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  1. Since Bulleit was mentioned so much, I thought I'd check for it tonight when I went to get my standards. With all the positive reviews I went to scanning the top shelf right away. I didn't find it till I got a little lower. I can say I was a little surprised to see it priced at $24. What is it that everyone likes about it? I'm curious now. I wasn't curious enough to add it to the tab though. By the way, Johnnie Walker Platinum and Blue Label took top honors in the price category at $99 and $209 per bottle respectively.
  2. I thought there was no point?
  3. Thanks for the reminder. The trash goes to the road tonight for tomorrow's pick up. I'll drag it down the driveway on my way to the lake.
  4. Had to bring the wife back last night anyway but a 3 day run woulda been nice. I got to play with and feed our granddaughter, get ice gear thawed out and recharge batteries, making lunch and gonna head out for the evening bite. I have a dream!
  5. Well, if I woulda spent some time in the bichfest forum last night I would've been reminded to make other plans than going to work today. So there coulda been some value there. Got payroll approved and saw I was on holiday today so I left. Still not used to having this day off.
  6. We have shanty towns comprised of mostly locals in central MN too. Crappie holes and walleye structure are only so big, and not so secret anymore. How many boats work the same stuff during the summer? Boats move though - perm fish houses don't. People grumble on the water and ice about others on their stuff or being too close all year. It's just more noticeable in the winter. I caught myself being a little annoyed with someone on Saturday for setting up his porty about 50 - 60 yards in front of my truck and wheel house. A smaller, private access lake that a friend helped me get on and plowed a road to try this "new" spot. The plow width allowed me to set our house down perfectly snug in its path and with his loop, it would allow me to move deeper off the break if I wanted. We were the only ones on that end of the lake. The porty was just off the outgoing loop but made me feel uncomfortable with executing the move plan because it would've put me in his face. This was in a basin so I didn't understand "why there?" It was about the only place in the white wide open that could mess up my plan. I had to tell myself to not be annoyed and just get back to fishin. If it really mattered I would've either talked to him or broke trail in another angle. Too close is VERY relative to where you are.
  7. Legally and traditionally, yes. Anyone can have a lake home in the winter. There's a license that says so. The 10 foot rule keeps the claim size in check so others can share the resource. Some people prefer bigger yards than others. Be a good neighbor.
  8. Maybe he's between home and the lake.
  9. Why take chances? Save money at Moreys. Com! But that would cheat you out of a trolling run.
  10. The Scouts are $5 - 8k. The toy hauler door is about $1,500 if you want to build yourself a house on a new $2k frame.
  11. And that's where we all differ. I fish for the sake of fishing. It's just something that makes me, me. On occasion I'm on a mission to harvest but usually my harvest is just incidental to me being on the water. I prefer to not freeze fish for later consumption - I'll eat it fresh, thanks. And then there are those that garden flowers instead of vegetables for the same reason. It's just something in their nature. I've had my greedy years just like many others have. I can still remember the day I learned restraint: Fishing 'Tonka one day we got onto a gill bite that was FABULOUS. Lots of big gills and we just kept tossing them in the livewell as fast as we could. Of course after a while the bite died and at that time we wondered why. I let the boat drift up shallow and in the clear water we could see the now desolate honeycomb of the spawning bed. The only thing left were the hungry little perch. It was a slap upside the head. Duh! We tossed at least half of those fish back on the spot. We've never pillaged another spot like that again.
  12. When I started ice fishing anyone who had a shelter fished like a king. Today it's just the diehards that bare ice it all day. I think we all know technology is has given us a MASSIVE edge in finding and catching fish and our expectations have risen with our abilities. Efficient fishers don't have to wait for the hot bite to happen in their preferred spots; now we go find it. The transportation not only on the lakes has improved but our range of travel has expanded incredibly, making pretty much everyplace a viable target. The days of fishing 3-1/2 arm lengths down over the local crappie hole with just a bucket of minnows is over, in concept. Now we can all go find our own crappie hole, or edge, or flat and actually see the fish. What I hope changes is the mentality of sitting on the same fish and milking them for all they're worth. If success is solely determined by what's in the bucket, it won't. I like catching too but the game of hide and seek is exciting too. And the days that I win fill me up as much as a pile of fillets; just in a different way.
  13. That's a good question. My guess is they'll say it's made for "toys" that are within the weight limit. I'm curious about these small houses too.
  14. You can, and should get a cover for your auger if your travels cause that problem. I know exactly what your talking about. I can say as an Ion owner I don't have the same worries. Haven't coated it in slush and ice yet but wouldn't anyway if I could help it. There are switches that need to operate but no oily linkages and springs that are snow magnets.
  15. This. It makes or breaks most business relationships. Granted lots of goof ups can't be overcome but those who care and have a good product won't goof up lots.