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  1. Swiveldigger picked up his 3rd win of the year with 342 pts. and jumped from 11th to 5th in the standings. 2--fishingstar 322 3--88fan 316 3--huckfin 316 5--Juneau4 310 6--BlackLundProV 308 HIGHEST WEEKLY SCORE HAS BEEN CATZMAN 365 7--Catzman 268 8--jar jar 242 9--mnwildman 224 10--gregg52 174 11--Musky999 128 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Standings 1--Juneau4 2170 2--Catzman 2121 3--fishingstar 2092 4--88fan 2052 5--Swiveldigger 1995 6--mnwildman 1994 7--Gregg52 1985 8--BlackLundProV 1975 8--huckfin 1975 10-jar jar 1947 11-Musky999 1890
  2. fishingstar got win number 1 with 318 2--mnwildman 309 2--88fan 309 4--Juneau4 307 5--huckfin 301 6--Swiveldigger 300 7--gregg52 295 8--Catzman 279 9--jar jar 278 10--Musky999 253 11--BlackLundProV 249 __________________________________ Standings 1--Juneau4 1860 2--Catzman 1853 3--gregg52 1811 4--mnwildman 1770 4--fishingstar 1770 6--88fan 1736 7--Musky999 1726 8--jar jar 1705 9--BlackLundProV 1667 10--huckfin 1659 11--swiveldigger 1653 Everyone enjoy your Easter break from frustration. What are your opinions on the segment racing and the new scoring system?
  3. Mn. SD. WY. and Colorado. I may get an IA if my brother convinces me.
  4. Feel free to still join. You will still be able to play for the weekly wins and for the segment wins, the overall championship you will definitely be at a disadvantage, but for the summer and fall segments you'll have an advantage. (If your picks are like Jr. is running though?)
  5. Juneau4 picked up 2nd win of season with 310 followed by gregg52 with 308 and BlackLundProV with 306 (non had McMurray) 4--Catzman 260 5--mnwildman 256 6--Musky999 250 7--fishingstar 240 8--huckfin 238 9--jar jar 232 10--Swiveldigger 214 ____________________________ Spring segment totals 1--Catzman 1574 2--Juneau4 1553 3--gregg52 1516 4--Musky999 1473 5--mnwildman 1461 6--fishingstar 1452 7--jar jar 1427 8--BlackLundProV 1418 9--huckfin 1358 10--Swiveldigger 1353
  6. Catzman wins again for the 3rd time with a score of 365 2--fishingstar 359 3--Juneau4 346 4--Musky999 336 5--Swiveldigger 333 6--gregg52 308 7--jar jar 301 8--BlackLundProV 280 9--huckfin 276 10-mnwildman 260 ________________________ Standings overall 1--Catzman 1314 2--Juneau4 1243 3--Musky999 1223 4--fishingstar 1212 5--gregg52 1208 6--mnwildman 1205 7--jar jar 1195 8--Swiveldigger 1139 9--huckfin 1120 10-BlackLundProV 1112
  7. Swiveldigger picked up second win with 335 2--Juneau4 332 3--fishingstar 325 4--jar jar 312 5--Mnwildman 308 5--huckfin 308 7--Musky999 303 8--gregg52 287 9--BlackLundProV 286 10--Catzman 262 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Standings after week 4 1--Catzman 949 2--mnwildman 945 3--gregg52 900 4--Juneau4 897 5--jar jar 894 6--Musky999 887 7--fishingstar 853 8--huckfin 844 9--BlackLundProV 832 10--Swiveldigger 806
  8. Catzman picked up 2nd win of season with 338. 2-Juneau4 320 3-Musky999 312 4-fishingstar 308 5-mnwildman 303 5-huckfin 303 7- jar jar 286 8- Gregg52 269 9-BlackLundProV 265 10-Swiveldigger 237 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Total Points 1--Catzman 687 2--mnwildman 637 3--gregg52 613 4--Musky999 584 5--jar jar 582 6--Juneau4 565 7--BlackLundPorV 546 8--huckfin 536 9--fishingstar 528 10--swiveldigger 471
  9. Those are jackrabbits, In southern Mn. there used to be hundreds of them per square mile in the late 50's and they were hunted and sold for .50 a piece to mink farms. (Just a little history from someone who did it)
  10. It means that the lowest week score for each individual out of each segment that the season is divided in (Spring, Summer and Play off) is not counted. So the first week you (gregg52) received 0 pts. (not entered) That is the score that's going to be thrown out for you. During the Summer segment your lowest score will be tossed out, also in the Playoff segment. Everyone scored more points this week than last week so at the present time only this weeks scores count. I hope this will clarify the scoring.
  11. Catzman got a win with 349, gregg52 came a close second at 344 and mnwildman came in third at 334. The rest of us were under 300, but we all beat our week 1 scores. Using the Lucky Dog rule that means Catzman is number 1 with gregg52 and mnwildman close behind.
  12. Glad to see you're in, that makes one more to bite the dust. Actually I think it's called a Lucky Dog
  13. Juneau4 and Swiveldigger each picked up a win- 200 whoopin pts. (That has to be an all time low for winning) and they didn't have the same drivers. We had a couple contestants that had 0 pts and that may be because they just didn't get entered in time, so I'm thinking I can put it in where you can have a Mulligan for each segment. (Your low score for 1 week is thrown out each segment-Spring, summer, and playoff. I'll try to have a winner each segment and a overall champion. What do you guys think? I'm just thinking if more wish to join now it would possibly make it more interesting through out the year.
  14. You could always finish in the top 5 each week, I hope a few more join the group, just for the fun of it. Of course the fewer the numbers the higher the chance of winning good luck to all.
  15. I've set up a group on Yahoo if anyones interested. HSO Group ID# 9366 Password 24588