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  1. Hornady SST's are everywhere now days. The AccuTips are a little harder to find. krugerfarms had plenty of them before the season though. Why would you put iron sights on a tack driver? Put a scope on it and prepare to be amazed. Pretty impressed so far with my Vortex 3x9
  2. Buy the 220. 3 rounds touching at 100 yards with Rem Accutips. I havent shot out to 200 yet but ive heard 4" groups. I've only dropped the hammer on one doe with it so far and she went about 60-70 yards and piled up, made a real nice hole..
  3. HSO Deer Photo's

    Its pretty amazing how much deer can change from year to year. Also, some areas have characteristics that will make all the bucks look very similar (which is what you have going on there by the looks of it) I personally look at the bases on this deer and see, more than likely, a 4.5 year old deer. You are in a good area by the looks of it. My thought is he would have peaked close to 200". I picked up sheds from a deer several years ago (well one side) and it was literally bigger than a beer can and just a club. About 10" with several stickers off it. Usually when a deer is on the decline you see A)tons more mass, b)JUNK. Seems to be the trend anyway.
  4. HSO Deer Photo's

    Haha. That buck isnt on the decline, hate to break it to ya. Probably a 4.5, MAYBE 5.5 year old deer. He had a couple good years left to grow. Unless you're somewhere wih no decent food sources. Not trying to detract from your deer, its a great buck.
  5. Looks to me like someone dropped a peice of beef jerky in the river and you caught it. The cat looks hungry.
  6. Ive had the same thing happen. On one hunt last year we had a pair and then a group of 5 do it to the boot bags with 5 spinners going in the field. BUT 99% of the time, this will not be the case. Must have just been some extra dumb ones that day.
  7. 99% of the time you will not shoot geese if you have a spinner running. Sometimes you get lucky with a single or a pair, but almost never have big flocks do it to a spinner. Seems like we need to not only turn the spinner off, but take it down and hide it, and hide the pole as well..
  8. Perhaps its true. We've put 18 banded geese down so far. 9 in one hunt No banded ducks yet. Have heard of quite a few banded woodies shot though.
  9. Goose ID please

    I was at Fleet Farm the day of the youth hunt a few years ago and a kid picked up a coot decoy and said "GRANDPA! This is what I shot today! Whats it called again!?" Yes it is grandpa replied, Its a wood duck! WOW.
  10. Goose ID please

    I think one thing we've positively identified here is a bunch of people that need to work on waterfowl ID.....
  11. Goose ID please Juvie Blue. Case closed.
  12. Goose ID please

    Correct Tyler. Ive got to personally see and hold THOUSANDS in the spring. Its a juvy blue, plain and simple. No brandt, no nothing. Straight up juvie blue. That white patch is just the start of the eagle head. I've shot plenty of bats just as black as that one in Feb, March and April. Thats this years model, dust the egg shells off its back and toss it on the grill. Should be tasty.
  13. Goose ID please

    Snows and blues in general aren't very big.
  14. Goose ID please

    200% sure Juvy Blue