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  1. Purple Martins

    Anyone have a purple martin house? I’m planning on putting one up this spring, but I don’t quite have the open space that is suggested (minimum of 40 ft from tall trees/house). Wondering if anyone has had those same issues, but were still successful in attracting purple martins? The pole I bought is 12 ft high, so I’m thinking of maybe buying a second one, and using a couple of the extensions to make it a few feet higher to compensate for the lack of open space. Have the martins had a noticeable impact on bugs? I’m hoping they can do a number on the horse flies in my neighborhood. Plus, they sound really pretty
  2. Sunflower Hearts

    Well, it’s been a few more days. Cardinals are eating it, but they don’t seem to prefer it. Must be a lower quality seed, perhaps? I’m only getting 1 or 2 cardinals now, as opposed to the 10 to 12 I was getting before. Also not getting the sunset feeding frenzy anymore. The redpolls love it though. Anyway, do you guys do anything to help prevent sunflower shell messes, or do anything to clean them up, or do you just deal with the mess?
  3. Sunflower Hearts

    I bought a bag of the hearts and chips because I got sick of the mass of sunflower shells on the ground. Now, it’s only been a couple days, but it sure seems like I have a lot less cardinal activity at my feeders since making the switch. Do cardinals prefer the shelled seeds?
  4. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    I heard on one of the morning shows that the wolves might be interested in signing Derrick Rose. My goodness, I hope that’s not true!
  5. Nyjer seed

    Finch socks cost about $4. They will last awhile too. Also, it’s pretty cool when the redpolls/finches are on a frenzy, and you have 10 or 12 birds fighting for room on the sock.
  6. Ciscoes

    Does anyone know if ciscoes are available in Wisconsin?
  7. Nyjer seed

    I’m getting more redpolls showing up lately also. I switched from nyjer seed to ultra wild finch seed. Even have a pair of goldfinches showing up occasionally. The redpolls are messy, but I have plenty of juncos and mourning doves to clean up after them
  8. Gopher Basketball

    This is getting more embarrassing with each game. I’m guessing Pitino’s job is safe this year because he has the injury excuse. In my opinion though, if he doesn’t win at least 20 games next year, he needs to go! Any chance they get 1 more win this season?
  9. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Tough stretch for the wolves. Honestly, I figured they’d lose to the bulls, but it would be after blowing out Cleveland. That clearly didn’t happen. And now 2 heart breaking losses in a row. I’d like to say their upcoming game against Sacramento is a sure win, but I can’t. They’re really missing out on a good chance to get some distance from Oklahoma City.
  10. Sizzle and Heat Birdseed

    Well, it does NOT deter squirrels! Birds love it though! But not worth the price.
  11. Sizzle and Heat Birdseed

    Is the purpose of spicy birdseed to deter squirrels? I’ve always found it odd when I see this stuff at fleet farm. But if it works, I’m starting to consider it. Anyone use it? While the squirrels don’t prefer it, they’ve been digging into my safflower feeder. So just looking for other seed options.
  12. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Nice win tonight, but my goodness! I hope they never wear those uniforms again!
  13. Tip Up

    Very nice pike! While not that big, my personal best was through the ice as well. Sucker minnow or frozen cisco?
  14. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Honestly, I think Butler might be playing the best ball of his career! Looking back at his days in Chicago, you could argue that playing with the likes of Rajon Rondo and Derrick Rose made him less of a player. Tibs clearly has no interest in Shabazz Muhammad being a part of this team...which I’m fine with. I wish they would have gotten rid of him 2 years ago! But he’s at least good enough to throw in so Butler and Wiggins can get a couple minutes of rest. Then we might be able to trade him for a 2nd round pick.
  15. Timberwolves, 2017-2018

    Looking good! Looking real good! I give the team a B+ at the halfway point. Handful of losses to some bad teams keep them from getting an A. Been really exciting to watch so far!