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  1. Where is everyone

    Mj miss one stand up tongs, I found on an auction page that I got for $13, It costed more in fuel to go get them but it was a nice road trip.
  2. Why was the size limit raised to 54"?? I don't understand why there has to be a limit if you want to keep one.
  3. Where is everyone

    Only MJ can get the winning ticket to win back the stand up tongs that he donated to a banguet. MJ, For your banquet next year, I will donate a half of hog in a cooler for you to raffle off at your banquet. Thanks for the invite this year.
  4. East Central mdaa banquet

    I'm coming, this will be a good time
  5. East Central mdaa banquet

    MJ Can I still get a ticket
  6. Where is everyone

    Does anyone want to go spear Lake Mille Lacs, I see it's open through March 27
  7. Where is everyone

    Does anyone want to go spear Lake Mille Lacs, I see its open through March 27. Does anyone want to go spear Lake Mille Lacs, I see it's open through March 27
  8. Hub or portable spear shack set ups

    Are them reels spring loaded to wind back up?
  9. Where is everyone

    I got thinking today when I was cutting a new spear hole, It maybe that we are all getting to old for this spearing thing. It just isn't as much fun as it was when I was younger.
  10. Where is everyone

    The fact that so many lakes down here are dirty that you can't see more than a few feet and really bad ice, or lack of ice, and the cold temp. makes it that much harder to get the get-up and go thing. Too many other things are making this year very busy.
  11. Copper decoys

    yes there was. its a Slecta decoy, he use to work at the ford plant also. He made two different styles, one with smooth sides and one with scales I saw one two years ago go for $1800 at an auction. That's the one I am after
  12. 5 tine challenge Jan. 9

    How easy is it to find the lake to check in
  13. Copper decoys

    I just got a decoy like the one in the pic. I have 17 copper decoys now, but only use a couple spearing. I found a new decoy that's been great.
  14. Spearable ice...

    At least you have ice, we have waves lapping at the shore. I have been thinking the boat should come back out, I need to do something usefull
  15. Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone, have safe and enjoyable day . Remember that this day is for family and friends and to eat to your hearts content .