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  1. swedishpimple

    Deer Camp Grub

    NoWiser.....I hope you are canoeing way out into the bush or something.....that is a real "Granola Eater" menu there. On a windy day I would be worried about blowing over.
  2. swedishpimple

    When are you leaving for the deer camp?

    I have seen a lot "rigs" blowing threw town last night and today....I may as well head out too...pretty hard to be productive. I should be to camp around 10 tomorrow...check on 1 more a grouse...shoot a duck...if the ponds melt off again.
  3. swedishpimple

    When are you leaving for the deer camp?

    Maybe tomorrow night after 10 pm or Friday Morning. It is a very long 30 min. trip for me
  4. swedishpimple

    Excited for potential SNOW!!!!

    Looks like a real [PoorWordUsage] Shoot for many of us. SItting in a cold rain sucks...then sitting in a cold windy reain...really sucks....rather have the snow..or bring my shotgun and go find some ducks. Any rain after Halloween is just a waste of good snow.
  5. swedishpimple

    Excited for potential SNOW!!!!

    Hutch Johnson of KVLY just posted this....... Expect breezy, cloudy but mild weather this evening for all of the trick-or-treaters. A MAJOR winter storm is looking more likely for portions of the Valley this weekend!! Several inches of snow, wind and cold will hit North Dakota and northern Minnesota Don't forget you Southerners...and City is normally 10-20 degrees cooler in the Northern 1/3 of the State...what is rain for some may be snow for others..... is time to go get some candy now
  6. swedishpimple

    Excited for potential SNOW!!!!

    I look at 4 sources...Accuweather.....never correct......Weather Channel/ 50%.......NOAA...about 75% or Better.....and Too Tall Tom Szymanski formerly of KVLY in Fargo now out of 80% or better So... I am thinking rain Saturday...hopefully changing over to snow around 3:30 pm North of Bemidji...or so I hope
  7. swedishpimple

    Am I the only one who hates Daylite Savings Time?

    I like it......wish it was year round.
  8. First year hunting was the year of the Halloween I "grew up" hunting in deep snow my first few years. Lately there has been very little snow during our rifle season.....but....I am daydreaming about snowflakes and a cold NW on Saturday......and waking up to a white ground on Sunday. Can't beat the first snow of the year from your deer it!!!!
  9. swedishpimple

    Deer Camp Name and Your Tradition

    Not going to post the name...cuz it includes parts of our names....and we don't need PETA and the "antis" burning our place down, we have had several fires also has a corporate ring to it....the "Occupy Wallstreet" crowd may think we a bigtime 1% corporate farmers. Traditions: Biscuits and Gravy.....Boiled Dinner.....Stew....Chili...Vikings games...and cocktails
  10. I think I will be able to work something is just interesting to see the passion and priorities we all have. For those saying to discuss with your family.....well....I will invite you over to chat with the 3 yo then...see where that goes...I hope you like Thomas the Train, and we all know how a spouse can be. Anyways...this fun and thanks for you opinions and thanks for sharing what you have done.
  11. It is interesting to get everyones take on this. It would be more fun to know everyones back ground I started the thread...I may go first. 1. Job# 1 Professional (Salary)....# 2 Retail....darn near Min. Wage 2. Age: Early 30's 3. College Educated...(2 degrees, took second job to pay off college) (took 2nd job the second time due to "Great Recession") 4. Non-Union 5. Homeowner (Mortgage payer I mean) 6. Married..1 kid (in daycare) 7. Votes...right wing 8. Never in the military (they sacrafice lots of hunting..this is so petty) 9. Not underwater on mortgage (Only by sweat equity) 10. Live in the "Outstate" 11. Vacation not used....Over 20 weeks....lost count...never use it 12. Hunt private land.....owned by myself and hunting party 13. Days out hunting or fishing since last Rifle season (2.5...all fishing) 14. Health Insurance?.......kind of.... 15. Retirement?.......not anymore 16. Raise?......not in 5 years 17. Self-employed? of..that is job #3 I guess) 18. Spouse works???..yes (too much too..salaried limited benefits) Add to the list if you want....maybe you have an idea of where I am coming from On the fence on quitting...not the right thing to do, but it would be nice to live my own life...working 60-80hrs a week for 9 years..never having vaction or seeing your child grow up is not living free......
  12. swedishpimple


    Better watch out for the "Shiners" on Halloween night
  13. It might happen next might not....some of the party is aging...heart never knows....we must strike while the iron is hot...and not regret missing something
  14. Looks like we are a bunch of "Quiters"
  15. About 7 months there....worked at a different outfit for job #2 before. So it is the first hunting season...but it was clearly requested and planned around, pretty much from day 1.