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  1. Kind of late on my opener report here. First time I have had a chance to post since I got back a week ago. Opening day we fished the chippewa flowage. We started out in a narrow channel and really did not go too far from this particular area all weekend. Our boat had a 2 man limit the first day and the other boat in our group had 2 fish. Everything caught on jig and minnow. Fished seemed to prefer the deeper water than I usually see this time of year. Ended up with some nice eating fish, 15-17 inchers. Tossed back a good amount of small walleyes too. We even managed a few nice crappies in the deep water. Although it sounded like the crappie action was shallow. Sunday caught in the monsoon in the morning. W e toughed it out and ended up having to go in for lunch and a change of clothes. Granted we managed 3 nice fish during the monsoon. Our buddies managed 5 during the time as they sat nice and dry under their canopy, needless to say that thing paid for itself that morning. We went in and grabbed lunch and a dry change of clothes, went back out and finished out limit along with a couple more crappies. I am headed back up in a couple weeks, so any reports between now and then will be greatly appreciated.
  2. Yep, no trolling whatsoever. There is usually a good wind to set a drift, or else get into a river channel and drift downstream. Lindy rigging is tough on this particular body of water, there is too much to get snagged on, you will go through quite a few snells. Best bet is to drift in the wind or current and vertical jig. Don't be hesitant to bobber fish the bogs too. Just be careful there is alot of unmarked hazards out there right now. Recently tore up a lower unit on a brand new outboard in an area of the lake I have gone through many times over the years, new obstacles appear out of nowhere every time I go up there, and that is most weekends in the summer.
  3. Wrecked Lower Unit, What to expect Now

    Insurance is covering it, $250 deductible. Not bad considering the new lower unit they are replacing it woth costs $4500. The stainless prop is being repaired and going on a-sales-site/hsolist. A new composite prop is going on just in case something else is hit. We are on the Chippewa Flowage in Hayward, WI. This is a very scary lake to boat on as there are a lot of unmarked hazards, so the odds of chewing up another prop over the years is good.
  4. Brand new boat with a 115 Evinrude E-Tec. Hit a very hard submerged object on our lake. Had a stainless steel prop on it. Prop suffered a signifigant amount of damage (repairable), but the lower unit is thought to be shot. My question to anyone who has a similar experience.... Does boat insurance usually cover something of this sort? Is this something that is usually repaired, or is the unit usually reparied as a whole? How long does a perair of thsi sort take, cost?
  5. Advice on Mercury Motor issue

    I have an 80's mercury as well. {Note from admin, please read forum policy before posting again, thank you} I have diagnosed a lot of problems with my motor here, it can at least point you in the right direction as where to begin looking. As far as repair on a motor of that age I have taken mine to Pro-Tec Marine in Albertville. Not exactly close to Excelsior, but they do good work.
  6. I am going to go get a new tank. It just occured to was running great, then I had to store it outside for a weekend and left the plug in and the boat completely filled with water. I would assume water got in the tank and this could be my issue. I have since used seafoam, but I have a feeling a new tank could only help.
  7. Yeah, when I take the cover off and look into the carb and turn the throttle (with motor off) the flap (butterfly) doesnt look like it is open all the way. I woul dthink it is supposed to go completely flat. I think one issue I have is an old gas tank. The pickup tube has fallen off numerous times. I am going to go get anew tank @ fleet farm. Not that that is the fix. Could it be a linkage problem? I mean twisting the throttle wide open and there is still room to go.
  8. When it bogs down I gave the ball a squeeze and it seems to flood the motor. Anything else anyone can suggest. I think it is time to drop it off at an outboard mechanic.
  9. I have a 1987 Mercury 25 HP Motor. It starts just fine and runs pretty darn good for the most part. Here is my issues... Seem to run hot... Is the water "peeing" out supposed to be hot? Run good at full throttle for a bit then slows or "bogs down" for a few seconds then gets back up to speed, and repeats this process. Any answers or advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Panfish Photo Gallery

    13.5" Lake Minnetonka Crappie (My personal best)
  11. Black ducks??

    I'm jealous. I really want to shoot a black duck. My best chance came a few years back when I was out in Maine sea duck hunting. The guide said black ducks are around there. The only time I saw any was in a small pond behind a restruant we ate in. I considered jumping them, but did not feel like spending a night in jail. I think there is a small population of them in NE Minnesota, I may have to venture up there next season.
  12. So last week I saw a ad in the paper for Cabelas....30% off all duck and goose decoys. So I went to the HSOforum and found 6 packs of GreenHeadGear full body feeders with flocked heads for $55.91 per 6. Went to the store and bought the last 2 boxes they had in stock. Cashier rang it up at $79.99. I told her to look at the HSOforum, and she adjusted the price. Well I went back to order as many as I could and they informed me that the HSOforum made a mistake and I got lucky. Just wanted to share. THese badboys will be helping me grind on some greenheads next fall, can't wait to use them.
  13. NODAK 3 MAN MALLARD AND PINNY LIMIT Late Season Pelican Lake Mallard Late Season West Metro Hunt Late Season South Metro/Southern Minnesota Field Hunts
  14. Good Season overall. Opener weekend provided us with a mixed bag of mallards, ringers, woodies, and teal. Not as good as years past, but enought to keep us coming to the same spot. More or less for the tradition of opener we all embrace. Annual Nodak trip. Started out looking that it may be a frustrating year for duck hunting in nodak. We managed limits of divers everyday, but what we were really after "Greenheads" seemed to be extinct, until the last day of our trip when we had a sucessful 6 guy field hunt with our limtis of mallards and pintail. THat is one shoot I will NEVER forget. Managed a few birds out on Pelican lake on weekday evening hunts. And finished up with a fun mallard/goose hunt int he SE metro. Things to do for next year.... Get full body mallard field decoys Use the days I keep in the bank AKA days wife lets me out in the late season and skip the mid-season lull, just to say I got out. Late season was fun this year. Now time to smash on a few honkers before xmas, and of course ice fishing is just around the corner.
  15. Which Lake was that, looks like a little unknown lake in wright county named Pelican.