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  1. I've got a smaller shoremaster boat lift that I'm having a problem getting adjusted so the brake is not so tight when you crank it down. I've had the winch apart and the clutch or brake disc looks ok. If I put a big screwdriver in the cogs, loosen the big wheel, tighten the center bolt, it still seems to tighten up. In the center of the big wheel theres a bolt, a bushing about an inch long and a coil spring. The coil spring has probably gotten bigger in diameter as it goes over the bushing. Should this spring be on the outside of the steel bushing?
  2. Thanks for the replies. I asked this question on a farm site forum and everybody said don't use it. It will damage the aluminum wheels and screw up sensors. Its a super slow, 1-2 lb. leak per week and garage couldn't find it. Suggested I try kids bubble blowing liquid on it to try and find leak. I think its probably from aluminum wheels corroding.
  3. Quick question--got a slow slow leak in tire on 2015 Impala, garage can't find it. Will tire slime screw up the air pressure sensors?
  4. Trolling motor plug

    FWIW, I got the plug apart--the small end pulled out of the large end. Didn't use the plug as the wires on trolling motor looked too big for the holes on the plug.
  5. Trolling motor plug

    Connecting wires, clipping old ends off trolling motor and need to push wire ends into two holes in this plug, Twisted on it a bit last weekend but couldn't get it to come apart. Will try prying on it.
  6. Trolling motor plug

    OK, thanks for the info. I'll give that a try.
  7. Trolling motor plug

    I'm putting an old trolling motor on a new boat. Need to switch to the new style quick connect plug. How does the plug that has 3 male prongs on one end and 2 holes that my trolling motor wires go into come apart? Twist? Pry?
  8. Sweet barbeque sauce

    I guess I wasn't too far off when I was thinking of sweet stuff to use and the two things that came to mind were apricot jam and orange marmalade.
  9. Sweet barbeque sauce

    Strawberry jam sounds interesting, I'll have to do a little experimenting with that. Thanks.
  10. The wife and I went out to eat last Sat. nite-the American Legion in Fergus Falls. The place has great barbequed ribs. They have a rather sweet sauce on them and we were trying to figure out what they use to sweeten it up. Wife said brown sugar, but I said its not that. My guess was some kind of jam. The consistency of the sauce seemed kind of jam like. Anybody have any thoughts on sweetening up a barbeque sauce but not making it sickeningly sweet.
  11. Furnace vents question

    Opening around pvc pipe that goes into chimney is plugged. No other exhaust devices in the house. FWIW after furnace had run I went down in the basement, opened basement hot air vent and it would draw smoke in. Pulled furnace filter and it would draw smoke into that opening. The heat ducts coming off furnace is a box maybe 10 or 12" by about 2 ft. wide probably 15' long going two directions. The 8" pipes come off the top of these and go to each room. Don't know if the large volume of air in the ducts would have any thing to do with it or not. I know there's a good depth of insulation in the attic. Assume the walls are insulated.
  12. Furnace vents question

    crix, yeah thats what I think has to be happening, its setting up its own circulation. I,m not heating the basement. There's a basement vent but I have it closed. Suppose I could try opening it for the heck of it. Maybe a cold basement has something to do with it. Heading up this weekend--have to see whats coming out the vents when everything is cold. Have hi eff. furnace in home and can't feel any air coming out cold air vent.
  13. Furnace vents question

    House was built in the 70's. Don't see any air intake from the outside. Cold air return on inside wall. When I held my hand down by the air return last Sunday it felt like there was a duct running straight to the outside but there isn't.
  14. Furnace vents question

    I'll take a look at the ducts and see if I see any dampers. Haven't noticed any before. Windows and doors are tight, the only place I can feel air moving is by the furnace vents. Was wondering if the duct work could set up its own ciculation between cold duct and hot duct, but my covering the heat registers should have stopped this.
  15. Furnace vents question

    No air exchanger. What I cannot for the life of me understand is how when I disconnected and plugged air intake and exhaust outlet there was still air flow thru the duct work. Its a closed system. No air can get in.