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  1. Either I'm slackin', or the sun is rising earlier than it did last year! Didn't make it to the river until 6, but surprisingly I was still the first to arrive walked to my normal starting spot, but once there, something told me to go out of the ordinary. So I packed away my black panther martin and put on a crayfish husky jerk. I didn't catch the trophy I desired, but I did catch some nice ones, with the biggest being about 15 inches. I ventured farther downstream than I ever had before, and wanted to keep going, but it appeared that the fishing easement ended, and I may have been on private property. I stayed in the river the entire time, but didn't want to push my luck, so I went back upstream. Caught 19 total, probably lost at least as many. Surprisingly, no brook trout though.
  2. They're finally playing someone outside of the central division tonight, so we'll see what happens. Did Sano get suspended for throwing a punch yesterday?
  3. Got off to a late start, but was able to get to the lower river at 6 AM. Frost covered the ground, as temps were barely above freezing. I could hear turkeys gobbling as I walked through the field. Once I made it to the wooded river valley, the sound of grouse drumming echoed through the woods. Eagles and ospreys continually flew over my head throughout he morning. The water was mabye a couple inches high, and somewhat cloudy, but was noticeably clearing as the morning progressed. 8 o'clock seemed to be the magic hour, as that's when I caught most of my 13 brown trout. Biggest was 16 inches, and had a few swipes from some dandies as well. Beautiful morning to be on the river!
  4. My wife suggested that I go fishing today, instead of tomorrow. And I could not thank her enough for that! The Rush was nothing short of phenomenal today! Got there about noon, was a good bug hatch going on upon arrival. Water was still low, with just a touch of cloudiness. But with the overcast skies, wind, and occasional rain showers, conditions were perfect! Caught 35 trout, which is a new single day record (33 was the old record, from same location). 27 brown trout, and 8 brook trout. The size of the fish were impressive as well. Most brownies ran about 13 inches, and had fat bellies. Biggest ran 17 inches. Biggest brook trout was 13 inches. Every fish caught on black panther Martin with brown polka dots. Had to quit at about 5, against my will, as my wife called me to come home. I reluctantly obliged
  5. The wolves don't need another draft pick. They need a couple veteran role players. Unless we draft a tough defense first type player, I think we should use our pick as trade bait for a good player that's already in the league. I heard a radio show today mention the name, Jimmy Butler. Interesting.
  6. Maybe you like the new logo because it's similar to their original logo?
  7. I hate seeing some good small ball from the twins get ruined by a grand slam from the tigers Buxton has 17 K's in 29 at bats. Good defense or not, that's not going to cut it. I agree with dropping him 9th in the order. Hopefully they avoid the sweep tomorrow.
  8. Well, regardless of how how the final 2 games go, this season definitely has to be considered a failure. From the beginning, where they blew huge leads one right after the other, to the end, where they lost, TWICE!!! To the lakers, who are purposely tanking! Maybe I had too high of expectations? What should they be looking for in the offseason? I say get rid of LaVine. Unfortunately, since he's hurt we probably won't get much for him. I've never been sold on him, and the team has shown some flashes while he's been gone. At the beginning of the season I was all for getting rid of Rubio. But now, I'm not so sure about that. I'd rather get rid of Shabazz Muhammad. Can't count on the draft this year, so hopefully there's a good fit for us in free agency.
  9. I would hope that the hit he got in his last at bat will be the start of something. But I doubt it. He'll strike out at least 2 more times today. Will this be the year they finally pull the plug on him?
  10. I was pleasantly surprised by the finale. I didn't see double cross from the garbage pail kids coming, or Sasha turning into a walker. Negan's reaction was pretty good. Future doesn't look too bright for Alexandria. So, did the guy with the burnt face double cross Rick's crew, or is he still a mole? Seems as though cutting down those trees to slow Negan down would've been a waste of time, if he had no intention of helping Rick.
  11. Was a fun game to watch. I agree, I'm not a fan of this lineup. Hopefully it changes up before it's too late.
  12. Rainy would probably be the next closest.
  13. Only 1 day away from opening day! Predictions for the season? Unfortunately, I only see slight improvements in certain areas. Will be interesting to see if hitters strike out less with our new hitting coach. 73-89 is my prediction.
  14. My first venture of the season to the Rush River, and the parking lot was full! One of my favorite qualities about this place though, is even if the lot is full, you can still escape and never see another person the whole day. I got plenty of exercise in, carrying my kids across each river crossing. Conditions weren't ideal for trout fishing...water was very low, and gin clear. Bright sunny day. Luckily it was very windy, providing a nice chop on the surface. As has been typical so far this season, kids lost interest in fishing after a few casts, and played in the woods the whole time. I caught 9 chunky brown trout, all in that 11/12 inch range. Also caught 1 brook trout. All fish caught on black panther martin, with brown dots (which is quickly becoming my favorite lure). Despite a lot of bugs flying around, I didn't see any of the fly fisherman catch anything. They were getting stuck in the trees a lot though
  15. I meant harmless in the sense they don't kill fish. With that being said, I'm sure the host fish would prefer that it not have a lamprey attached to it, but at the end of the day, the fish will live...literally. Lampreys are very common in the upper St. Croix River system. I see them attached to redhorse all the time, which makes sense, as redhorse are by far the most abundant fish in the system. If the lampreys haven't "crashed" that system after several thousand years of coexistence, I'm liking gamefishes' chances for the next several thousand years also