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  1. Was clearing some downed trees from trails this morning. Checked a couple of trees and would you look at that. I didn't look very hard so I'm sure there are more, but of course have to head to work. Cold weather predicted after today though...
  2. It will probably naturally repopulate as Aspen/popple, which will will be pretty dense within a couple years. Otherwise planting a lot of pines (W. Spruce, W. Pine, R. Pine) will help with what you're looking for. Look into the dnr nursery to do some supplemental pine planting and let the aspen return as well. Or have someone with a dozer come in and get rid of your stumps, and plant a big perennial plot.
  3. The cold last night didn't help but I will expect them at the end of April here in SW WI, same as last year. On the south facing slopes at least. Haven't heard any yet but shouldn't be long.
  4. photos

    Pool 8 fatty today. Texas rigged plastic on a current seam.
  5. photos

    Been putting up some decent smallies and largemouth the last week cranking wingdams and fishing plastics on the riprap and wood. Fish are definitely moving. Pool 8/9
  6. Lots of public land options out there as well and you wouldn't have much competition during bow season. Idaho has tags over the counter available right now first time first serve until they run out. Nebraska is over the counter without caps. Wyoming draws later in the spring.
  7. MCI: Sorry, but Waylon's only interests in life are ducks and my dirty laundry. I didn't start really getting into the shed hunting until recently so I didn't train him for it. I will probably do so with my next pup. He just tags along. With the increase in popularity of shed hunting there is plenty of information out there. I know a few shed dogs and I know it's not as easy to get them excited about old bone then about a nice stinky duck, but definitely possible. The guys I know also compete in local shed competitions (staged courses) , so if you look into that type of thing there should be a group of guys with a lot of knowledge.
  8. A few finds since yesterday. Many bucks still toting both sides as of last week here. The chewed up shed was a nice one but guessing from last year since all tines and the main beam down to the G2 were eaten. The deadhead is super old obviously.
  9. I spent a lot of time with military issue rucks on my back. I wouldn't recommend it...I would stick to the civilian world. The military makes one-type-fits-all equipment. I would do some research and try a few out and see what you like. And it doesn't seem like the surplus stuff is that cheap anyhow. Just my two cents on that.
  10. Had to go all the way back to Missouri to hunt in the snow this year! Beautiful morning but not much movement. Did see some late rut activity Friday.
  11. Not piling them up but have had some fun hunts the last week. Pretty fun to watch the Cans work.
  12. There have been a lot of birds down on the Mississippi the last couple weeks. About 90% Cans and a mix of other divers and puddlers. A bunch of gads showed up this week but are the finickiest gads I've ever seen. I'm currently watching some live cans taking a nap in my spread since I already have mine.
  13. A lot of birds down in the lower pools, and the weather finally decided to cooperate. A limit this morning, and a few birds from a short evening hunt earlier in the week. My youngest lab Waylon impressed this week.
  14. Haha, yea it's amazing what a couple hours of North/south travel will do. It was cold though. We had 40-50 mph gusts on opener. Sunday calmed down but still cold. Finally. I was tired of the November summer weather. And thanks, he wasn't a mature deer but had to make a quick decision as he was running from a neighboring property drive. I'm happy.
  15. Nice deer everyone. Here is mine from Wisconsin gun season yesterday afternoon.