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  1. Chevy Suburban excellent reliable runner. I have all maintenance records, regular oil changes. Except for some rust the truck is in very good condition. ~182,000 miles (low miles for this year). Same vehicle as the Yukon XL. Selling for $3,600.KEY FEATURES:- Black exterior, grey interior- Engine 5.3L V8 Flex-fuel- Selectable 2 & 4 wheel drive, or automatic/AWD- Seating for up to 9 people (rare setup)- Ice cold A/C, great heat- Very quiet & comfortable ride, include 3rd row removable seat- You can fit a 4x8' sheet of plywood flat in cargo area, if 3rd row seat removed and 2nd row seats fold down- Custom Husky floor mats, including cargo area - Day-time running lights- Automatic rear view mirror dimmer, compass, exterior temp display- AM/FM/CD stereo- Tri-zoned climate control- Cruise control, power doors/locks/mirrorsLocated in Forest Lake/Chisago Lakes area. If interested, please call/text (651) 33six-89ten.Thanks for looking!
  2. Selling my Musky magazine collection. Total 22 Musky Hunter issues and 2 Esox Angler issues: - Musky Hunter 22 issues in excellent/like new condition, most of the issues 2008-2013, and Dec/Jan 2003 - Esox Angler 2 issues excellent/like new condition, 2008 List price for these Musky Hunter is $5/issue, and Esox Angler $8/issue. Asking $40 for the whole lot. Call 651-336-8910 if interested. Thanks for looking!
  3. Home for Sale by Owner Help

    Tom, All good food for thought, FSBO is not for everyone. Personally I did not do a pure FSOB, i used a service that provided me a lot of the stuff needed (e.g. professional signage, brochures, MLS, Disclosure form, realtor showing scheduling service, etc). But that alone does not suffice. Definitely need to do your homework, and is good to have a real estate lawyer involved with the purchase agreement. Even with all that not everyone is cut out to try selling it on their own. As I've read posts here on the Realtor side, you can't just assume they will take care of everything for your best interest. So pays to do your homework even if you enlist one to sell your home. Always good to find one based on personal referrals imo.
  4. Home for Sale by Owner Help

    Delcecchi, My neighbor is getting market analysis from realtors way over what similar or better homes have sold for in the last few months. I am convinced they are telling him this just to get him under contract. Doesn't take rocket science to get an idea of the ballpark for a realistic asking/selling price. Information on homes that sold recently, or are under contract in your area are readily available on the Internet. Tom, FSBO like I was saying to Lip_Ripper, is not for everyone, especially if you aren't prepared to do your homework and properly executing the house prep, pricing, listing, and selling. Good thing is that if you have the luxury of some extra time on the market, the cheap cost of getting the home listed FSBO could be worth it for the little cost. Listing with a Realtor can always be a fallback. Just need to be prepared to accept/understand the real risk/benefits/effort required about what you are getting yourself into. Dave, what your doing is exactly why we sold our last house FSBO, and it really paid off IMO. However we did what you did, so it helped. Although a realtor (if you get the right one), I'm sure can make a big difference with selling quicker, getting a better price, less hassle, etc. The real work you do to get the house ready for sale and appeal to buyers is what I think is the single biggest factor that you have control over to sell your home faster and for a better price. If you or anyone is not real good at what makes sense to update, how to prioritize where to spend your money, and how to do it so it appeals to the most buyers, then you should consult someone that does. The way we staged our home for selling was completely different than how we had it setup for living in. We filled a 10x20 storage unit with all the stuff that we took out so that the house looked as de-cluttered as possible... and we were in no way hoarders and this is in addition to the loads of stuff we brought to Good Will. ** One key piece of advice that we got from others, DO NOT show any potential buyers look at your house until it is completely ready and staged for showings. Even if they say the understand your improvements are unfinished, or house is not completely ready. I think we lost some buyer interest because we did not follow this advice. Anyways, good luck with selling your home Thanks all for continuing to provide feedback to this thread.
  5. Home for Sale by Owner Help

    Thanks Lip_Ripper for the insight, I'll pass it onto my neighbor that is trying to figure this out. I was fortunate when I sold my own home, I used an FSBO that did list my home on MLS and was showing up on various realtor web sites. I ended up lucking out and selling my home in 2 weeks (properly fixing up & staging, as well as high demand for lake homes probably helped a lot). But I think you are right that FSBO is not for everyone, especially if you aren't prepared to do your homework and properly executing the house prep, listing, and selling. It was interesting that in those 2 weeks I had mine for sale, I had only had one professional realtor showing. My buyer and some other very interested parties came from my Open House, seeing it on the Internet, and references. I think the price I ended up selling it for was pretty close to what the market would yield at the time. Since neither me or the buyer used a professional agent so saved me quite a bit of money. I did use my own lawyer to put together the purchase agreement.
  6. Home for Sale by Owner Help

    Thanks for all your advice guys I'm actually trying to help out an elderly neighbor. I had sold our previous house using a for sale by owner service (Home Avenue - included posting to MLS and the other things I needed for $700), Now he wants me to advise him on the process to help save him money. I put this out there to all of folks on this site because I thought it important to do additional due diligence on other for sale by owner company options & advise before I talk to him. This site has always been a great resource. I did a little bit of searching on Angie's List & Yelp, but only had couple of hits. One of them was the company I used and the 2 sites had feedback that opposed the other.
  7. Home for Sale by Owner Help

    Thanks for the info PF. Good tip on the closing costs. As for as the selling side of it ... unfortunately you have to go through a realtor or flat rate type service to list on MLS, Mankato may be a bit too far away unfortunately since I'm in the Chisago Lakes area.
  8. Looking for recommendations for a company to work with regarding selling a home by owner. Looking to eliminate money on seller commissions for a lake home in the Chisago Lakes area (North Center Lake). Services I would need: MLS listing & listing to other home sale sites, disclosure forms, scheduling service for realtor showings, professional for sale signs, sales brochure, open house listing. If selling becomes a problem, would be helpful if the company had a flat rate realtor upgrade option. Any other advise you have about the general process for selling by owner or flat rate realtors would be appreciated. Thanks!!!
  9. Line Color

    f For braid/fused link this for sure it true. Saw the same results on Leech. I was catching and partner was not - only difference I was using floro leader and partner was not. As soon as he put a floro leader on he was game on. Now for Mono, I am not sure since I use fireline for almost everything for walleye. However, I use colored mono for ice fishing with jigs because that clear line is too hard for me to see against the snow. I have not noticed a big difference. But may have to do some testing by having one rigged with clear line if fish are just sniffing but not committing.
  10. Looking for some help with feedback on this hotel in Shell Lake. Reviews are total polar opposite - either horrible customer service/dirty/poorly maintained - or the best place ever. Can someone help me out with their own feedback on this hotel since it was purchased from AmericaInn? My wife and I were looking to rent a Jaccuzzi suite for a long weekend in Mid-July. If this one is a not a good option, our fall back is to to to the Best Western in Spooner just a few minutes north. Thanks!
  11. Heads up on Daiwa Lexa 300

    Thanks for the heads up. Never have tried measuring my casts, but 75 yards for 1.5 oz seems like a pretty decent cast for that weight.
  12. Pistol-handle fore-grip accessory

    Never seen or heard of that, seems a bit odd. I'd be interested in seeing pictures of this contraption.