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  1. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Can’t really say I’m disappointed in their performance. I was expecting a blowout sweep. my dream scenario is, trade Wiggins and 1st round pick(s) to Spurs for Kawhi Leonard. Then offer LeBron James a blank check. Let him fill in the numbers.
  2. Bat House

    Not exactly bird related, but close enough. Do any of you have a bat house? I want to get one, but don’t exactly know where to put it. I see that DNR mounts them on long polls at boat launches and campgrounds, but I don’t really want to go that route. I’m wondering if a tree, or the side of my garage would suffice? Is there any benefits to painting them black? And how successful are they at attracting bats? How long did it take for them to show up? Amazon sells bat house attractant, but it’s pretty spendy.
  3. Spring Is Upon Us

    Purple and gold finches are starting to become more common, but the redpolls are still lingering around. How late will they stick around for?
  4. 2018 Twins

    Very disappointing season so far. Getting swept by Tampa Bay is unacceptable! No reason to believe we won’t get swept by the Yankees either. 4 game series against the twins could be exactly what Giancarlo Stanton needs to break out of his slump.
  5. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Very impressive and unexpected win. Would be nice for this to be the start of Houston’s playoffs jinx.
  6. Miscellaneous Trout Stream Report

    On Friday morning I decided to take the scenic way home from work and stopped at Browns Creek, just north of Stillwater, to shake off the dust on my trout equipment. Wasn’t any signs of life in the stream! I’m wondering if the DNR wasn’t able to stock it before the opener due to the snow conditions? Saturday morning I ventured down to the Vermillion River. I personally don’t care much for this river, as I don’t think it’s any good. But I a bible study in Rosemount in the afternoon, so I figured I’d give it a go. Water was high, fast and dirty. Didn’t catch anything. Neither did anyone else I talked to. Not the start to the trout season I had hoped for
  7. Walking Dead

    SPOILER ALERT!!! Walking dead has continued it’s annual tradition of underwhelming and disappointing season finales! The one and only highlight came at the very end, when Maggie, Jesus, and Darryl announced their presence as next season’s bad guys. Could lead to something interesting.
  8. Trout Opener

    I got an e-mail from the DNR, saying they haven’t been able to stock several different streams across the state because of snow and ice. They’re hoping to get it done sometime next week.
  9. Spring Is Upon Us

    My feeders have been super active today. Unfortunately I had a trio of starlings show up that’s the first time I’ve seen them in this neighborhood since I moved here 2 years ago. I’ve been joking about shooting the squirrels with a pellet gun, but if starlings and pigeons start showing up, I really will have to break it out!
  10. Trout Opener

    Did anyone go out for the opener today? I had my alarm set this morning, but upon waking up, I just couldn’t justify making the long drive south to fish in this weather. Just curious to see if there was anyone braver/crazier than me?
  11. Spring Is Upon Us

    Nice pics. I’ve had some house finches this winter then! I just assumed they were redpolls with more color than the others.
  12. Spring Is Upon Us

    Is that a purple finch or house finch? I had several show up at my feeders for the first time of the season today, and couldn’t determine which they were. Also, found a dead redpoll by the feeders. Poor guy wonder what happened to him.
  13. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    I guess it’s cool they made the playoffs, but my goodness! Fans were treating it like we just won the western conference championship and were heading to the finals! Unfortunately this series has 4 game sweep written all over it, with 3 of the games probably blowouts. The team got more “playoff experience “ in lastnight’s game then they’ll get in the actual playoffs.
  14. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Looks like we’re playing for the 8th spot. Boy, I don’t even know if going to the playoffs is with it. 4 game blowout sweep against Houston isn’t going to get anyone any experience. 7 seed would have been nice. Playing a banged up Golden State would be an interesting series. Yep, all those losses to all those bad teams came back to haunt us.
  15. Spring Is Upon Us

    Seen 2 robins this morning. A flock of swans yesterday. For any of you that may have cardinal nest boxes (I’m putting one up today), I can’t help but think they would be robin magnets. Any issues?