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  1. The bait shop in South St. Paul sells bull heads. Not sure which one. Just seen a 20lb flathead caught off of cut sucker on Pool 2 from shore last Saturday. I say it depends on the structure you are fishing in. Some times live bait tends to scurry and hide all night verses cut drops and sits out in the open.
  2. Flathead Catfish Photo Gallery

    Nice flathead Sir! Very long
  3. Flathead Catfish Photo Gallery

    Nice, big and dark!
  4. Minnesota River Flathead Article

    Nice read. Congrates DTro on the blirp in the article.
  5. Flathead Catfish Photo Gallery

    Nice flats guys!
  6. Flathead & Channel Catfish Fishing Reports

    Nice story and fish Grebe.
  7. Destiny

    Anyone get into this game?
  8. Low Priced Tablet Recommendations

    It's not low price but I sure like this iPod Air 2 with the 128gb storage. First tablet. Not a huge fan of them but it's really growing on me.
  9. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    Lol. There will be people done with the game by then. Heard there was a bunch of people on Twitch this weekend playing AW? Rumor?
  10. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

    +2 guys. It just has seem that since MW2 everything has gone downhill. Maybe just a middle aged person holding on to something that will never be "just like that" ever again but come on? Yes, Halo and Titanfall-esk 100%. Certainly not impressed with the campaign and multiplayer.
  11. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

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  12. I Love Because?

    Hey DTro! Thanks for sharing everyone. If you Love HSO keep those stories coming.
  13. King of the Cats 2014

    Nice fish Sir!
  14. Fill in your blanks! I Love because: XYZ Let us hear from you, the HSO member, why you love HSO! It's Open Water baby! What brought you or keeps you here at HSO? Share with us what really keeps you, the HSO member, coming back again and again. Old and new members. Please share with us what brought you here and what keeps you here. We want to hear from you! Here is my explanation: IMO it is still the greatest site on planet earth~! I decided several years back to look onto the web and see what people were sharing about fishing. I ruled out the web at that time as being anything of significance beyond just fun. Seriously, I came upon HSO ( at the time) and hit the Mille Lacs forum. I fell head-over heals for the site. I thought the internet was dead but HSO showed me it was not. I started posting and the next thing you know I have another hundred or so personal friends I still meet and fish with today. Fishing is one of the greatest things ever. HSO only enhances this~! Please share with us what brought you to HSO and what keeps you here! We want to hear from you! Our members count and what they have to say equally counts! Please share with us why you are here and what keeps you here. #hso #hotspotoutdoors #fishingminnesota #fishing
  15. 1st post!

    Welcome to our online community. LMITOUT has you covered. Look forward to hearing more from you. Thanks for joining.