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  1. Will the eclipse affect fishing?

    I was curious about that also. I'll be in Ely during the eclipse, should be pretty cool.
  2. Twins 2017

    The twins are bi polar! They go from he lowest of lows to highest of highs! I hope this offensive onslaught keeps on going! As of right now, we're in the 2nd wild card spot.
  3. Rush River 2017

    My alarm went off 3:35 in the morning. What time I actually got out of bed is a totally different story! Let's just say I pulled out of my driveway at about the same time I usually pull up to the river with that I decided to start at the El Paso bridge crossing instead of my traditional spot. Water was fairly cloudy, but not high. Fish were not active at all. Only caught 2, lost 2, and didn't have many strikes. When the highlight of the day was crossing the new Stillwater bridge for the first time, you know it was a rough day.
  4. Twins 2017

    Twins are stock piling pitching prospects. Couple of them might be big league ready next season. I really hope they're not counting on Perkins to come back and be our closer next year At what point does Molitor's seat start to warm up?
  5. Twins 2017

    And goodbye Brandon Kintzler for a single A prospect? Sure doesn't seem like much.
  6. Twins 2017

    Sounds like there's a good chance Santana is going to be traded also.
  7. Kinnickinnic River 2017

    Had quite the morning on the kinni today. Went out of the Jackson preserve access on the lower river and made the decision I was going to fish all the way down to the county road F crossing. The drive from the bridge to the access is 2.3 miles, not to mention, once at the access, it's about another mile just to get to the river I estimated the distance by water, to be about 5 miles. I packed my tennis shoes into a backpack, as my plan was to get to the bridge, hide my waders and fishing pole in the woods, then walk the road back to where I started. While on my journey, my boot sprang a leak, so that made for an even tougher trek. Also, about a 1/3 of the way down, I fell on my butt, in just deep enough water so that it went down the back of my waders luckily my backpack, and sweatshirt took most of the water. Anyway, the journey was nice and scenic, and full of solitude. But I'm never going to do it again! There were about 5 river crossings I had to make that were way above my comfort level, and 4 of them were in the final 1.5 miles. And in all honesty, the fishing wasn't even all that great. Especially in that final 1.5 miles, where I didn't even get any strikes! And to add insult to injury...for the whole 5 miles, I didn't get stuck once! Then at the very end...I'm within spitting distance of the bridge! I get stuck and lose my best lure!!! caught 20 brownies, lost probably about the same, nothing over 11 inches. And now I will be spending the rest of the day packed in ice! Way too much walking!
  8. Rush River 2017

    Humbling morning on the Rush today. Didn't get there until 6. Lost a very nice brownie only 3 casts in, so I'm thinking it would be a good day. Nope! Lost 2 more nice ones within the next few minutes, but after that, action was very slow. Wasn't getting the strikes I normally get. Only caught 9, 2 of which were brookies. One of the browns was a 16 inch bruiser. Some sort of bug hatch was going on, they were tiny little mayflies. Was making the trout go nuts! It was pretty cool watching all the surface action, especially from the big trout. One other thing I noticed about the bugs...there are hundreds of different song birds along the river, yet only cedar waxwings were out and about eating all the bugs flying around.
  9. Twins 2017

    Well, twins picked the worst time to go on a losing streak. Indians on a 7 game winning streak. Royals on an 8 game winning streak. I like this Zach Granite kid, but oh my goodness did he make me really miss Buxton the other night.
  10. Kyrie - Hmmm

    The latest rumor is a 3 team trade involving the wolves, knicks, and cavs. Knicks would get Irving, cavs would get Carmelo Anthony and Andrew Wiggins, and wolves would get Kevin Love. The more I hear about all this trade talk, the more likely I think the wolves will do something, and it will most likely be a bad move, as this offseason has gone way too good for my comfort level!
  11. Kyrie - Hmmm

    I really hope the wolves aren't seriously considering this. You take LeBron James off the cavs, and Irving leads them to an 8 seed in the east, at best! This is going to be KAT's team for years to come, so if Irving is looking to be top dog, it certainly won't be here! Personally, I don't think he'll be traded. If the lakers show any sign of improvement in this upcoming season, LeBron will be leaving to go there anyway, so Irving just needs to be patient and he'll be he top guy again.
  12. Rush River 2017

    Limit is 3 on the Rush. 12" minimum for browns, 8" minimum for brookies. I always say I'll keep a couple, but I never do. Keep the trout regulations handy. Almost seems like every stream in Wisconsin has different limits and slots.
  13. Mooneyes

    Good catfish bait.
  14. Fargo

    Interesting. I never seen season 1. Does that mean all these seasons are going to interconnect at some point?
  15. Fargo

    Finished watching all the episodes today. Was really good until Ray died. Went way downhill after that. Did that Russian guy die? And was that guy he was talking to at the bowling alley an angel? The worst part was the petty criminal chick becoming a professional asassin in 4 months time (all while recovering from bus wreck, and shot with a cross bow). And what was with the deaf guy? No story behind him? And. And no explanation as to why that one guy confessed to all the murders? Like I said, went way south after Ray died.