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  1. That's a native lamprey. They are harmless to fish. Only sea lampreys kill fish.
  2. So, based on some of his actions the last couple seasons, Rick could be considered a bad guy stealing from one group to kill another that something a good guy would do? Thoughts?
  3. Started at the new easement yesterday, thinking fishing would be lights out. But that just wasn't the case. Fished the bridge crossing on liberty road for the first time. Nice little spot, but the houses are too close to the river for my liking. Kids spent the entire time playing in the woods and making "trout traps". I caught 5 brown trout, including 2 12 inchers that were really bright creamy brown colored. Black panther martin with brown dots did the trick. Bugs started showing up late afternoon, but there still wasn't much surface activity. Hopefully with the warm temps through next week, things will really be hoppin' next week!
  4. Another episode where we're force fed Sasha and Rosita's relevancy in all honesty, at this point, if every female character died in the next episode, I wouldn't miss them! I like Eugene as a bad guy now.
  5. Wbc

    I've watched a little bit of the WBC. To me, it's a little better than watching spring training games. Will be interesting to see if it sticks around, after baseball is brought back to the olympics.
  6. Can't think of a better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day than to hit up the "kinni" in search of some brownies! Too bad the weather wasn't nearly as nice as was forecasted. Plan was to visit several spots upstream of River Falls. My 9 year old daughter got things started right off the bat, catching her first ever brown trout! My 6 year old son followed that up by breaking his fishing pole. They would spend the rest of the afternoon running around in the woods, looking for Bigfoot signs I caught 9 typical "kinni" brownies. All on a brown panther martin. Also discovered a new fishing easement. I remember seeing heavy machinery working on this spot last year. Hopefully the brush grows in good this summer, as it looks like a picnic area right now. Good day, despite the weather!
  7. Make the fight boxing rules, with dirty boxing and hammer fists legal. Have it in an octagon, 5 five minute rounds. Instead of boxing gloves, they wear mma gloves. Those rules would help in McGregor's favor a little bit, but Mayweather still wins in a landslide.
  8. Never mind
  9. What's the over/under Pitino gets cheated out of big ten coach of the year by the Northwestern coach?
  10. Next Saturday was my planned start to the trout season. But now, every time I Check the weather, the forecast seems to drop 1 degree. It started out at 43 degrees, now it's only supposed to be 35, with the possibility of snow!
  11. Well, today was the unexpected start to my trout fishing season I woke up this morning with every intention to go ice fishing! Once I got to the lake, I just didn't like the feel or the sound of the ice. So, my first thought was to go back home and grab my fishing pole and chest waders. But I didn't really want to waste the gas and time doing that. So I just zipped straight down to the kinni (I was already in WI), at an access that I knew was easily fishable without the need for boots. Luckily I already had my trout tackle box in my ice bucket. What did I use to fish with, you may ask? Yep, my 18 inch ultra light ice fishing rod! It was equipped with the same reel I use for trout fishing, so that wasn't an issue. It was definitely weird making casts with it, but I was getting the desired casting distance. And I was actually able to avoid overhead branches much better. Trout were swimming around everywhere. I got multiple strikes and follows, lost 1 or 2. In the end I was able to catch 2 little brown trout. Also flushed out a big rooster pheasant, and happened upon a few geese. Very nice, out of the ordinary way to kick off my trout season!
  12. Fish for them the same way. Seems kind of weird the DNR would stock saugeye, as I don't believe they are able to spawn. Plus, don't grow as big as walleyes. I would think they would be more expensive to produce than walleyes also.
  13. I think they just locked their bid for a tournament appearance. The only loss that may have set them back would be that disaster game against penn state.
  14. Wouldn't be the worst trade in the world. The theory is, Rose will play better because he'll be reunited with "tibs".
  15. Not that there's anything wrong with catching huge walleyes, but it's always fun to catch a surprise bonus fish every once in awhile too. I hear there's not much for accomodations up there? Are there any resorts that plow roads, or take you out in bombers? Or is it pretty much guided snowmobile trips?