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  1. Screen Saver Picture Slideshows

    For XP, go the the control panel and open the Display. Select the tab in the Display Properties for the screen saver. From the screen saver pull-down menu, select My Picture Slideshow. Once My Picture Slideshow has been selected, you set the folder and view options by clicking settings.
  2. I've got the same dimensions and I wear an XL easily.
  3. Ice Fishing Reels...

    What's the difference between the Tica Cetus SE and the SS and SB? I heard it has a spare aluminum spool. From the pictures I've seen, the SE's look like they have a new handle and body design too.
  4. who makes the brightest L.E.D. lights

    LMIT - the lights are extremely durable. The LEDs are encased in a rubberized plastic that is flexible even when very cold. The wires are pretty thin, but not really an issue if you wire them up right and use some heat shrink tubing.
  5. Do you prefer company, or alone?

    If I'm fishing, I often prefer to be alone. If I'm catching, I want all my fishing buddies in the boat with me to share the thrill.
  6. Lowrance Broadband Sounders

    Broadband sounders are basically DSP (digital signal processing.) The device takes the analog signal the transducer receives back as an echo and runs it through algorithms to clean it up based on predictable fishing patterns so the screen presents better separation and overall better feedback. I've heard that the next generation of Lowrance head units will have this capability without running the stand alone box. Not sure on this, but that's what I heard. The broadband also varies the analog output through a feedback system to the lowest level needed for a good return. The lower the output, the less noise and distortion that needs to be dealt with on the return signal from odd bounces and 2x, 3x returns.
  7. Wilcraft fishing vehicles

    Hey guys, would love to get a snobear. They don't seem practical for fishing the St. Croix, that is where I will be using it most of the time. Can those snobears float and extract themselves from open water? Thanks for the information. Any more feedback on the wilcraft vehicles?
  8. The Best Way To Hold A Fish

    I like to hold them longitudinally and not in latitudinal orientation...
  9. Good Beers

    I haven't had too many beers that are bad IMO. Moose Drool and Samuel Smith are good brown ales. Some good smaller midwest breweries I subscribe to are: Bell's New Glarus Viking Brewing Company Rush River Schell's
  10. Anyone have first hand feedback on using these units? I'm looking for positives and negatives regarding real experiences operating and fishing out of them. I'm thinking heavily about purchasing one. I dropped over to the Maplewood location and did a test drive, they seem really solid and the safety aspect is a big seller. I will need to sell an ATV that I don't use for anything other than ice fishing to facilitate the purchase. I'm a little worried of trading a vehicle with a sweet motor, for a Briggs and Stratton large lawnmower engine. Should I be worried about an engine like that on the ice? Thanks!
  11. Camp fire cooking

    I absolutely love the Cee Dub campfire cooking show. He uses a Dutch Oven in complete silence better than anyone!
  12. How Many Cranks......?

    The Woodbury and Forest Lake Gander Mtn clearance tables pretty much always look like a bomb went off. I got some salmo's a couple of weeks ago, but it was hard digging.
  13. Humminbird vs vexilar

    If setup correctly, pretty much right in the middle of the pack. They all get the job done well.
  14. Genmar making tin boats again

    Or a Chinese hull shipped over and assembled.
  15. Whats the difference between .....

    I believe the converter will rectify a poor waveform better than the charger, providing a more predictable performance while using a cheap generator.