the wolves. In the past 2 years it seemed as though we could never, ever beat New Orleans...most games weren’t even close! We have a favorable stretch of games coming up, including Golden State!
  11. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    The sunflowers are popular with all the birds, especially blue jays. I’m getting more of those showing up every day. Seems like the juncos and sparrows prefer to feed on the ground, so the mess that the squirrels make is favorable for them. One positive thing about watching the squirrels, they are quite resourceful when it comes to the feeders. They’re hanging upside down, doing 180 degree twists, dangling around on the tips of their toes, etc. I bought the kaytee brand suet. A fruit/berry mix (which is what I have out for them), and a peanut mix. Finally found some signs of something pecking at it, but I suspect it may have been a squirrel
  12. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Very exciting game lastnight! The old fan in me kept thinking they were going to blow it. Just like some of the players, it’s going to take fans some time to get used to the fact this is a good team!
  13. Bird Feeding Newcomer

    Now that it’s cold, I bought a couple blocks of suet, so far the birds haven’t touched it. Nutty butter was mentioned earlier, is that the go to brand? Right now I have it with the bird seed, but might put it somewhere more woodpecker friendly. Also going to buy a pole with multiple hooks on it later this week. Are squirrels able to climb those thin metal poles? If so, I was leaning towards the slinky type squirrel guards, any reviews on those? Also going to switch to a seed with no sunflowers in it for one of my feeders (it’s too easy for squirrels to access), any particular type of seed I should get? So far this bird feeding stuff has been an enjoyable occupation of my time!
  14. Gopher Nation

    Wow! Watching Croft play QB today actually made me wish Leidner had 1 more year of eligibility! It’s gut wrenching to see the defense play well, only for the QB to keep shooting the team in the foot! Going to be hard pressed to win another game this season.
  15. Cranes

    Pine County is full of them!