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  1. Preventing Freeze-up

    I also brought along an extra battery and cables.
  2. Preventing Freeze-up

    I bring along an old sleeping bad that I use to cover my Snowmobile front. We had an ATV with the same issue a few weeks ago. Put it under an Eskimo 949 and let the heater warm it up for an hour. Starting it up every hour like others said is your best method.
  4. Kitchen faucet identification

    It looks like an Artisan hook faucet.
  5. That would be my plan. Most electronics run badly when cold. However, they should know that ice fishing is where it will be used most. And it will get cold somehow. Hopefully it's a fluke.
  6. He's not hunting ducks with bait, just decoys. Bear hunters use bait, not decoys. If you're going to try and make a point against him, at least use even examples.
  7. Navionics maps on ipad

    My cousin has it on his iPad. It's really nice to have while driving in the truck on the ice while fishing. Beats looking at the small GPS screen.
  8. Gander Mountain stores have a buy one get one free store sale on all their smoking chips. I just bought 4 bags of cherry from the Maple Grove store. Jan 27th - Feb 9
  9. Probably be my 5th year up there as well. Maybe opener, or maybe the week after that.
  10. snowmobile junkyard?

    You can also try A + Lakeland Auto Parts. I have heard that they have some used snowmobile parts.
  11. Ended up just staying on our lake as most of my guests were just looking to drink and play cards. So, I never hit any of the above lakes. Maybe later this year I'll give one of them a shot.
  12. Wapogasset has been on my list for a while to try. Bear Trap looks like it might be a fun lake to try. Wish me luck.
  13. Dang, just found out there is a Musky tournament this weekend on that and the other muskie lakes in Polk county. I'll have to compete with others for a parking spot and fishing spots. Maybe I'll stick to walleye this weekend...
  14. Nick, thanks for the info on the ramp. I'll post an update on how we do if we hit the river.
  15. I've never been to the Apple, but will be up in Milltown this weekend. I'm interested in giving the flowage a try myself. Where's the best place to launch your boat?