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  1. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Stuck between a rock and a hard place!!!

    Hmmmm!!!! I thought I posted this 2 months ago? The issue has been resolved
  2. Problem with my Marcum Flasher...

    Is your ducer all the way down to the bottom of the hole? Sounds like a dumb question, but now that the ice is so darn thick if you have it halfway down you might be getting a signal that is bouncing off the sides of the hole. (Not to go off or highjack your post),but I got my first Marcum this year and the first time the battery got low it started having major interference issues and I couldnt figure out for the life of me what was going on. Is this something normal with the VX-1's? I used to own a FL-8 and am starting to wonder why I ever got rid of it. At least with them the colors just started to fade and they still functioned fine.
  3. ice auger idle?

    Hey chuck I believe I know exactly what your problem is because mine was doing the same thing as you described, mine was that the throttle cable cut it's way through the plastic handle. Not sure what style of throttle lever yours has though. If that is the problem (causes idle to drop) mine has the plastic lever that is mounted to handle with one screw through the handle to attach it, if you further questions or just dont quite understand what I am talking about email me and you will give you my phone # to better explain how I remedied it.
  4. Wireless Router Issues Please help if you can!!!!!!!!!!

    Some of it does, the older pc I was referring to actually hasnt been used for some time now, but we were thinking of just using to run the router through. Since we still use our newer desktop on a regular basis we thought that it would make more sense to run the router through it instead of using the old desktop. What are these codes you speak of???? Is it just a way to secure our network so others cant use ours or invade our privacy? So if we remove our wireless card from our newer desktop, would that help get it loaded onto it instead? Yes we do have Vista and what are the chances thats the problem? Thanks upnorth for all your help thus far and the rest of you guys too....
  5. Wireless Router Issues Please help if you can!!!!!!!!!!

    Last night we tried it on our old compter and it worked, so we got to thinking since our newer desktop came with the wireless card in it already should we just take the card out of this computer and then try it? Does this make sense to you guys at all? I figured if our old PC doesnt have a card in it and it accepted the program then if this was the case when we removed the card from our newer PC it would probably work in the same fashion.
  6. whats better prefomance egineering or ice castle

    My buddy use to work for Tom and yes he builds a nice house, but the only thing that I dont like about his houses is the fact that he uses PL400 glue on the back of his interior sheeting to prevent warping, but if you ever need to get at wiring or just remodel it you are going to have a blast getting that stuff off. Just an FYI and like I said he does build a very nice house.
  7. Wheel house holes

    Go with computer fans instead they move the air nicely and dont take much juice.
  8. 15 Rules of the Fish House

    Thats pretty good!!!! I would change the one about the cell phone to none allowed in house period, since that is what ice fishing is about right? If you need to use it go outside or just leave it in the truck IMO Only can be used when you catch a big one and then you are limited to 10min, some would prolly have withdrawls if this was the case. I have one to add, if you are going out to grab a beer, then ask the rest too...
  9. Aerator-How close is too close?

    Doesnt always help though. 2 years ago I had my house on Eagle lake and it has one and all season I had always taken the same path to and from house and one night after a few beverages I for some reason just decided instead of backing up I just went right around my house and BAMMO I dropped my rear tire through... Last year I took a different path one day and I dropped the whole truck and I was pushing ice with my bumper and I had to pin it in 4 HIGH, and eventually had to shift all the way down do first gear to get back up onto the ice and this stretch lasted all of 50yds. The only thing I can come up with was that there was a huge water pocket due to the aerator which was a good 200yds away. Ice is NEVER truly safe 100%, especially when there is a aerator involved. The DNR usually stakes out a "SAFE" distance, but not in all cases. Due to this I have only been on that lake once since with my car,even though the fishing can be great out there. NO FISH WORTH MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not even a 20lb walleye.
  10. We purchased a dell last year and we also got a Netgear router with it and have never had to install it, because we never had a laptop until last night. First off I suck at this computer junk, I can find my way around OK, but when it comes to troubleshooting I am lost. I put the disk in and it gives me the option to do the setup and then I click it and nothing happens, so then I went to my computer to try that and no luck either. I called their so-called tech support tonight and waited for over a half hour to be cut off all of a sudden. I know their are some computer savy people on here and was hoping you could give me some other options or do I need to go out and buy a new router? Thanks
  11. I was looking at these yesterday and am thinking of buying one, but not sure what size to go with? I was thinking of running one or two 60 watt light bulbs and a TV/DVD Combo, and once in a while a coffe maker and toaster, but not all at the same time. So given this usage......How big of one do I need?
  12. Glow Jigs

    Those brands all last longer than that for me usually. What are you charging them with? I use a cheap flasher or led light or a tazer from I believe LIndy. Others that come to mind are Demons by custum jigs and spins, plain old moon glows, and I have good luck also with Shrimpos from custom jigs also, the head glows and so does the body on these, and they work awesome for crappies, and the last one that really sticks in my mind is the Forage Minnow by Northland.
  13. Funny??? I asked this same question (except it was for the drivers side) and got 1 reply on the subject over the last couple weeks. Is this also the case with my 96 too then?
  14. How big of one do I need to be able to power a TV and dvd player or say a microwave? Have no clue where to start on this subject.