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  1. Mag 2000 quicker starting suggestions?

    I run sea foam and premium gas in all my 2-stoke motors all year. Never have any problems with the carbs.
  2. Venison Steaks

    Sounds Great!
  3. Making Spring Bobbers

    I have a few of those spring bobbers, threw them away and bought a Power noodle from Thorne Bro's. No need to buy another spring bobber.
  4. I had the pleasure of growing up in the 70's when it was crazy with ducks!! We could go out just about every weekend until the ponds iced up and shoot our limits of ducks with single shot 20 gauges! Pheasants were also thick, but a goose on the other hand was very, very rare. I do think this is my last season hunting waterfowl in MN. I had been over in the Dakotas the last few years and thought I'd try it this year back in MN. What a mistake I made for opener!
  5. Waterfowl jerky

    I learned the hard way!! Bit down, broke a tooth, had it filled, then years later a crown put on. I don't like wasting meat... but now I cut every piece of meat off that is shot, sometimes wasting a bit more then I would like but I don't break any more teeth. A good jerky mix is called "HI MOUNTAIN" that is available @ Cub foods. One box will make 5 batches and it is AWESOME!! 2 hours @ 200 degrees in the oven and its ready to go!
  6. It's Time for Gardenhire to go!!!!!

    Change in time??? If our division didn't suck so bad, we would have been 10-games out! How did you like the call bringing in Nathan in the detroit series to face Granderson in the 9th only to watch him hammer a homer and the 2-prior at bats with Nathan he got a triple and a home run! To replace Guerria that was awesome in the 8th???? How did you like the call bringing in Nathan in the New York series and leaving him in for 1 1/2 innings, after he got beat up, and looking like he wanted to hide behind the dougout after the first 2 batters? How did you like Gardy's call bringing "Nervous Nellie Nathan" back into game 3 of the NY Series with bases loaded and giving up 2- hits to the first 2- batters. Great Coaching! That a boy Gardy!! You should get Manager of the year!!!! Just lucky he's coaching in a very lame division. The St.Cloud River Bats would give our Division a run for its money!! Oh by the way... Scottie Ullger is a great sidekick also!!
  7. Scott Ullger Needs To Go!!

    Only one bad pitch?? What team have you been watching the past 5 weeks?
  8. Scott Ullger Needs To Go!!

    Of Course they would not be the same team! I hate the Yankees, But with there Offence, Starting pitching and strong Bullpen... Rivera could fall, break his wrist tomorrow and it would have little affect on them winning or losing the WS.
  9. Scott Ullger Needs To Go!!

    Maybe we could get some use out of our 3rd base coach in the 10th, might as well do something!
  10. Scott Ullger Needs To Go!!

    DTRO You are 100% right! Let me ask some of you other experts this question... Do you really think the Yankees need Rivera the "Closer" or " The Key" to win the "World Series" ?
  11. Scott Ullger Needs To Go!!

    How do you know if the lights out guy in the 7th & 8th couldn't do it in the 9th if you pull him in the 8th? Most of these guys just get into the groove by the eigth and if they are throwing strikes could easily finish the game. If they get into trouble, then bring in the next relief. Nervous Nellies best days are behind him. He sucked the last month and his fastball isn't what it used to be. Everyone around the AL has seen everything he's got. I think he would do better his last few years in the NL where he would be somewhat new yet and who knows could probably hit the ball good!
  12. Scott Ullger Needs To Go!!

    Any good relief pitcher that is hot on the mound could and should stay until he runs into trouble. 95% of the time there is a lead when the "Closer" comes in, whats wrong with leaving Raush or Gurierra in to finish it out if they are hot on the mound & untouchable? then we bring in the "Closer" that only needs to get the last 3-outs (with a lead). If he's hot, we win the game, (thats if). If he's cold, the game is blown, and if he would have stayed out the game we would probably have won. My point is a "team" can win a World Series" as long as it stays in it as a "team" and not rely on a one persons performance in the 9th Hot or Cold! I think someday this postion will change when a World Series is blown because of a few bad outings with the "Closer".
  13. Scott Ullger Needs To Go!!

    Sounds like life is pleasant for you! Let me rephrase that " you can't win a "World Series" without good relief pitching. I'm sorry, do I still remind you of your wife? Hope she shaved today!
  14. Scott Ullger Needs To Go!!

    Both! today you do need a guy that can pitch (only) 3-outs! That is effective, unlike " Nervous Nellie" !! Still way overrated!! I would like to see the old style of baseball return with the likes of Bert and Morris. Guys like that who would go 11-12 innings and say " what's a closer" and laugh about it!
  15. Scott Ullger Needs To Go!!

    Way overrated!!! They come in with a 1-3 run lead, hold off the other team for 3-outs??, while the starters held them off for 7 innings already! Then they get credited with the BIG save!