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  1. The first piece that Golden State might be losing is Andre Iguadala. Would love to see the wolves grab him.
  2. Glad Lavine is gone! Added nothing but slam dunks to the team. I've been out of town for the past week, so I was very delighted to hear about this trade today.
  3. Alphabet soup "titles" ruined boxing. There's at least a dozen or so sanctioning bodies, and some of those have several different categories of belts per weight division! It's an absolute disgraceful joke! Can you imagine how much the boxing landscape would be if there was only 1 championship belt per division? Even the UFC is starting to water down their championship. Seems like each division has an interim champion now
  4. If it was up to the makers of the show, Travis would have never been killed off. But I guess Cliff Curtis (his real name) signed a deal to make several "avatar" sequels over the course of the next several years. So we're stuck with Madison.
  5. Rematch this weekend. I smell trilogy. Boxing could use a good rivalry.
  6. I would have to imagine Mayweather would be an overwhelming favorite, so of course I'd put money on McGregor. $100 PPV perhaps?
  7. He's actually the only character I liked. His death was "iffy", so I was hoping he was going to reappear. Now that Travis (my 2nd favorite) is dead, Daniel's character is definitely needed. Madison all of a sudden being a tough girl is an absolute joke! A liberal guidance counselor, her drug addict son, and prissy girly girl daughter are going to take over a heavily armed, doomsday prepping, militia? Uh huh.
  8. The only chance of any team replacing Cleveland would be Boston. And that will only happen if they draft Markelle Fultz, and he becomes a stand out obvious choice for rookie of the year. And they get a big name, namely Paul George. However, sounds like Cleveland might be gunning for George. The talk of hem getting rid of Kevin Love is already going strong. Kyle Korver and Derron Williams are for sure gone. They'll need to find a backup for Irving. Andre Iguadala is a free agent (do the right thing timberwolves!), and there's a pretty good chance the warriors will let him go. That might make a difference, as he's been their best guy coming off the bench for the past few seasons. There's lots of talk that the spurs might sign Chris Paul. With all that being said, it's still pretty much a lock that Golden State will defeat Cleveland in 6 in the 2018 finals.
  9. Twins pulled a surprise by going with a shortstop with the #1 pick. I thought for sure they would've went with the pitcher from Vanderbilt, as he could've been pitching for the team as early as next season.
  10. Now that Golden State has won the NBA title, it's too bad there's no way to skip the 2018 season altogether, and go right to the finals, where it will be Golden State vs. Cleveland for the 4th year in a row. No reason to believe otherwise.
  11. Yay! Daniel is back!
  12. HOLY MOLY was it a great day to be on the Rush! Pulled up to my spot at about 4:45 AM. The full moon was still out and shining bright. Given the success I had on my last outing, I decided to start with a husky jerk again, and again, it worked! 4th fish of the day ended up being my Rush River personal best, 19 inch brown trout! Husky jerk is definitely an early morning bait, at a certain time it just stopped working! Switched to my go to black panther Martin, and they really weren't to into that. Changed to a black/red panther Martin and it was game on! Fished until noon, and caught a new single day record, 48 trout! 35 browns, and 13 brookies (biggest being about 12 inches). I don't know what was up with these fish,but they had the feed bag on, and they didn't take it off! Even after the sun rose above the tree tops, they stayed active. Had a pair of deer watching me fish for several minutes, watched a raccoon fishing for crayfish, and heard grouse drumming in the woods...what a great day to be alive!
  13. Sea lampreys are bad! They are not native to Lake Superior, and they do kill fish!
  14. Clean sweep perhaps? I don't think a team has ever gone undefeated through the entire playoffs.
  15. Yeah, all the pity patter fouls make the game hard to watch. Reviewing wether fouls should be flagrant or not is an absolute joke! They need to get back to letting the players be rough and tough on defense. Then we'll see how good teams like Golden State or Houston really are! The "resting" of players needs to be addressed, as that's becoming an epidemic...thanks a lot Popovich! The draft lottery needs to be abolished also...every team that misses the playoffs should have the same chance of landing the top pick.