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  1. Fuel filter for Optimax??

    Extra corrosion inhibitors and system cleaners over the red stabil. Supposed to protect parts better from ethanol and moisture. I'd post a link but it would get deleted.
  2. Fuel filter for Optimax??

    Your right, had a brain fart. I don't want the bulk and expense of seperator, water remover is easier and cheaper. Thought he was talking about a filter not a seperator.
  3. Fuel filter for Optimax??

    Replying to the filter part. There isn't really a good way to remove water from gas other than making it able to burn.(Nox-Ice, Heet and other water remover) If your worried about water over the winter, add some water remover before you store the boat and mix it in good. I always run Stabil in my boats all season long. Want to try the marine Stabil as soon as I can find it.
  4. 115 Yamaha correct prop size.

    A 16p or 17p stainless should be close to perfect. Aluminum props are less aggressive than stainless props thus the extra pitch. My boat came with a 21 pitch however a 17p-19p stainless is whats needed for my combo depending on weight.
  5. Fuel filter for Optimax??

    I run the clear plastic inline filters made by Tempo on every outboard, on the fuel line. All my motors have filters under the hood however I prefer an inline in addition. Don't have to pull the filter on the motor near as often either and risk breaking the plastic parts.
  6. Genmar making tin boats again

    The same Lund combo I bought new in 2001 would cost $7-10k more now than back then. Prices and materials didn't inflate that much and I think thats what Genmar is talking about. The same truck I bought new in 04' would only cost about $700 more now than in 04'.
  7. Genmar making tin boats again

    Cost of aluminum materials depends on shape, demand, size, quanity, grade and etc. Scrap prices have little to do with it. Go price enough 5053 alum sheet, Ibeams, formed trim/rails, rivets and etc at a local supplier and see what the price tag comes to, will be wayyyy over $1k. If the boat is a great quality and performing, Canadian or US built boat I think it will be a winner giving Genmars track record. If its made in China or similar places it has no place in my driveway. Outboard choice is very important to me, thats the reason why a Lund or Crestliner wouldn't be considered as a next boat for me.
  8. Is shrink wrapping worth it?

    I don't think its worth it. I don't think theres anything that will keep the mice out. Put on a cover and moth ball the heck out of the interior.
  9. Crestliner hook in the hull?

    A decent hook in the hull on the planing surface will hurt speed. Might want to take a large straight edge like a level and do some measuring to see the extent of the hook.
  10. Switched to AMSOil, I have a couple questions

    You say you have a 95' 25hp yamaha and its oil injected. What Amsoil oil are you using. I have an 05' 25hp Yami 2Stroke and its premix, I run Amsoil Sabre Outboard at 75:1. A bit of smoking at startup is normal.
  11. Yamaha VMAX 150 OX66 ticking

    I'd hook the hose up to the motor and run it in the driveway (Idle in neutral) with the hood off. Try to pinpoint an area where the sound is coming from. Look for any pushed out broken gaskets, leaks and etc. If its interal you'll have to do a teardown. Sometimes fuel injectors can make a ticking noise. Can't remember for shure if the OX66 is carbed or FI. Thought it was FI.
  12. ??? about Amsoil mixture, Oilman????

    Sounds good. Thanks oilman. Hopefully you guys don't see more rain from Gustov.
  13. MAX RPM ?

    You also don't want to run a prop that lugs the motor down too much either. Pick a prop thats gets you towards the upper end of the manufactuers recommended range for best performance.
  14. Prop Advice...Any suggestions?

    Thats good advice there. Stainless props are more aggressive than aluminum props and usually you have go down and inch or two in pitch when going to stainless from an aluminum prop. Overall a stainless prop will hold better and overall perform better than an aluminum prop on a boat with trim/tilt.
  15. MAX RPM ?

    Sounds like you figured out the problem. Losing grip and the motor unloads. I used to have a 13 1/4x21 aluminum prop on my boat and if you trim it above 3/4 on the gauge the rpm would spike and lose its grip. Now I have a 13 1/2x19 stainless prop and I can trim it up almost into tilt without any blowout or unloading, gained many mph with the stainless prop also. A 13 3/8"x17 sounds like the right size for an aluminum prop. Stainless props are more aggressive than aluminum props so sometimes you need to drop down an inch in pitch. Seems like a 13 3/8x17 stainless 3 blade wuld work well. Solas also makes top notch prop. Turbo and Stiletto are made by Precision propellers Inc who also makes some props for Yamaha.