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  1. Ice was getting pretty soft yesterday and the wind is blowing today. There was around 12-15 inches where I was yesterday and the top half of that wasn't very solid. I would guess a couple of weeks would be a reasonable time for ice out based on what I saw yesterday.
  2. Snowmobile Trailer

    Should've bought a Triton.
  3. I haven't been down to the IGL for a few weeks but I would say we aren't too far behind normal. At this point I wouldn't expect to ice fishing into April but I wouldn't say it would totally open by then either.
  4. i drove out yesterday but the days of doing that are coming to an end most are using quads or walking. the ice was pretty soft but still plenty of it. should have fishable ice for another 10 days pretty easy unless we get more consistent warm weather and wind.
  5. I managed to keep 15 crappies and 10 gills on west last Saturday but only had 4 crappies until 4pm and it really picked up after that. I only fished until I couldn't see the fish anymore but they were still biting when I packed up around 5:30.
  6. truck tires

    I put a set of Hankook Dynapro ATMs on my '00 Silverado in November of 2012 and have no complaints so far. Its not a daily driver but I put close to 10k miles on last year and they seem to wear quite well.
  7. Ice Report Needed

    there is very limited fishable ice. at this point at least to me its not worth the trip. I was down there yesterday and its very slow at best. The ice will need to be some snow cover or at least thicker ice for me to go back. The water and ice is too clear and the fish are extremely spooky right now.
  8. I managed to leave work early yesterday. Walked some private ground flushed 19 birds not all in range but managed to get two. been seeing good numbers so far. Should get better when the corn comes out.
  9. The Great Lakes Opening weekend.

    im sure ill venture out somewhere. usually go late saturday afternoon and hit the evening bite.
  10. IGL

    3-5 inches most places on spirit from what ive heard. 3-5 inches on little emerson and most of west is still open or skim ice. there were a couple people fishing millers but most of that is still skim ice as of yesterday too.
  11. winterizing central AC unit

    When we had ours installed new last spring they told us not to wrap it with a tarp because mice will make a nest out of the plastic insulation on the wiring. they even showed us pics of a couple nests they found.
  12. Im putting Hankook ATMs on my '00 1500 next Tuesday. Had pretty good luck with the Sport Kings that are on it now but they weren't readily available locally.
  13. Waterfowl Photos

    45 minute limit. low water made it a real challenge today.
  14. CZ 720 youth

    Ended up returning it and getting a new 11-87. More than I planned on spending but should be a reliable gun for a long time and it fit her the best out of anything Scheels had available. They treated me very well and i'm pretty happy with the overall experience with them but not so much with the gun.
  15. CZ 720 youth

    Haven't returned it yet. Planning on bringing it back tonight. More than likely getting a browning or wingmaster.