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  1. Nfl Draft, Trades, and Free Agency

    Also someone that takes pride in being a good run blocker. My impression after watching his interview is that he isn't all wrapped up in only himself like some WR's.
  2. Playoffs

    Comparing Teddy's first 2 years in the league to Farve's first 2 years Teddy has a higher completion %. Teddy has a higher yards per catch. Teddy has a higher QB rating and Teddy has a lower interception %.

    Since 1970 the Lions have won the Division 3 times. The Bears have won it 10 times. The Packers have won it 12 times. The Vikings,,,,,,,,,,,,17 times. I didn't.

    "always living in the past" I thought we were talking about the 2015 Division Championship? Isn't that right now?

    Since 1970 the Lions have won the Division 3 times. The Bears have won it 10 times. The Packers have won it 12 times. The Vikings,,,,,,,,,,,,17 times.
  6. Best deer season so far

    Nice bucks! The racks are very similar in shape. Could it be similar genes? Father/offspring?
  7. From an article in the Duluth Tribune. Quote:Sam Cook column: Hunters reflect on a lean season Quote:Perhaps Josh and Jeremy Graves, the 41-year-old twins at the Graves camp, appreciated being at the shack more than most. Two or three weeks ago, both were in Afghanistan. They were finishing a six-month deployment as engineers with the 148th Fighter Wing of the Minnesota Air National Guard in Duluth. “I’m just glad to be home,” Jeremy said. The silence after his words left room for a lot of interpretation. Someone across the room asked if the two brothers had been in danger where they were stationed. “Yeah,” Jeremy said. “There was shelling.” That was all he said. The room grew quiet for a bit. Finally, Mike Graves spoke. “Kind of puts the deer hunting all in perspective, doesn’t it?” he said.
  8. Vikes 2013 Draft

    Quote: I didn't like giving a 2nd, 3rd, and a 4th for somebody!! That's a little scary to me also but in the 2011 draft I think Atlanta gave up their 2011 1st, 2nd, and 4th round picks in addition to their 2012 1st and 4th round picks to move up and get Julio Jones. Everyone thought that Atlanta was crazy but Jones became a star and Atlanta looked brilliant. If Jones had only been average Atlanta would have looked really stupid. We'll know how the Vikings did in 2 or 3 years. As far as a MLB?????
  9. Greg Jennings

    Some people have short memories. I think I have this right but I'm sure somebody will tell me if I do not. In Farve's 2nd year starting (1993) he completed 60.9 % of his pass attempts. He averaged 6.3 yards per completion. He threw for 19 touchdowns and 24 interceptions. His passer rating was 72.2. Last year Ponder completed 62.1% of his pass attempts. He averaged 6.1 yards per completion. He threw for 18 touchdowns and 12 interceptions. His passer rating was 81.2. I remember waiting for the Vikings to play the Packers because Farve was so bad. Farve was worse then Ponder! They should have released Farve or at least benched him!
  10. Reinstating a 5 year moratorium on wolf hunting
  11. Greg Jennings

    I heard Ruesse say something interesting on 1500 yesterday. It was that of all the teams that were paying a wide receiver over 8 or? 9 million a year last year,,,,,,not a single one of those teams made the playoffs. I do not think that the Packers offered Jennings 10 million. I think that is what Jennings told the Packers that he wanted. I think the Packers have offered about 6 million a year but could be wrong about that.
  12. 2013 Vikings off season

    Quote:and we had a quality WR and a great TE. Ponder couldnt hit them. Wasn't Harvin leading the NFL or close to it in catches before he was injured? Does anyone else remember how bad Farve was his first couple of years? How about Eli? Or Flacco? Sure some first year QB's look really good their first year but then the rest of the NFL watches and learns like what happened to Cam Newton his 2nd year. Me,,,I would rather have a smart QB that is learning over a fast and rocket armed QB that is just getting by with his skills. I think we need another Joe Kapp. He was a leader and if a linebacker got in his way he just ran him over and knocked him out.
  13. 2012-2013 Gophers

    76-70 with 15.6 seconds. You should have bought a lottery ticket.
  14. Animals Spreading Invasive Species?

    Quote:VHS is transfered from fish not boats so unless someone has bait that is infected or moves fish I just can't see the need for all the invasives hype. VHS can live for at least 14 days in the WATER without being on a fish. In your bilge water or bait bucket water. Quote: How VHS spreads and environmental factorsInfected fish shed the virus in their urine and reproductive fluids. The virus can survive in water for at least 14 days. Virus particles in the water infect gill tissue first, and then move to the internal organs and the blood vessels. The blood vessels become weak, causing hemorrhages in the internal organs, muscle and skin. Fish can also be infected when they eat an infected fish. Fish that survive the infection will develop antibodies to the virus. Antibodies will protect the fish against new VHS virus infections for some time. However, the concentration of antibodies in the fish will drop over time and the fish may start shedding virus again. This may create a cycle of fish kills that occurs on a regular basis. The virus grows best in fish when water temperatures are 37-54°F. Most infected fish will die when water temperatures are 37- 41°F, and rarely die above 59 °F. Stress is an important factor in VHS outbreaks. Stress suppresses the immune system, causing infected fish to become diseased. Stressors include spawning hormones, poor water quality, lack of food, or excessive handling of fish.
  15. Stadium Vote

    It probably depended on which e-mail got there first your's or mine. Mine said something like. Quote:that I thought way too many of our politicians were showing too much petty, partisan politics and were showing an extreme lack of maturity and that the citizens of MN elect people to lead and to get things done rather then fight like little kids in the sandbox fighting over the red truck.