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  1. Bat House

    I made some maybe 5 years ago and put one on a tree and the other at the end peak on a garage. The one on the garage had bats in the first year, the one on the tree finally had some in last year. 2 different designs so that may have made a difference. I made 1 for my daughter 3 years ago and put it on the garage and they used it the 2nd year. Mine are black- hers a dark brown. Don't put them in an area where bat dump can be a problem. Good luck with them.
  2. Rule Change

    Starting at Daga (this week) you have to have your drivers entered 30 minutes prior to the first practice. It used to be you had to have picked them the night before qualifying, so if practice was on Friday and qualifying was Sat. you could use practice to help make entries. Now it will all be done before the first practice.
  3. Week 9

    Fishing_Novice gets win 1 with 310 Pts. 2--icefishinnut 302 3--Rip_Some_Lip 299 4--huckfin 285 5--Juneau4 269 6--Swiveldigger 255 7--BlackLundProV 250 8--mnwildman 190 9--rl_sd 176 _______________________________________________________ Season totals 1--BlackLundProV 2623 2--Fishing_Novice 2594 3--Juneau4 2526 4--huckfin 2520 5--Rip_Some_Lip 2513 6--Swiveldigger 2457 7--icefishinnut 2361 8--mnwildman 2335 9--rl_sd 2083 Week 10 could really make some changes in standings. Any guesses on the high score? I'm going to say 285 will win it.
  4. Week 8

    It's the climate, who knows what type of track they're on? Hot --Cold ?
  5. Week 8

    At this time all I try to do is stay in contention and save some drivers for later and hope. I agree some of those B drivers should be C. They will never be used on my score card. Hey you do have some wins--far better than me.
  6. Week 8

    What can I say? BlackLundProV gets win 4, Rip_Some_Lip ties though with win 1, both at 314 Pts. 3--Fishing_Novice 291 4--mnwildman 269 5--Juneau4 262 6--icefishnnut 253 7--rl_sd 251 8--huchfin 233 9--Swiveldigger 230 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TOTAL POINTS 1--BlackLundProV 2373 4 wins and leading everything (most win and highest weekly score) The pressure will get to you 2--Fishing_Novice 2284 3--Juneau4 2257 Let's have some fun here! 4--huckfin 2235 5--Rip_Some_Lip 2214 A little Friendly talk --Something? 6--Swiveldigger 2202 7--mnwildman 2145 I don't like Toyota, Why is Bayne even in the B group? 8--icefishinnut 2059 WHY SHOULD I BOTHER TO POST THE SCORES AND STANDINGS WEEKLY? 9--rl_sd 1907 Just ----venting
  7. Cooking Elk

    Now I you just remember how you did it. I always forget, so it's a new recipe every time.
  8. Cooking Elk

    An old friend and hunting buddy of mine raises elk, so I'm able to get from him what I want (usually). Excellent meat unless over cooked.
  9. Wreck Week 7

    BlackLundProv win number 3 with 353(highest weekly score for year) 2--icefishinnut 337 3--Juneau4 254 4--huckfin 249 5--mnwildman 244 Not a pretty week for most. 6--Fishing_Novice 232 7--Rip_Some_Lip 227 8--Swiveldigger 174 9--rl_sd 100 _______________________________________________________________________ Season Totals 1--BlackLundProV 2059 2--huckfin 2002 3--Juneau4 1995 4--Fishing_Novice 1993 5--Swiveldigger 1972 6--Rip_Some_Lip 1900 7--mnwildman 1876 8--icefishinnut 1806 9--rl_sd 1656
  10. Strawberries

    Robins may be your main concern. They definitely like my berries.
  11. Strawberries

    Ogallala and Fort Laramie and plant them in Full Sunshine and follow KEN W advice.
  12. Week 6

    BlackLundProV win number 2 with 342 now has the top 2 weekly winning scores 343 & 342. 2--Swiveldigger 330 3--rl_sd 319 4_Rip_Some_Lip 317 5--Fishing_Novice 315 6--Juneau4 309 7--huckfin 299 8--icefishinnut 291 9--mnwildman 249 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Season Totals: 1--Swiveldigger 1798 2--Fishing_Novice 1761 3--huckfin 1753 4--Juneau4 1741 5--BlackLundProV 1700 6--Rip_Some_Lip 1673 7--mnwildman 1632 8--rl_sd 1556 9--icefishinnut 1469 Have a Happy Easter and good luck in Texas in 2 weeks. I'm off to get some smoking fish (Tullibee) or so I hope.
  13. What the?

    They may be pecking bugs that are coming out of the holes.
  14. Week 5

    Swiveldigger vaults into first place with 2nd win of year with 340 pts 2--fishing_Novice 339 3--huckfin 306 4--BlackLundProV 298 5--Juneau4 293 6--rl-sd 279 7--mnwildman 275 8--icefishinnut 249 9--Rip_Some_Lip 226 ___________________________________________________________ Season Standings 1--Swiveldigger 1468 2--huckfin 1454 3--Fishing_Novice 1446 4--Juneau4 1432 5--mnwildman 1383 6--BlackLundProV 1358 7--Rip_Some_Lip 1356 8__rl_sd 1237 9--icefishinnut 1178 Highest weekly score is 343 BlackLundProV---I don't think that will last for long!
  15. Saw a few around Aberdeen on Sunday.